Best Dash Cam 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In today’s world, car safety is one of the primary concerns. When it comes to vehicle transport, using a dash cam is a move that will make you not just safe, but secured if any misfortunate event happens. Accidents happen.

People can be careless, lose the attention, or be occupied talking on the phone. To ensure your safety and security, dashboard camera will record your drive and be the ultimate witness in the court case if a misfortunate event happens.

You have to protect your property, especially when you know that reckless driving makes for over 70% of accidents across the States.

There is an abundance of dash cams for you to pick on the market, all with their own set of unique features and capabilities. Every manufacturer claims that with their product, you will be perfectly safe.

Let us see how they do and find the best dash cam 2018 for you!

The 10 Best Dash Cam On The Market

1. WheelWitness HD PRO - Best Dash Cam 2018

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 04:06 PST - Details

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam is another quality camera we review today. The manufacturer has put this model as a flagship in the dashboard camera market.

It is a medium-sized camera with exceptional features and functions. Let’s see what you get for the money you pay purchasing WheelWitness HD Pro.

The HD PRO comes with a rich package of contents; you’ll receive removable suction mount (which works and performs great), a 12-feet power cable, GPS module, two sticky mounts, free 16GB memory SD card, and an USB cable. Definitely worth the purchase.

The camera has a 2560x1080 / 2306x1296p SUPER HD resolution (which is very near the ultra-quality Quad HD) provides superb results and fine video in all situations. Paired with the 170-degree lens, you’ll have the premium performance in your recordings, and reach angles that average cameras can’t.

Wide Dynamic Range technology performs great during the night, thanks to a fully balanced exposure and a possibility to further enhance the previously recorded video.

The camera loops the recording video, deleting the oldest one in the SD card, unless you want to keep it which is very easy to do.

With HD PRO you have a motion detector, which will trigger the camera with every car movement, and a special unexpected movement sensor which records impacts and shakings that happen when you’re in a misfortunate event.

You can review the recorded video on a big 3.0’’ display, which looks and performs great. The camera is easy to mount (you have two possibilities in the process of mounting) and it’s very stable. Some people reported loose grip, but the manufacturer solved it.

There were some reports complaining about the build quality, charger quality, and camera stopping recording. Missing segments of recording and poor battery are also things that you might encounter using this camera.

Some users reported the loss of the recording, and WheelWtness explained that this happens when the G-sensor and motion detector are active at the same time.

Overall, this cam offers a superb video quality for the price, and the fact alone provides the enough quality to justify it.


  • SUPER HD resolution high-quality video
  • Excellent & easy mounting (multiple options)
  • Swivel up to +/- 90degrees
  • Compact size with 3’’ bright display


  • ban
    Low-quality charger reported
  • ban
    Loss video recording segments

2. REXING S300 – A Compact Performer

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 04:06 PST - Details

The REXING S300 is a small and capable dashboard camera that comes next on our review today.

This camera comes with a 16GB MicroSD card for storage and a USB adapter that is used for connecting the camera with the car.

S300 has a plethora of useful functions and quality features that you’ll have if you decide to buy it.

The camera is compact, built with quality in mind, and very versatile. By the first look, it seems like a quality product. The buttons on this device are placed ergonomically.

There are six buttons for you to use, and the menu is built not to confuse the user. The camera has a 1080p resolution, and the lens can record in 170-degree range, which is amazing for a smaller camera.

Mounting goes through the mounting pad which goes on your windshield, without compromising the mirror. The camera is designed to be compact and unnoticeable, and built with quality. That quality is noticed the best when touching the buttons and holding the camera itself.

The lens swivels for 180 degrees to enable both outside and inside recording (the video turns upside down when recording inside, pressing the “Mic” button twice solves this problem).

The camera connects to the car’s energy source and turns itself on simultaneously when you start the engine. The video is recorded to the SD card (up to 64GB of storage supported), and the maximum quality is 1080p at 30 frames per second.

The G-Sensor is there to record accidents, and lock the video files to prevent overwriting while loop recording.

The lens itself has 2.4 aperture, six layers of glass to ensure clean videos, and a WDR – wide dynamic range shooting during night time. The battery inside has around 110 mAh, which is not the best, but we are accommodated to this performance in dashboard cameras. One of the nice features we learned is the one-year warranty from the manufacturer.​

The battery provided is used only to withstand the connecting with the car. Very weak to rely on either way. The camera has issues on high temperatures, and some buzz sounds are reported. No GPS or speed info on the video, which might be a problem in a court case.


