30 Car Driving Tips Every Driver Should Know

Car driving must be the most enjoyable and most comfortable riding experience. Driving safely should always be your top concern.

In today’s fast lift, we all are always in hurry to reach to our destination so it is very much crucial to know the basics of safe driving and practice them every time when you are on the road in order to make your trip the most comfortable and the most enjoyable.

We have prepared the top 30 car driving tips every driver should know before they start their trip on the road.

1. Fasten your seatbelt every time

This is not the tip but yes, it is very crucial to buckle your seatbelt every time when you start your car. You should remember seatbelt comes in road safety and you must adhere to it.

Accidents are not predictable and it can happen with anyone so seatbelt may save life in most of the cases.​

2. Focus on driving

You should keep your 100% focus on driving only, multi tasking may cause to accident which you should always avoid.

Do not use mobile phones or any other electronic device while driving. If you are suffering from lack of sleep, you should avoid.

You should only drive when you have taken sleep for sufficient time. You should only prefer driving when you are fresh so that you can pay your 100% attention on road.​

3. Drive defensively

Take care of your car while driving. Keep focusing on oncoming traffic and other vehicles around you and expect the unexpected.

Other drivers may go crazy while driving but you must be prepared always to avoid it. Always keep appropriate distance between you and other car which is in front of you, make little more distance when weather is bad.

If you find any other aggressive driver on the road, you should stay out of their way.​

4. Plan in advance​

Plan you travelling time in advance so that you will not ride it furiously. You should start from your office or home early so you can reach to your destination within the time.

You should also add timing for food, rest breaks and phone calls. If you have more work to do on the way.

Make a list of all such tasks and calculate how much the time you will have to spare for each task so it will be easy for you to start your ride.​

5. Adjust your seat and mirror

You should adjust your seat and mirror in terms of a comfortable ride. If you are not seating properly and if you cannot view outside accurately from your rear view mirrors, you will not be able to drive comfortably and safely.

If your mirror is not clean, you should first clean it thoroughly so that you can view rear vehicles clearly.​

6. Make your car cool down

If you car is extremely hot for whatever the reasons. You should first open all the doors. Let all the hot air go out and let the natural air circulate. Thus, your car will cool down and you can ride it comfortably.

7. Clean up your car headlight

Clean up your car headlight is very essential. You should clean it with soapy water so that all the dirt and stains removes out. Cleaned headlight glass will throw a perfect beam focus on the road and you will be able to view oncoming traffic clearly.

8. Always prefer to use turn and horn signals

Your vehicle must have equipped with turn and horn signals. This habit will ensure that you have a comfortable and safe driving experience.

It is the best way to communicate with the other drivers about your car’s movement. You should use your both right and left signals for turning.​

9. Be trained how to change the tire

In case of blowout or puncture of your tire on the way, you should know how to change the tire. You may stuck on the road where mechanic may be far away from you and you could not trail your car to mechanic, in such cases, you should be aware how to do it yourself.​

10. Learn how to jump start your car

Battery would drain off any time or it may fail on the go. In such cases, you should do it yourself and you should learn how to jump start your car which can save your time and you do not require waiting for the mechanic to come for your help in emergency.

11. Park your car patiently

Do not make hurry while parking your car to any place. Take your time and do it. If you will make hurry, it may chances of bumping with any object or other car.

In hurry, if you will park your car wrongly, you may have to pay heavy fines also in most of the countries. So it is advisable to park your car patiently.

12. Plan your route

If you will plan your route before your start off, you would probably save lot of time as you do not have to find out the route especially when you are on your long drive.

You should avoid traffic and rough terrain so that you can reach to your destination within the time.​

13. Keep your car maintained

You should follow the instructions and recommendation from car manufacturer’s manual. You should check when you have to change the oil and also make sure your car has sufficient gas before you start your ride.

It will save lot of time and it will prevent your car from breaking down on the road.

14. Ensure to carry car’s insurance and other essential documents

It is mandate in many countries to carry car’s insurance along with your other essential documents like license, Car registration papers and etc.

You should also check the renewal date of your insurance, if it has been expired, you should first get it renewed before you plan your trip. Eventually, all these tasks will save your lot of time and will make your ride hassle free.​

​15. Prepare what to do after an accident

Accidents don’t happen often but it is very crucial to get prepared what to do if you will meet with an accident.

