Best Fog Lights 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It is always challenging to drive your vehicle especially on rainy and foggy day. Vision always affected by the fog and rain and you require best fog lights which provide sufficient clear view on the road in such critical situation.

There are various things which make fog lights different than the regular vehicle’s headlights. The best fog lights produce a wide and bar shaped light beam with a pointed horizontal cutoff like dark focus on above side and bright focus on below side.

The main job of fog lights’ is to show the immediate foreground, both lane markings and the edges of the road.

If the fog lights used with the combination of headlamps, best fog lights lamps weight overall beam pattern towards the foreground so if it will come more stray light from the headlamps, it will cause glare back from the fog and in the situation of snow or rain, there would be more foreground light than typical.​

​There are various benefits having fog lights in your vehicle. These types of lights are highly versatile, compact and lightweight.

Life span of fog lights is greater than 50,000 hours and it doesn’t require much power to run, it can run directly from 12V or 24V DC. Its pick luminosity remains till the end of its lifespan and then degrades less than 20 percent.

When the matter comes to finding the best fog lights for your car, you would probably get numbers of option in the market.

Here we have short listed top 7 best fog lights 2017 for your quick guide and we have also mentioned each feature with pros and cons so it could be easy for you to choose the best fog lights according to your need.​

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Nilight Light Bar is very bright that it will illuminate your road like daylight as it is designed with advanced LED chips.

It can give bright and powerful beam that make your road clear even in rainy and foggy days.

It ensure a perfect combo beam, spot beam gives illumination for long distance while flood beam gives broad view area.

One of the main features of this product is that you can adjust its mounting bracket up to 45 degrees. So you can adjust it very easily according to the light requirement on the road.

It protects lights from water up to 3.3 feet for 30 minutes of time and it is also protects from dust.

This light bar package includes 2 pieces of 126W light bars along with a mounting brackets. It is very well designed with mix and match of flood beams and spot beams that blend provides broad view and irradiation distance.

It is built in superior quality of heat conduction silicone gel that protects light bar from overheating and gives a excellent cooling effect.

This light bar comes with stainless mounting bracket that are anticorrosive and dustproof.

It can work with wide application such as Jeeps, Trucks, SUVs, Cars, 4x4, Motorcycles, ATVs, Boats and etc., this light bar can be used as Garden lighting, Back up light, Construction lighting, Backyard lighting, Off road lighting and etc.


  • Very bright that you can see clearly even in heavy fog or rain situation
  • You can adjust direction of light bar up to 45 degrees


  • May be start flickering after some uses

​2. Northpole Light - Best LED Light Bar

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Northpole LED Light Bar comes with combo beam, 60 degree as flood beam and 30 degree as spot beam.

It gives 6000k color temperature that makes you comfortable and give you a safe driving feel. It runs with very low power, it consumes 10v - 30v DC power.

It can be used in different application such as trucks, 4x4 Jeep, Mining, Farming, Heavy equipment, Off road vehicles, SUV, Boating and etc.

It has long life span and can run 30,000 hours. It consumes very low power and it is very eco friendly, designed with integral heat sink and doesn’t catch heat and so it can work for long years.

This LED light bar is designed with tough and high quality of aluminum with black color painted that gives it an elegant yet tough look.

It comes along with the adjustable mounting brackets which are made with high quality of stainless steel. Shatterproof lenses that are IP67 waterproof makes it even durable in any type of harsh condition.

It contains 1 no. of 126W Creek LED light bar, 2 nos. of 18W Creek LED Flood lights, 1 no. of wiring harness, Screw sets, Mounting Brackets.

Along with all these accessories, manufacture provides 12 months warranty so that you can get the replacement of your product if it has any type of issues.

Installation of this light bar is very easy and even you can do it easily at your home or garage without taking help from the professionals.


  • Bigger, brighter and sturdy light that gives you clear view on the road in foggy and rainy season
  • Very versatile product that can be used in many applications
  • Easy installation that Do It Yourself, you don’t require any professionals for installation


  • It is not completely adjustable from up, it stops at certain level

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Lightfox comes with its patented reflectors that provide super broad view area on the road. So it will be the experience like you are driving in the day light.

It comes with 8 pieces of lights, 18w and 4 inch each. It is designed with high intensity Cree LED chips that provide super bright light.

These lights are designed specially with advanced Cree chip and lamp cups that provide wider illumination and ensure you can see clearly on both sides of the road.

Cooling performance of this model is so powerful and that credit goes to its aluminum alloy sinks that protects light from overheating.

You can use Lighfox 8 Pcs. 18W 4 inch Cree Flood lights as many different applications on trucks, buses, SUVs, construction equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and many other off road vehicles. You can also use them for indoor lighting as garden and backyard lighting.

With manufacture ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee, this LED light is certified with CE, RoHS, IP67 and FCC and comes with 2 years of warranty.