  • Quality compact design
  • High-quality recordings (1080p) and a 170-degree angle
  • Easy to use
  • Great audio


  • ban
    Weak battery
  • ban
    Reported heat issues

3. KDLINKS DX2 - Best Dashboard Camera Recorder

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 03:56 PST - Details

The KDLINKS DX2 is one of the most popular dash cams on Amazon in the recent period; the value for money and performance over time that it brings ensure positive feedback and opinions all over the web.

One of the best-established manufacturers, KDLINKS is so popular that their cams are used in one out of five vehicles across the States.

In one word, the quality of videos recorded on KDLINKS DX2 is stellar. No matter the conditions or time of the day, you can expect bright and crisp videos. This is one of the major reasons this camera is so popular. There have been many court cases of car accidents resolved by evidence from DX2’s videos.

The DX2’s camera records 1080p video with 30 frames per second, storing it automatically on the Micro SD card (16GB variation provided in the package, with 64GB capacity available). The video gets recorded on loop, and the built-in sensor will ensure if the impact happens that your video is stored for keeping.

The lens has six layers of glass, and a 165-degree angle view, which enables periphery vision; with this feature you’ll have the highest visibility possible, and much more details than in a standard camera.

The camera is built with quality materials and doesn’t feel cheap in hand. Regarding the physical features and design, a swiveling functionality would definitely be a plus, but DX2 lacks it.

DX2 comes with two mounting mechanisms, both based on sucking clamp that fixates on the windshield. That gives enough room and maneuverability when mounting, and the camera is stable on the windshield.

One mounting mechanism has a GPS feature built in, and the other is without it. One strange thing to mention is the functionality of the GPS module – you need to set the time and date manually when using it.

Overall, this camera brings a lot of quality for the price, and t’s one of the most popular for a reason. Some minor flaws aren’t that big to interfere with your purchase. Several hundred five-star reviews on Amazon are tough to beat.​

This device comes with a minuscule battery, so if you ever disconnect it from the power source, you might lose the functionality. Some SD card connectivity issues might happen, and contact with engine can sometimes be a bit off so you’ll have to check is the camera working. The manual has a lot room for improvement.


  • Great video quality
  • Durable and robust design
  • Durable and robust design
  • Trusted brand


  • ban
    Battery is weak
  • ban
    Some inconveniences in usability

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 04:15 PST - Details

Here’s another interesting camera from Black Box – G1W. There are several variations in the series, each having a slight modification.

The base model features fast NT96650 chipset from Novatek, Aptina’s AR0330 lens, a decent MicroSD card slot and a fine handle to mount it on your mirror.

G1W features a fine set of functions and physical valuables that ensure smooth usage, secure functioning in the case of impact, high-quality video and low power consumption.

The camera works quite well, and can record 1080p/30FPS and 720p/60FPS. The night mode is also there, providing decent performance – quite a surprise for a camera with a low price range.

Night shooting is the weakest spot of these products, and engineers from Black Box really put some effort into this feature; G1W delivers strong during the night. Its video quality can easily be compared with dash cameras from a way higher price range.

The camera function in G1W starts to film as soon as the car engine starts, and loops the video when the SD card is full. You can select which part of the video recording to keep, and camera won’t loop over that segment. The G Sensor provides this functionality with every sudden movement that simulates impact.

Sound processor and microphone built in the camera are very good; the inner sounds of music, people talking, and even the car engine can be easily differentiated from the outside stuff that you really want to record. Sirens, car horns, or even tires squeaking while extreme braking are recorded great.

If a cheap looks and a lack of GPS isn’t a deal breaker for you, for this price you’ll get a great camera that won’t disappoint you.

Even though this camera performs really well, but the stabilization of the video isn’t good. Shakiness and fuzziness are the biggest drawbacks of G1W camera, followed by cheap build and lacking GPS.


  • Great video quality (Super HD included)
  • Improved night mode
  • G Sensor performs great
  • Looping is seamless


  • ban
    Shaky and a bit fuzzy videos sometime
  • ban
    No GPS and related functions

5. ITrue X3 Dash Cam – The Best All-Round Camera

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 03:56 PST - Details

The next camera to review comes from the popular brand in the car electronics market, iTrue.

Their expansion came through quality products and services priced very low and affordable.

The ITrue X3 Dash Cam comes with many high-quality features and specs, packed in a chrome/leather combination case.

iTrue X3 comes with a superb camera lens able to record in super wide 170-degree angle. Alongside sharp video, this brings a lot of utility and usefulness to owners, especially when a misfortunate event happens.

Imagine having a car accident while having this camera; the whole event will be recorded with a very wide angle and high quality.

