Driving In Winter: 7 Most Useful Tips For Driver Safety

Driving in cold and snow seasons can be a challenge even for the most experienced drivers. In winter season, it shrinks your tires, decreases your response time and makes your vehicle harder to control.

Driving in the snow is not as pleasant as you think, you require having more experience.

Winter and snow seasons mean fewer daylight and deadlier crashes. Here in this article, we will discuss about winter driving tips for winter driver safety.

If you will learn some important tips before you start your critical ride in winter season, your ride will be stress free. Following are the 7 tips for staying safe on the road in snow season.

1. Get Prepared

Stay at home and do not drive in snow season but if your trip is still urgent, you should check weather reports and then plan your trip accordingly.

You should always remember that even if you are mastered in driving in such a critical situation but everyone else you are likely to meet on the road may be not. So you have to take extra care while driving in the snow.​

If it is must to drive in hazardous weather, you should get prepared. You should check your gas tank is almost full as you are stranded far from a gas station.

You should also carry supply kit with water, food, gloves, and an extra cell phone with charger, blankets, torch, and reflective tape.​

2. Check Visibility

Once you are prepared with the supply kit, you should then check the visibility on the weather report or you should check yourself.

Visibility is the most important part to check as your driving will be totally depends on it. You must have an adaptive set of headlight that can illuminate what is ahead of your vehicle and what is there on the bend of the road.​

You should also keep them clean and if you have fog lights, you should install it before you start your drive. You should also carry a bottle of windshield washer in order to keep your glass clear and you can view outer view clearly.​

3. Use Winter Tires

Most of the accident happens due to the slippery roads in winter season. In most of the vehicles, manufacturer provide radial tires which are ideal for all the seasons but you need to have tires that have been designed especially for the winter season.

This type of tires offers far greater control and it can handle slippery conditions and snow.​

Winter tires are uniquely designed made out of durable and flexible rubber that stays soft in snow weather.

It can give a sufficient amount of grip so that you can enjoy your drive even in extreme critical weather. Good tires means good stability and you always require stability in winter season.​

4. Drive Smoothly & Keep Your Vehicle Slow Down

This point is the most crucial. If you are in hurry or someone is waiting for you, it is not necessary to drive your vehicle fast and rough.

You should always ride your vehicle smoothly and slow. If you are driving any durable vehicle like SUV or truck, you will not be able to handle it smoothly at the speed of 80 mph in snow season.​

It could be tough on slippery surface and while taking sharp turns. Driving too fast is the main reason in winter seasons.

Just be patient and accept that it will take long time to reach to your destination and you also start your ride from your home or office accordingly.​

​5. Avoid Using Cruise Control

Cruise control feature is good since it prevents you from getting leg and body fatigue. Keep you from unwittingly speeding and it is ideal for long drives. But in winter season, this feature can be dangerous.

If cruise control has become a staple of your driving habits, you should control on your habit and you should not use cruise control feature in winter seasons.

This feature can be dangerous because if your vehicle skids or hydroplanes, it will get accelerate and keep spinning the wheels since it will be trying to get the constant speed. And if this will happen, you will lose the control of your car.​

6. Keep Headlights On

You should always keep your headlights ON. If you can afford fog lights, it can be even better option to drive safely.

Fog lights illuminate more and it has ability to cut down the fog so oncoming traffic can easily identify your vehicle and they can drive their car accordingly with the safe distance.​

It is not necessary to buy special fog lights for snow season, if you will keep your standard headlights ON every time in winter season, it can help a lot and you can drive your vehicle safely and it can be also convenient for other vehicles to keep proper distance with your vehicle.

7. Pay Attention

In recent times, it has been habit of most of the drivers to talk over the mobile phones or talking to their companion.

If you will do all these task while driving your vehicle and when weather is clear and roads are open but in the same things can be dangerous while you are on the way in the snow season.​

Extreme level of attention is most essential. If you will obey this point, you will likely to reach to your destination hassle freely.

You should also avoid loud music system or any playing video inside your vehicle while you are driving your vehicle in winter season.


You should always take care while driving specially in winter and snow season. You cannot predict weather as it can be critical any time and you have to be extreme conscious all the time while driving.

After considering the above tips, you can be mentally prepared and eventually you will learn ahead of time how to react when weather reaches to its extreme level.​

Driving in the snow is quite difficult task and an even experienced driver fails many times. Knowing your car, making a proper plan and being mentally prepared can keep you moving and when any critical time comes, you can react without thinking.​

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