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ArmorAll AA255 is the vacuum cleaner has been designed with outstanding features. It is suitable for cleaning your car the best.


Armorall AA255 is designed for the car lovers who love to take best care of their cars. Armorall wet/dry vacuum has 2 powerful HP motors and solid design. This vacuum can easily pick up the dust for a complete cleaning, the blower function of this vacuum is perfect for cleaning motorcycles, as well as it can be used to clean car grilles and wheels perfectly. This portable vacuum has 2.5-gallon polypropylene tank, tank is durable for wet or dry cleaning around the garage, shop or house. A 10 ft. power cable is included with it, capacity of the gallon is 2.5, it can be easily used for wet or dry cleaning, Diameter of the hose is 1/4. Filter is also included with the package. It has a Built-in air and noise diffuser. A perfect machine to carry all your dust and cleaning everything perfectly.

Armorall vacuum has the ability to clean both solid and liquid materials, it has many different uses. The 2 gallon polypropylene tank is small so that you can carry it easily, but it has enough space to carry all of your waste materials. It offers many different uses for the users to clean all of their mess easily.


Armorall AA255 is a perfect vacuum cleaner for the people who are looking for a powerful, light weight vacuum at an affordable price. You should read all the reviews before buying this vacuum cleaner, you will be pleased to consume your money on this amazing product. A perfect one to clean your house, car, garage or shop. You can store it anywhere in your house as well as in your car. Armorall AA255 is a light weight vacuum cleaner to with many different benefits for the users. Grab your hands on this amazing vacuum cleaner and you will love it.



Here are some key features of this amazing vacuum cleaner.

  • It can easily pick up wet and dry remains.
  • It has 2.5 gallon storage tank.
  • It has 2 HP motor.
  • It includes 6-foot hose and 10-foot cable.
  • It has Auto shut-off feature that prevents overflow.


  • This vacuum is easy to hold and you can pick up anywhere effortlessly, it has a handle to carry it easily. It is lightweight which makes it comfortable to carry around.
  • The tanks of the vacuum is made up of polypropylene which gives it flexible strength to bear the high working temperatures.
  • It has useful accessories like brush, nozzle and crevice tool which can be stored on a storage area provided on the unit.
  • It has the facility to tag the long cable.
  • It can be used for both wet and dry cleaning which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor cleaning.
  • It has a built-in noise diffuser to control the noise level.
  • It has a powerful suction feature.
  • Filter can be re-used. Filter is made up of cloth which can be cleaned and re-used easily.


  • It will be good if they add an extra filter to the accessories list to make it more usable.
  • Tank size is only 2.5 gallons which fills up fast, a bigger tank will be a good option.
  • Hose is little rigid and may not curve easily around the corners.
  • This vacuum is not ideal for the large remains pieces, it is only ideal for the household jobs.

Manual Guide

Armorall AA255 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner to clean your households and car easily. You can take it anywhere as it is easy to hold this vacuum cleaner. A 10 ft. cable is long enough to find a socket near you. It has 6 foot hose and Auto shut-off feature which prevents overflow. It ideal to carry the remains from your house or your car. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for the car lovers to keep their car clean. It is lightweight but powerful for the users to carry all the remains.


Q. Does the vacuum plug into a power outlet or the car’s cigarette lighter?

A. No, it doesn’t work on with a power outlet or the car’s cigarette lighter.

Q. How strong is the suction power for this vacuum?

A. Suction power of this vacuum is powerful enough to carry remains from your carpet or car.


Overall, this vacuum cleaner is perfect for the household use and best for cleaning your car as well. It is lightweight, so that it can be picked up anywhere. It is powerful enough to carry all the necessary remaining. This vacuum makes it easy for you to clean your carpet and car. Armorall AA255 is lightweight vacuum and easy to use, this product is highly recommended.



With the information that my blog has provided for you, hope you find the best car vacuum.

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