The package Includes: X3 Dash Camera, the in-car charging cable, mounting holder for camera, an USB cable, User Manual (which can be definitely improved), and a free 8GB Micro SD card. The device supports cards up to 64GB of storage, which is more than enough for all your recordings.

The resolution is recording is Full HD (1920x1080), and it synchronizes with the car engine flawlessly – when the car starts, the camera starts recording. It has a MicroSD card slot for storage purposes, and you can use cards up to 32GB of storage.

That’s enough space for dozens of hours of video recording. On the other hand, X3 provides loop recording – unimportant video gets overwritten, and you can select points of video which you want saved.

The sound recording follows the video quality, even though some customers reported audio issues with inner sounds mixing with outside noise.

The 2,7-screen provides sharp viewing angles and good usability, alongside the firm grip that is very easy to set up. Night recordings are very good, thanks to WDR technology and 6-layer lens. For this price, you really can’t find a model that can outperform iTrue X3.

This model was built with leather and chrome sections, which some might find not appealing visually. Some want dashboard cameras hidden, and this one isn’t that stealthy. There were some sound issues and lower quality recordings reported, but that’s it. This camera is that good.


  • High-quality video with vide angle recording
  • Nice design
  • Easy mounting and setup
  • Useful features


  • ban
    Battery is weak – has to be plugged in all the time
  • ban
    Some minor audio issues reported

6. AUSDOM Dash Cam A261 - Best Camera for Budget

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 03:56 PST - Details

AUSDOM Dash Cam A261 is a full HD Car Camera and DVR with 2-inch TFT LCF display screen, a microphone, G-Sensor for automatic incident capture and a fast and accurate built-in GPS.

It uses a large aperture lens allowing more light to enter the camera when facing low light conditions.

It’s smaller in size, compact and stable when mounted on the windshield, and it performs great.

It can be firmly mounted to the windshield featuring a swivel facility so you can turn the camera towards you for in-car recording or you can turn it further towards the window to capture something besides your car.

This little device really steps forward with the video quality and performance. The HDR technology will prevent under/over exposure for high clarity videos and images during nighttime.

GPS adds the location data to the recordings, making them even more usable – imagine the weight of the evidence video that shows time, location, and the event that happened.

One of the mentionable features of this dash cam is the Parking Monitor feature which will trigger the car camcorder to start recording on any collisions or shakings allowing you to see the person or the vehicle that may hit your car when it was parked.

The recording goes in loops of your choosing: 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, or seamless recording until the storage is full.

It should be noted that rechargeable battery runtimes are not that long but still more than sufficient when used to save files in case of an emergency, so the device should always be connected to external power when used. Also, the GPS Player can be only used to play video recordings stored in the computer.

This dash cam lacks quality audio to be amazing. Also, SD card included sometimes doesn’t work as advertised, because of the poor writing speed which affects the complete experience of using it.


  • High-quality UHD picture
  • Built-in fast and accurate
  • GPS Up to 25 minutes emergency battery runtime


  • ban
    No audio volume setting
  • ban
    GPS Player software only usable on computer storage

7. Falcon Zero F360 - Best Professional Camera

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 04:06 PST - Details

The Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam has two 180-degree rotation cameras with a 120-degree viewing angle, recording in excellent 1080p resolution.

There are many options for viewing angles with this dash cam; front and the back at the same time, side window, the front window, super wide screen when both cameras are toward the front, etc.

Its high capabilities and the broad range of functions will surely enhance your driving experience.

It is fairly easy to setup being slightly larger than a regular rear-view window on which it simply clamps, and the 8-ft power cord is easy to hide around the interior cabin so it will not obstruct your view. It replaces your rear mirror and provides a slightly bigger one with the 3,5-inch display and two small cameras that rotate in multiple angles. Really cool.

This dash cam lacks quality audio to be amazing. Also, SD card included sometimes doesn’t work as advertised, because of the poor writing speed which affects the complete experience of using it.

The great thing is that it’s very user-friendly since it comes optimally pre-configured and there is no need to maintain the device if you are not tech savvy.

The green light will simply notify you when it’s recording, and it automatically turns on and off when you start your car or take the keys out of the ignition.

You just plug it in, and start your engine and the cam will do the rest. Make sure to adjust each camera head accordingly – to change the vertical angle you’ll have to move your entire mirror, since these small cameras rotate only horizontally.

This device has a very clear LED FULL HD screen, but be aware of the poor night vision quality with blurry and distorted lights. Also, when is sunny and bright, picture quality degrades with sometimes unfocused, white and washed out footage especially when it comes to smaller details.


