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Best UTV Tires 2017 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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UTV stands for utility vehicle.

Though vehicles, in general, come in various types and sizes, you can’t properly drive one on some surfaces without specialized tires.

Eventually, you may also need to replace your tire for better performance. With that in mind, we have gathered the best UTV tires 2017 on the market today!

Overview of ATVs and UTVs

UTVs and conventional cars are only similar in the general sense people use them to travel places. What makes UTV superior over regular cars is their tires are designed to be versatile. Just like in shoes, there are particular pairs to use for running, hiking or farming.

Consequently, there are also special tires for terrains like sand, mud, snow, trail, and cement to name some. ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and UTVs can navigate way more types of terrains without strain. A regular tire, on the other hand, can only be used on ordinary surfaces because it lacks some elements like thickness and tread knobs.

ATVs and UTVs have the ability to traverse all kinds of roads and surfaces. They use unique, low-pressure tires ranging from 2.7 psi to 10 psi. Some would think ATVs are only exclusive for recreational activities like go-karting or trail riding, but they are actually more than that.

They are also used in hard tasks that demand tougher and stronger tires. Examples include tractors in an agricultural field or the specially-designed vehicles utilized by the military like Humvees.

Best ATV/UTV Tires 2017 Reviews

Without further ado, here are the best UTV tires that made into our list!

1. Kenda Scorpion K290 Tire – Best UTV Tire for Trail Riding

Last update on 2017-02-28 at 08:31 PST - Details

Among the three Kenda ATV tires we feature in this article, the Kenda Scorpion K290 is the least aggressive. We figured it could cover some terrains but found it can’t handle the roughest of terrains. However, the traction it gives is ample enough as an all-rounder tire. We recommend this tire on your lawns or agricultural fields because the knobs won’t trample on grass; it won’t leave any trace of damage.

Scorpion K290 is known for its versatility, and you can mount it on most UTV vehicles. The tread design of the tire has reinforced knobs that also improves your comfort for a smoother riding experience. Apart from that, the puncture resistance covers the sidewalls and tread area.

Another thing you can trust with this tire is the rim guard protection. It’s sure to defend the tire and rim from dirt sticking inside.

Being the least aggressive compared to the Kenda Bearclaw and Kenda Executioner, it’s inevitable that the durability, traction, and puncture resistance of Kenda Scorpion are a notch lower than the other two.

We figured Kenda Scorpion is only for light duty tasks and shouldn’t be driven on rough terrains. Also, we find the knob design makes it impossible for the UTV vehicle to be driven on mud or snow because it won’t give much grip, not even mud splashing.


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Light duty
  • Puncture resistance
  • Great traction
  • Smooth riding experience


  • Not for muddy and snowy terrains
  • Not for rough terrain
Kenda Scorpion 2 Ply 22-10.00-8 K290 ATV Tire
178 Reviews
Kenda Scorpion 2 Ply 22-10.00-8 K290 ATV Tire
  • Excellent traction in a variety of changing...
  • Aggressive shoulder knobs
  • Built-in rim guard for extra sidewall and rim...

Last update on 2017-02-28 at 08:31 PST - Details

2. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire – Best All-Around Tire

Last update on 2017-02-28 at 08:31 PST - Details

We’ve only reviewed the Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire. When you purchase, the size of your tire must be according to your UTV. We find the Kenda Bearclaw a good choice if you want excellent traction on most terrains. The tire has angled lugs, making a smooth ride extremely possible even in rocky and trail terrains. Also, the center lugs provide excellent grip for better control and handling.

The tire is long-lasting and will do well if you want to travel far distances because the tire surface can withstand possible punctures with minimal tear and wear. Its 6-ply construction is quite strong, and you can depend your tire to stick with you even in the worst weather conditions. Being lightweight, the Kenda Bearclaw can withstand low temperatures without succumbing.

One of the best features for this tire is its rim guard. Its built-in rim guard provides protection from dents and dings on your wheel. This is one of the reasons why it’s best to drive with this tire even on uncertain terrains.

When we tested this tire, we’re not able to find any possible drawback except the fact that bias construction of the tires could impact the top speed of your vehicle.

