About Me


What are your expectations from your car care company? You may need:

  • To have a feeling like you are working with your friends. A car care company who knows your actual needs and you don’t have to worry about the work.
  • To know what kind of parts your mechanic is using for your car. You don’t have to visit the mechanic again and again once your car is fixed properly.
  • To trust that you are getting the best outcome for your money. Your car is an asset, to keep it safe and sound; you need the quality parts, the perfect repairing service, at an affordable price.

That’s what we expect for ourselves, and that’s what will provide to our customers.

Raymond A. BrownMy name is Raymond A. Brown and I’m a car care professional. I’m a person who is willing to provide you the best possible service, so that you can have a better outcome. Our car care services are better enough to meet the actual needs of our customers.

Our large range of car services include: Recovery of vehicles, accident assistance, air conditioning refills, alignment of wheel and suspension, accident repairs, and alloy refurbishment.

We have much valued endorsements and manufacturer approvals as well. We provide the high quality guaranteed services.

It feels good when a customer is satisfied with the high quality services. I promise you that we will take care of you and your car with professionalism and respect, I welcome you to our company as a family friend. We will provide you high quality repairing, you will never have to face poor quality products or services. We prefer high quality products in the industry; you don’t have to worry about the quality of the work.

You are invited to our company to experience the best car care and repair process. I’m looking forward to have a business with you. Customer’s satisfaction is my first priority.