  • Easy setup
  • Loop recording replaces old files
  • Two 360-degree rotating cameras
  • Very bright Day Vision with high resolution
  • Up to 30 minutes battery runtime in case of emergency backup


  • ban
    Unfocused video when sunny
  • ban
    Distorted and blurry night vision

8. Z-Edge 3" Screen 2K Ultra - Best Video Camera

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 04:15 PST - Details

The Z-Edge 3" Screen 2K Ultra Dash Cam has been voted for the best 2016 dash cam by Wirecutter with its super HD dashboard, excellent image quality, and automatic and reliable operation each time you sit in your car.

It comes with all of the mounting hardware you need and a dual-port car charger so you can charge your phone simultaneously.

It also includes ignition detection, motion detection, G-sensor and loop recording all packed into the sleek frame.

Having said that, it is somewhat larger than other dash cameras on the market but thin enough and certainly easy to setup and operate. Just simply attach the suction mount to your windshield or dashboard, position the camera at the desirable angle, plug the charger, and you are ready to go.

Nighttime recordings are bad and blurry sometimes. The audio quality is subpar. The battery included can’t handle over 20 minutes of 2K recording, making it useless. Luckily there’s a charger.

The camera looks like a small photo camera, and provides a 3-inch sharp display. The lens is a high-quality one, and captures high quality photos.

A great feature is the 2K video resolution with a 145-degree field of view and a slow-motion setting which is interesting to have on a security device camera.

Besdes a low battery life (solved by a charger), the low audio quality when recording in full HD might be a minor issue, mostly noticeable when the source is near the camera.

For the price, it might have a better audio recording feature. Usage of the camera can be quite a task when you consider the number of options and possibilities and their names – some learning will definitely be required to utilize this dash cam properly.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Wide camera view angle
  • Swivel Suction Mount
  • Good night vision


  • ban
    Short battery life
  • ban
    Low audio quality

9. Rexing V1 2.4" LCD FHD - Best Dashboard Camera

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 04:06 PST - Details

Rexing V1 2.4" LCD FHD is a full HD car dash camera designed to be very sleek and discrete, featuring H.264 compression technology allowing it to record videos in high resolution – 1080p.

It has a 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen with a high-quality 170-degree glass lens, Wide Dynamic Range technology, multi-language support and many other options for your convenience.

The cam is really compact and installs pretty easy with the long cable that comes within the package. The video quality is pretty decent, and photos are on par with the video. A simple click of the button will capture the image, which is very convenient.

The lighter charger that comes with this dash cam has a separate USB port, which can charge an additional device while you’re in the car. On the other hand, it is necessary for the camera functioning; the battery included is minuscule and almost useless.

The G-Sensor is included for accident detection and will lock the video clip to memory card automatically, or you can do it manually. You can easily mount it on the windshield using a 3M adhesive mount which is also included.

The controls on this device are pretty easy to walk through and very intuitive, which is a big plus. Also mentionable is the dedicated button if you want to take still photos which will save image files in JPEG format instantly.

It supports a 32GB memory card which is sufficient for over 320 minutes or 5 hours of recording and once it runs out of storage space it will overwrite the oldest files with new ones.

Be aware that whenever you are using this cam to make sure it is connected to an external power source since its internal battery runtimes are extremely low and will give you only up to 5 minutes for saving files in case of emergency.

Nighttime can’t compare with the daytime. The battery life is almost ridicules – you’re condemned to few minutes of usage away from the power cord before it shuts down.


  • High-quality daytime recording
  • Very secure mounting
  • Small and compact
  • Dedicated button for taking photos


  • ban
    Moderate nighttime recording
  • ban
    Poor internal battery runtimes

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 04:06 PST - Details

Falcon Zero F170HD + GPS Dash Cam has all the standard features one would expect of a modern dash cam.

 It has 2.7-inch full HD (1920 x 1080p) screen, includes auto on/off switch, loop recording, G-Sensor, supports GPS, and it also supports WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for enhanced night-vision.

Good for image capturing both in your car and outside, this camera will record quality shots without problems.

It comes with an 11-ft cord and small clips which will hold it out of your way. They are easy to assemble and set up, not interfering with your car interior and overall visibility. The cam looks fancy and sleek, not taking too many space on your dashboard or windshield.

The 2,7-inch screen displays a preview of the camera’s recording and it looks great. It doesn’t perform on direct sunlight, but that’s the drawback of every display in today’s technology.

The 1080p recordings are quite good during the daytime and reasonably good during the night. The camera loops the recording unless you want to keep them, and you do that with two presses of a button.

The supported GPS data on this device can be overlaid on Google Maps with its camera player software, available for Windows and Mac which is a nice feature.