Coming at an affordable price, Kenda Bearclaw is for drivers who are on a budget but want what’s best for their UTVs whether for specific tasks or trail riding.


  • Long-lasting
  • Heavy duty
  • Aggressive traction
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to dents and punctures
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Versatility
  • Fits perfectly


  • Flat surfaces
Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire - 25X8.00-12
380 Reviews
Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire - 25X8.00-12
  • Angled knobs dig into the terrain for maximum...
  • Center lugs provide extra traction and better...
  • Built-in rim guard protects your wheel from...

Last update on 2017-02-28 at 08:31 PST - Details

3. Kenda K538 Executioner Tire – Best All-Around Tire, Best UTV Tire for Mud/Snow

We find the Kenda K538 Executioner one of the most versatile ATV or UTV tires in the market. Be it on a muddy or snowy terrain or the most aggressive terrain, you can depend on this tire to get you to your destination. Thanks to the crossover tread design, it can give your vehicle great traction and stability even when you drive on the muddiest surfaces.

The tall knobs improve the mud clearing and make it possible for you to drive areas having hard trails. Thanks to the reinforced knobs, you’ll indulge in great comfort as with the reduction of knob rollover at low pressures. Furthermore, the knobs help improve the tread life of the tire.

The ply rating of 6 with a 2+2 casing makes the tire sturdy and durable enough that it can resist punctures. Moreover, it is equipped with a rim-saver feature to protect your rim from rock and rut damage.

With a bias construction tire, we don't recommend driving your vehicle at fast speeds. Because of the design, the tires can give you one helluva bumpy ride on hard and rocky terrains. You also wouldn't want this tire near your lawn or fields because it will crush the grasses.


  • Great traction
  • Recommended for smoother surfaces
  • Great tread life
  • Versatility
  • Resistant to punctures


  • Hard surfaces
  • Light duty
  • Can damage grasses
Kenda K538 Executioner Aggressive Mud/Snow Front...
41 Reviews
Kenda K538 Executioner Aggressive Mud/Snow Front...
  • Meets the demands of some of the most aggressive...
  • New tread design for deep traction even in the...
  • Reinforced knobs to reduce knob rollover at low...

Last update on 2017-02-28 at 08:31 PST - Details

4. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – Best All-Around Tire

Last update on 2017-02-28 at 08:31 PST - Details

We like how the Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire can provide dependable traction on many terrains like snow, mud, and rocky surfaces while being puncture-resistant.

You can use these tires on your quad vehicles, side by side vehicles, and even go-karts! Its open tread pattern is designed not to damage grass surfaces so you can use and install the tires on your farm tractors to plow your fields. The tread pattern doesn’t slide all over so you can expect smoother driving.

Carlisle HD Field Trax allows you to accommodate a great loading capacity which makes it possible to haul several things at once. In fact, you will experience a smooth ride with these tires

For people on a very tight budget, the price of these tires could be a downside for you. The cost of each tire also depends on the size – fundamentally the bigger, the higher.

Another con is the bias construction; I suggest not driving with these tires at fast speeds because they are known to be unstable.

As we tried out Carlisle HD Field Trax for several months, its superior puncture resistance was duly tested. The tires are not as puncture-resistant as it seemed to be; however, depending on the terrain.


  • Slipping resistance
  • Good for grassy surfaces because they won’t damage the surface
  • Good for trail riding
  • Durable construction
  • Fit perfectly on your vehicle
  • Lighter than other ATV/UTV tires
  • Better traction and maneuverability


  • Expensive
Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire  - 25X13-9
135 Reviews
Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire - 25X13-9
  • ATVs, Utility Vehicles, Side by Side Vehicles, &...

Last update on 2017-02-28 at 08:31 PST - Details

5. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire – Best UTV Tire for Mud

Last update on 2017-02-28 at 08:31 PST - Details

For the meantime, we will only review the 23x8-11 size of ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire. Obvious to its name, this tire is primarily for mud riding; however, we also find it ideal for plowing snow since the terrains are similar.