You should immediately call the police for report the accident, meanwhile you should take sufficient pictures of the incident from your mobile phone camera and take notes of what happened exactly.​

16. Don’t be aggressive

No matter if you are getting late to reach to your destination or other driver over taken your car furiously or you have met with an accident.

You should take all the incidents calmly and you should not be angry and aggressive. It will affect your driving and it may be more dangerous. Don’t make assumptions about what other drivers are going to do.

The only thing you can assume about another driver with a turn signal on is that they have a turn signal on​.

17. Keep sufficient distance

You should keep sufficient distance from other cars. When you wait at traffic signals, you should keep appropriate distance.

On green signals, don’t try to overtake other vehicles, let them go first and wait for your turn. You should not drive like you own the road; you should drive like you own the car.​

18. Keep your car in lowest gears in slope terrain

If you have any road which has slope and downhill, you should ride your car very slow and with lowest gears so you can stop your car in case of emergencies. If you will run your car fast, it could be dangerous in case you would not be able to stop your vehicle.

19. Obey the speed limit

If you will go too fast that will give you less time to react or stop. Extra speed is one of the main reasons of accidents.

You should be aware of speed limit of every different road and you should obey the rules. If you are not aware about the speed limit, you should check the sign board which you will find every after some distance.​

20. Check your airbags

If you have the airbags feature in your car, you should check it with your car’s mechanic, whether it is working properly or not.

If it is not properly working, you should get it repaired. It will prevent you and your family from any critical situation if you have any serious accident.​

21. Smooth acceleration will save fuel

You should accelerate smoothly. It will save fuel. According to the nature of the car mileage, if you will ride your car with a constant speed with highest gear, it will save a lot on your fuel bills.

If you will keep changing the gear with different speeds, you will lose magnificent amount of fuel.​

​22. Do not drink and drive

One of the most important points you must adhere. Most of the accidents happen when drivers was drink and drive.

You should avoid driving when you have just finished your night party and going back to home. You should also avoid smoking while driving. These may lead to a critical accident.​

23. Avoid driving in bad weather

If there is bad weather outside like heavy snow fall or rain, you should avoid driving in such weather. If it is still necessary to go out, you should take into the consideration some safety points.

If it is heavy rain, you should keep your windshield wipers ON; you also should keep your headlights ON so that overcoming drivers can identify your car.​

If it is heavy snow, you should take extra care while driving in such critical weather condition because in snow weather, you are almost not be able to see traction and road becomes slippery and your wheels will start to spin which can be very dangerous so you should ride your car very slowly.

24. Listening soft and slow music

Every car comes with speaker and stereos but it is not necessary that you should play it every time. Usually, you should avoid music while you drive but still if you are a music lover, you should play soft and slow music.

If you will play techno and trance with high volume, it can lead your driving worse and it may be dangerous.​

25. Ensure to use parking breaks while you park your car

It has been noticed that if you will not use parking breaks often, it will stop working. It will prevent your car from bagging with any other object. You should use your parking breaks especially when you park your car on any incline road.

26. Shed unnecessary weight

If you will put more unnecessary weight on your vehicle, your mileage will be decreased. And even it will be uncomfortable to ride.

You should only carry the things which are important to take along. It will also save fuel and you will notice increasing in your mileage. Don’t even try to fit more people than the seat. It will unnecessary create pressure in the car.​

27. Properly hold the steering

It is very important that you hold steering properly with both the hands. If you will not hold it comfortably, it will be tough to handle the steering in critical situation.

28. Act smart if your car stuck in muck

If your car stuck in muck or mud, you should not keep accelerating and spinning your wheels. Rather you should keep something hard in front of the tires and try to make traction.

Any hard thing like wood can be the best option and it will help to get your car out from the muck.​

​29. Close sunroof and windows on long drive

If you will keep close sunroof and windows while you are on high way or on long drive, you may probably save fuel and efficiency of your car.

Every car is designed to ensure that you have the smoothest ride possible. If you will keep it open, somehow, outsider air will drag your car and your car will use more fuel than require moving smoothly. So it is advisable to keep your windows and sunroof down.​

30. Use fog lights

Fog lights can give you better beam than standard headlights. Fog lights are mounted low on the frame that doesn’t bounce back glare off the mist. It can give you the better view on the road than the standard headlights.

You should use it especially when weather is foggy and snowy. You may buy it additionally from the market and you can install it yourself.​

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