Since it also supports WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for enhanced night vision, it should be noted that this feature has to be activated manually in the menu, which is unfortunately not so intuitive. Same goes for the Motion Detection Recording function; you have to enable it to enjoy its benefits.

Besides a bit higher price, the major drawbacks are non-intuitive functions like Wide Dynamic Range and Motion Detection while parking feature that should be automatized.

Blueish overlay on some of the recordings was reported in some of the reviews of the customers. Don’t expect stellar performance during the night.


  • Good night vision
  • Clear and sharp picture
  • Good sound quality


  • ban
    Not heat resistant

Best Dash Cam - Buyer's Guide

1. Why Do We Need A Dash Cam?

Dashboard cams can be used for many reasons. Depending on the model, cams can be utilized for recording the drive, GPS function, speed limit reminders, collision warnings, a full field view and many other things.

Many drivers decide to buy dash cam to have a recorded version of events for police in case of driving accident. These recordings can be very useful not only for the police but for you to avoid legal problems such as insurance fraud, that might occur after the accident.

Professional drivers use these cameras to record their drive for many reasons: in the case of accidents and incidents (to avoid legal problems and liability), to analyze the unpredicted situations that happened on the road or to show the recording as part of their portfolio.

Nowadays, the number of motorcyclists and cyclists using dash cams is growing. They use cams powered by batteries as to protect themselves in the case of accidents or to capture unexpected events like a meteor shower or some other natural phenomena.

Many photographers use these cameras for the same purpose – to capture awkward, unexpected or unusual situations and moments while driving.

2. What Are The Most Important Features To Look For?

As there are many dash cams models on the market, your search for the right one might seem hard. The basic rule is to determine what you need and chose accordingly.

Reading dash cam reviews online helps in this decision a lot. The difference between cheap and expensive models is in quality and features; selecting a camera without advanced features might fit your needs and go easy on your wallet.

  • Recording features

There are two ways of recording – recording straight to a removable SD card or loop recording. Recording to a memory card is not as practical as loop recording since you have to do most of the work with the removable storage. You have to remove the SD card from the camera and watch and delete footage to have enough memory for new recording.

Loop recording is very practical because the cam does all the work. It automatically records new footages over the old ones if they are unmarked. If you want to save a particular part of the footage, just mark its timeframe and that part of the recording won’t be overwritten.

If you don’t want to record every part of your driving, there are dashboard cameras that include motion-detection and impact-detection features. This means that they only record when they detect movement or an impact and also, record a few seconds after the accident.

  • Image Quality

A high-definition means better capturing of the details. With 720p resolution, the HD camera can capture license plates (in the case of an accident) or if you are a photographer, a picturesque nature you’re passing through.

If you decide to buy an HD dash cam, you can choose from 720p and 1080p models. Some dashboard cameras have unique features for night driving or low – light situations as well.

  • Rotating & Swiveling

If you’re not buying a dual dash cam that can provide both inner and outside video at the same time, you might want to check if your camera has the ability to rotate, so you can set it up to record the specific angle you want covered. This functionality is the industry standard, and you should definitely avoid cameras without it.

  • Sensors & Automatization

Sensors like GPS, motion, and parking will provide a significant advancement in the functionality because they improve the way the dashboard camera functions, connecting it with the movement of your car, engine starting and shutting down, and any sudden movement like an impact.

In the long term, these features can improve your car driving experience, make you some superb memories, and eventually save your life in a possible dangerous situation.

When you’re not sure about the sensors, or you want to distinguish them, try analyzing some popular dashboard camera reviews; with the information you’ll gain from them, you’ll be 100% sure what to look for.

So, without any doubt, look for a dash cam with the advanced functions like these to remove yourself from using it while driving; that’s another benefit that contributes to security significantly.​

What Is The Best Dash Cam Of 2018

In our opinion, the Best Dash Cam 2018 our pick for you are AUSDOM Dash Cam A261 and WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam. Here is two cameras compact very light, and practical for usage.

Special features like motion and ignition detection, alongside parking sensor and impressive GPS sensor make AUSDOM Dash Cam A261 and WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam suitable for people who want to record every part of their trip and for the ones who use dashboard cams only in cases of an accident.

With the loop recording system, drivers don’t have to worry if there will be enough storage space for records. The records made with the stellar lens and agile swiveling body of the camera provide unmatched functionality for the money paid.

With its reasonable price, excellent image quality and applicability, it is no surprise why we choose AUSDOM Dash Cam A261 and WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam to be the winner of the title The Best Dash Cam Of 2018.

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