The Mud Lite AT is for the adventurers who desire ultimate mud riding experience. The tire also provides excellent traction and maneuverability without sacrificing comfort thanks to its angled shoulder lugs.

The tread pattern is designed to handle the most extreme mud terrains along with its construction (has ply rating of six), making it very tough. It is focused on the center of the tire, and it provides a single-point radial-like ride.

The best feature this tire has is its versatility. Matter of fact, you can install it on most ATV/UTV models currently in the market! We tested and found out it’s like a glove that perfectly fits the hand.

From our experience, installing the tire on your own is quite difficult. You need at least another or two persons to help you install it. One tire must be mounted perfectly balanced with the hub and increased rotation.

Since it has a bias construction, you don’t want driving your ATV/UTV at high-speed levels because it’s not stable.


  • Slip resistance
  • Unique center tread that produces a smooth radial-based ride
  • Long-lasting tire because of the rubber compound used
  • Robust construction
  • One of the lightest mud tire
  • Comfortable ride with minimum vibrations
  • Great traction on mud due to angled shoulder lugs
  • Fit perfectly
  • Sling mud sideways with great efficiency


  • Installation requires two people
  • Not suitable for rocky terrain and flat surfaces
ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 23x8-11
395 Reviews
ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 23x8-11
  • 3/4 inch lug
  • Sized for use on most late-model
  • high-performance sport ATV's

Last update on 2017-02-28 at 08:31 PST - Details

Differences between ATVs and UTVs

iWhen is the right time to use an ATV or UTV? Their functions may be different, but the tires they use are typically the same.

An ATV is ideal for races, trail riding, and other small-scale functions. The common denominator for this is its size. ATVs are best to use if you’re in a hurry and if your cargo load is not massive. They’re easy to maneuver because they are lighter and faster. If you’re on a budget, ATV is a good choice.

On the other hand, a UTV is ideal for large-scale and work-specific functions because they are designed to carry massive loads. They are bigger than ATVs and have greater mileage.

Best UTV Tires 2017 - Buyer's Guide

Choosing the tires for your vehicle is a vital factor to being able to drive around with it at its best performance. Selecting the wrong choice could cost you your vehicle’s efficiency. The bad replacement could kill the fuel economy and worse, damage your UTV. Each tire has its own characteristics compatible with a particular terrain or multiple surfaces. The following factors below will help you filter out which one is for you.

1. Tread Pattern

The first factor to consider is the tread pattern. What the tire looks like based on the tread will dictate what terrains it can cover. There are five types of terrain you can use your UTV tires on:

These are tires designed to track over wet and soft soil like mud and even snow. The tread patterns are typically irregular and depending on the intensity; they can go wider or deeper. That’s right; you can get mud tires starting from mild level to extreme.

  • All-Terrain

This type is the most common UTV/ATV tire purchased in the market. From its name, its versatility covers all kinds of terrain imaginable. The tires have their tread depth range from 0.5 inches to 0.75 inch deep and ply ratings ranging from 2 to 8.

In most situations, all-terrain tires give the vehicle enough traction and will make the passengers comfortable. They can provide better lateral and vertical stability, and they are usually more preferred because they’re lightweight. Thanks to being lightweight again, you can accelerate easier than other UTV/ATV tires. It also has longer tire tread life than the mud tires.

One of the few disadvantages for the all-terrain tires is they're not sufficient enough for off-road traction. They’re also not a recommended replacement for original tires that are initially for snow and mud. Also, if you want your tires to have a self-cleaning capability, an all-terrain tire is not your best bet.

  • Mud

The intensity level affects the depth and width of the tread which aims to plow through the mud with better grip. Because of the tread pattern, they have self-cleaning abilities, so you don’t need to wash and clean them often. This is how a mud tire works - as it spins through the mud, the mud is forced to the center part of the tire, then goes out sideways.

Noticeably, another disadvantage of a mud tire is not being able to drive on rocky and hard surfaces. The wear on the tread accumulates faster, making you more uncomfortable in the long run due to evident vibrations. The extreme tread pattern could also contribute to a more rapid exhaustion of the vehicle’s fuel, so mud tires aren’t advisable for high-speed driving.

