7 Car Cleaning Tips You Should DIY Daily

The car only shows Its beauty when it is clean and sparkling and require a lot of caring for it. Cleaning is a necessary task when you own a car or riding it as no one want to ride a dirty car down to the street.

However, if all of your effort to make your car look good and new is fail, this is bad.

​In the case, you bored with the cleaning kit take you many buds but not bring any positive result but only disappointed you.

We will introduce you to the way to clean your car with the common thing you can find in your house. These, for sure, are the car cleaning tips you haven’t heard about before, so let try it.

1. Using Baking Soda To Clean The Upholstery

​This is one of the things there are many of usage, besides using for the cake, it can be applied for cleaning the stain or rust.

You do not need to care about the price as it is really cheap and available in most of the house. Thus, it is worth for you to try at least one time on your car.

The baking soda can work well on the fabric as well on the floor and wipe all the stain available. The food sticks on the seats or the floor might be a big problem for you. It is so embarrassing if a friend or college can see it. Then you can rely on the baking soda.

With a little of baking soda, mix it with a small bowl of water. Next, pour a little of the mixture on the stain and let it sit there for five to ten minutes.

That time will allow the mixture to absorb and allow the stain to come off. That is when you can take a microfiber towel to wipe it completely.​

But not all the food stain can be got rid of that easy. If you leave the food stain for days, it will become harder and make it difficult to remove it. For this situation, you will need to repeat the process, add more mixture add the place you want to work on and let it absorb.

But this time, you have more choice, a soft toothbrush will help you to do this faster and more efficient.

Brush it in the round shape, be light hand not to scratch the seat cover nor tear it out. And be careful to concentrate on the dirty area to not spread it out.

​You can use an old toothbrush, that is okay, but make sure it is soft enough not to ruin the leather of the car. If your affair that you can make a mistake and damage the upholstery. You just need to repeat put the baking soda and clean it with towel is enough.

2. Toothpaste For Foggy Headlights

Slowly the headlights will be dioxide by the effect of the environments. Not immediately, but after an extended time, you can see that the light will be dimmed and prevent you from having a clear view in the night.

You can use some spray available on the market for this or handle it with toothpaste.

As some components of the toothpaste can get rid of the dioxide, so, it quite useful for the lenses. When you want to make the lenses shiny and sparkling, make it an impression for anyone has seen it. This will be the best way for you to do it.​

It will not take too much time, what you need are a tube and a soft brush. Carefully apply the gel on the lens, then brush it in a circle. After that, clean it with a paper towel and rinse it, you will get surprised by the changes of the headlights.

3. Clean The Glass With Natural Things

Are you often clean the glass and with the soap or the cleaner, you might forget it? Not only because of the price but for some people, the chemicals prevents them from using it.

The allergic problems make it so uncomfortable for you. Use the natural things like this will be more environment-friendly and better for your health.​

The secret in this tip is both vinegar and lemon contain the acid, not too much, but okay if you want to use it to clean your car. You will want to use it on the glass to make them shiny, and clear crystal, allow you to have a clear view.

The important thing in here is the ratio of the vinegar or lemon juice with water. Depend on the dirty, you can choose the appropriate one.

The dirtier, the more you will need to vinegar in the mixture, and reserve. However, the standard ratio is 50-50 with a half of vinegar and half of water.​

You will need some spray bottle and some soft rugs to clean the glass. From the windshield to the rear view or wing mirror the mixture with the kitchen things will make you satisfied.

4. Vacuum The Hidden Area

When detailing the car, you might miss some hidden area. As you have not reached it yet, the food, dust and other thing are often build up in there. Make sure you have the small attachment that fit the narrowest area.

Without vacuuming the hidden area, for example under the seat or the seat on the seats. The snack can be trapped in that area and go off after a time. This will lead to annoying smell in your car. Even if you can not inspect the hidden area, just vacuum it.

Prevent the annoying smell by cleaning that area always better when you have to fix it. This is especially when you have small kids, and they often have their meals in the back seat, this tip will be very helpful to you. Since when your car has a bad odor, it will be a disaster, believe me.

5. Hair Conditioner To Wax & Clean Car Surface

Shining and keeping shape of the hair, you can see the hair conditioner assist you a lot to maintain your appearance.

But not only for you, but the conditioner can also be applied to the car to keep car shining and sparking. Also, it can create a coat to protect the vehicle surface.​

Hair conditioner often sticky, it makes your hair hard and provides a coat for your hair. The same will come for the car cover; it will supply a coat for the car to prevent the dirt and water spot as well keep car shiny and beauty.

The protective layer, of course, will not keep your car from all the scratch. Nevertheless, you might prevent some accidental scratch on the painting thank to the coat created when you spray the hair conditioner.

The hair conditioner can spray on the keep the shining and spark or the car after you have washed it.

You do not have the time to clean outside of your vehicle regularly? Applying the hair condition on the painting will be a good idea to lengthen the time between the cleaning car.​

​6. Get Rid Of The Smell With Soda & Vinegar

This thing is not only can be used to make the car clean but also good for eliminating the bad odor. In the rainy time, the carpet is usually wet and high of moisture. That is the good condition for the bacteria to increase and make the annoying scent on the car.

You can use the baking soda or the vinegar to deal with this problem, if you use the vinegar, take the carpet out of the car, dampen it in the mixture of vinegar and water and leave it there for at least an hour.

After that, you can wash it and let it completely dry, your bad scent then is eliminated.​

Dry baking soda can use to clean the car, put it on the carpets and spread it all the surface of it. Let it there for at least one hour too. Till you see the baking soda can take all the moisture from the carpet, then vacuum the rugs.

​Do the same with the other side of the carpets to make sure it is dry. This method is not getting rid of the smell as good as the former one.

Meanwhile, it is suitable for whom can not wait for the carpet to dry. Choose the one appropriate for you, as basing on particular condition; there will be various decision.

7. Removing The Pet's Hair

For the pet owner, this is a problematic issue when their dog or cat continuously shed, and you have to clean it.

How much time it takes for collect all the fur on the seat, carpets, floor, and all the place your dog reach to. You will not imagine how easy this might be to this tip.​

All thing you need is a spray bottle and squeegee to eradicate the fur of your dog on the car. Filling the bottle with cold water and sprinkle it on the place that the hair appears.

Later, use the squeegee to get it out, the fur will get out of the car effortlessly in the shortest time.​

The disadvantage of this method is your car will be wet, and it needs time for the inside of the car completely dry. It will take you at least one night for this. Otherwise, you can use the car vacuum cleaner. Take a little more time, but you will not have to worry about this problem.


Cleaning and tidying the car is the everyday chore for all the driver. It is as essential as knowing how to ride a car. It is true that everyone can clean the vehicle, but how much time and effort have you paid on it is the difference.

While wanting to improve the productivity and spend more time on the hobbies, you will need this. Now you know the car cleaning tips you haven’t heard about before, then apply it. These tips will allow you to make the car look nice and beautiful.​

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