5 Ways To Remove Mold From Car Interior

The odor of mold in automobiles can easily develop when moisture soak into a surface and stays there for long period of time and that form mildew and bacteria. It may very dangerous to breathe in the car. Other, It may cause reactions or other allergies.

Once mildew and bacteria grow, so does an unpleasant odor in the car. When you find to notice that smell from your car, you should immediately address to it. Unpleasant bad smell is the sign of growing mold in your car.

We have prepared 5 ways to remove mold from car interior. Read the following article to understand how to remove mold from car interior.

1) Using White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of the best ways to remove mold from the car the interior such as seats, carpet, or anywhere that mold grows. White vinegar is an acid and it will burn the mold. It will help to stop is coming back as well.​

​We will understand how you can remove mold using white vinegar. Before you proceed, you should collect following materials in order to remove mold.

  • White vinegar, distilled is recommended as it is stronger
  • Normal water (Tap water)
  • A clean spray bottle
  • Clean clothes

​Then, take eight parts of white vinegar and two parts of tap water and mix it well. Fill the spray bottle with this mixture and spray on the area where mold fixed.

You will have a strong smell of vinegar but don’t worry; it will disappear as it will dry out with air.

Once you are done with spray this mixture, wait until it dries. Then, clean it with clean clothes.

2) Using Oil of Cloves​

This is another natural way of removing mold from the interior, carpets, and car seats. Cloves are a powerful and effective antiseptic that not only kills mold, but it will stop mold growing as it attacks and kills them too.

Remove mold using oil of cloves is one of the cheap yet powerful and natural ways. Oil of cloves is available in any pharmacies or health food shops. It is known as a stimulant, analgesic, expectorant and antiseptic.​

Oil of cloves is very effective on soft surfaces as well as on hard surfaces. It is advisable to dilute it by 1% before you start using it on mold because oil of cloves can irritate the skin, especially of children or babies.

First, make a mixture using 4 Quarts of hot water, 1/2 a cup of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda then make a paste by adding a couple of drops of cloves oil.

Mix it well and then apply on the mold using an old toothbrush and let it be dry. Once you see that paste has been dried off, wipe it off with a clean cloth.​

3) Using Car Shampoo​

Car shampoo is also very effective on the mold. Follow the below steps to remove mold from car interior.

  • ​First, suck up all the crumbs with a vacuum. Ensure to suck from all small area of the car. Remove the floor mats and also clean up underneath them. Wash floor mats thoroughly outside of the car.
  • In a spray bottle, take hot water and add car shampoo. Refer to the instructions for the appropriate amount given on the bottle of car shampoo.
  • Start spraying car shampoo on the all mold area. Ensure to spray to all the small are otherwise it may grow again.
  • Once you are done with spraying, leave car windows and doors open and allow the car to air dry completely.
  • Let it be dried off and then thoroughly clean each area with a clean cloth.

​4) Using Natural Products

For those who are looking for an effective, economical and eco-safe way to remove mold from car interior, this way can be very helpful for them.

Following are the supplies which are needed for removing mold with natural products.

  • Handheld vacuum
  • Salt- Vinegar
  • Tea tree oil- Water
  • Hair dryer or small fan
  • Clean rag or towel

​Create a solution using equal parts of salt and vinegar in water. Add 5 to 6 drops of tea tree oil. The salt will act as a scrub agent that can remove any stains which were caused by the mold. And tea tree oil and vinegar will kill the mold.

​Before you apply this paste on affected areas, ensure to suck up all the mold and dirt from the handheld vacuum.

Apply this paste on the entire area where mold has affected. Ensure to use a scrub brush while applying this solution. Allow it to soak into the car carpet for several minutes. You may use small fan or hair dryer to dry it off.

Once it’s dried off, use a clean rag or towel and thoroughly clean all the affected areas.

5) Using Baking Soda and Bleach​

By using baking soda and bleach is another great and handy way to remove mold from your car especially, leather car seat and other soft areas.

First, suck up all molds by using handheld vacuum from all the affected area of your car. If you are not able to manage handheld vacuum, you may use a hot towel to clean it up first.​

Then, spread baking soda on all the area where mold has affected. If the mold is really embedded in the car seat or other soft areas, you may use bleach (But not that too much). Again using a hot towel, rub it all the area where you have applied baking soda on your car seat.

Finally, wash and wipe it down with microfiber clean towel. And open all the windows and doors for several minutes and let it be dried.


So, above are the best 5 ways how to remove mold from car interior. You should keep checking your car frequently and if you will find any small area affected by mold, you should immediately take action otherwise that small area of mold can be the reason to spread in your entire car soon.

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