  • Sand

These are tires designed to track over loose soil such as sand in deserts and beaches. Sand tires are easily recognizable with their scoop or paddle tread designs. For a vehicle used for sand terrain, the front tires have one tread pattern which consists of a raised rib found at the tire’s center. This is intended for traction and better grip on the sand. The rear tires have paddles for design and they also offer traction when it comes to corners.

One thing of caution to those who want to have sand tires: never drive on any terrain other than sand. They won’t work well, and they could overheat the ATV/UTV engine quickly. There’s little stability with sand tires on a muddy or concrete terrain and you don’t want your vehicle to run wild that could result to injuries.

  • Rock

These are tires designed to track over jagged rocks and dry terrain that has little greenery. These ATV/UTV tires are heavy duty and weigh more than all-terrain tires. The current ply rating is 6 to 8. The tread design covers most of the tire casing and shoulder lugs that provide better protection and grip on the ground.

The downside, however, is that these tires are heavy and are expensive.

  • Racing

These are tires designed for course track conditions. They provide the best performance and stability on flat surfaces at very high speeds. The tread design is recognized with knobby patterns that aim for smooth riding and fast cornering.

Like sand tires, racing tires are only for specific terrains where they perform best. These tires can also come expensive.

2. Size

The diameter of the tire will dictate the turning radius and space under the fenders. If you’re going to buy replacements, it is recommended that you purchase the same size or close to that number. If you don’t know the measurements, refer to the manual or the markings on the original tire. The designation you will see would be the overall height, overall width, and the rim diameter, respectively. For example, the tire’s size is 25x8-12, and the unit is in inches.

There are advantages and disadvantages to tire changing, and these are:

  • Smaller Tire

Replacements that are of smaller diameter than the original have more demerits. For one, there would be an increase in the RPM of those tires thus decreasing the overall speed. The tires can cause stress on your ATV/UTV’s engine, axles, transmissions, etc.

  • Larger Tire

Bigger replacements may not always be for the better. The tire may be rubbing on the fenders as well as larger turning radius. Though it may increase your overall speed, larger tires are always heavier than the original. Because of that much weight, the tires could strain the ATV/UTV’s engine because it needs to keep up with the tires. And remember, the tire size contributes to your comfort.

  • Wider Tire

Wider replacement tires means there is more width for the tread patterns, thus increasing the vehicle’s traction on the ground. And when the tires are wider than before, they can cause steering problems, and the suspension may touch some parts in which the original tires didn’t.

  • Narrower Tire

Narrower replacement tires mean the tread patterns are also decreased, thus reducing the vehicle’s traction.

  • Sidewall Height

Also referred as aspect ratio, this is both a blessing and a curse. A taller sidewall height means easier traction on rough terrain but not recommended for high-speed riding. It’s also vulnerable to punctures. A smaller sidewall height means the rim size should be bigger to maintain ground clearance. They are recommended for high-speed driving, but careful control should be practiced on rough terrain.

3. Ply Rating

Ply rating refers to the number of sheets layered during the construction of a single tire. You can see it on your tire denoted as stars. For each star, it equals to two ply. The bigger the ply rating, the tougher and more durable the tire would be and at the same time, more puncture-resistant. Higher ply rating means there’s a higher loading capacity for your ATV/UTV. Standard ply rating range from two to eight.

4. Tire Construction

There are two categories of tire construction: bias and radial tires.

Bias tires are advisable if you intend to drive your vehicle on a steep and rough terrain. They may be less flexible than radial tires, but they have a more durable construction. Another thing to consider in bias tires is it won’t offer a comfortable ride if used on flat surfaces. They are also not stable for high-speed driving.

Radial tires are more recent and more flexible that you can use them on flat roads at high speeds. The fuel economy is more improved so that you can enjoy a smoother ride. However, they are prone to damage.


This ends the article about the best UTV tires that can also be used on ATVs. Many factors are needed to consider with your replacement tires, and if you manage to choose the best tire, you will surely have a great riding experience.

Best UTV Tires 2017 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
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