Its heat dissipation and high rigidity ensure life span of the LED more than 50,000 hours. So now you do not require replacing your lights frequently.

If you have any types of questions or queries, you may send email to their customer care team; their support team is ready to serve you 24 hours.


  • Very versatile LED lights that is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor applications
  • Super bright lights that give you the feel of day light
  • It consume only 18w per LED unit so that your vehicle battery can run for longer period of time
  • Color temperature of the lights is 6000k pure white that is sufficient to brighten up your road


  • After the installation, mounted lights cannot be adjusted

​4. Driver and Passenger Fog Lights Lamps - Best Color For Fog Lights

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The maker of Driver and Passenger Fog Lights Lamps is Autoandart, they have wide knowledge of manufacturing of auto parts.

They take care of their customers very well even after sales. Since 2001, they have manufactured so many high quality auto parts and they have thousands of satisfied customers who prefer to buy their products.

This light lamp is replacement for dodge pickup truck and these are new aftermarket parts.

It can be fitted to Dodge 1500 pickup truck from 2002 model to 2008, Dodge 2500 pickup truck from 2003 model to 2009 and Dodge 3500 pickup truck from 2003 model to 2010.

It offers many features like it meets standards of OEM and it comes with the stamp of SAE, manufacturer offering 1 year limited warranty so you can replace with them if it would have any type of issues within the time period.

Manufacture giving guarantee to function and fit like the original one.


  • Inexpensive light lamp- Durable and long life span
  • Easy installation with Plug-and-Play. Installation process takes hardly 20 minutes
  • Very easy to adjust height according to your requirement


  • It is made of plastic lenses and not that durable

​5. MICTUNING Curved LED Light Bar - Best Fog Lights 2017

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Mictuning is well known company and it is famous for its top quality products and best customer service. They have high reputation in the field of LED lights.

Mictuning is keep researching and developing new products. They are always in try to improve their every product and present the high quality stuff to satisfy their customers.

Mictuning can turn night time into day time with its 6000k crystal white light. Throw of the light can go farther for your longer view while driving.

It is designed with perfect beam pattern and each LED is covered with unique reflector cup that ensures far exceeding and provides better light than flat LEDs.

It has many other features which can attract you to buy this light bar, it is designed with curved pattern according to real car arc that gives your vehicle an elegant look that you have always desired.

It can give you a clear view if you have any obstacle beside your vehicle or ahead on the road.

Mictuning provide 2 years of warranty with life time technical support to the consumers so the after sales services is very friendly you can buy this product without any hassle.

Faster heat dissipation with its 10 pieces of cooling fins. IP67 test rating waterproof system ensures no water or moisture inside your LED light during critical situation like rain or fog.


  • It is designed with curved pattern that give your vehicle an elegant look that you have ever wished
  • Throw of this light is farther and you can see clearly from the distance as well
  • Wide bright illumination ensures clear view beside and ahead of your vehicle


  • It’s not powerful water proof and fills up with the moisture and water in rainy or foggy days

​6. HELLA Driving Lamp Kit -Best Halogen Driving Lamp Kit

Hella has over 100 years of experience in automotive lighting products. This time they have come up with the 500FF series which is ideal for on road and off road.

Hella is the first choice of the consumer who own most respected brand such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche.

Hella 005750941 500FF Series is durable and designed with aluminum vapor coated reflectors that give long lasting durability on any type of terrain. It is designed with one stud with light weight makes installation very easy and you do not require professionals for installation.

This halogen driving lamp kit includes 2 nos. of 500FF series driving lamps. 2 nos. of white protective shields, 2 nos. of H3 bulbs, 1 no. of wiring harness with plug-and-play feature, 1 no. of illuminated switch, one relay and mounting instructions with step-by-step guide for easy installation.

FF optics are designed by the reflectors itself and not with the patterns in the lens as you see in other halogen lamps, this feature gives high performance with longer life span.

If you want extra protection of lamp kit, you may additionally purchase accessories like protective grills and other different colored shields protective laminates.

It comes with 1 year company warranty.


  • It comes with universal mounting hardware that can be fitted on any type of vehicle
  • It is very well bonded with water tight lens that doesn’t allow water or moisture inside the light
  • Same lamp kit can be used on various types of application


  • Wiring harness is quite confusing and takes lot of time to understand

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 03:45 PST - Details

Last update on 2018-04-25 at 03:45 PST - Details

If you are in search of the perfect cool white color for your fog lights, this model of OPT7 can be your best choice as it gives 6000k cool white color which you have ever wished to install to your vehicle.

It has 35000 lumens per bulb which can provide bright light 5 times brighter than Halogen lamps and 12 % brighter lights offers than HID.

Very easy to install and its installation process can be finished in just 20 minutes of time.

All bulbs are CanBus Ready and it can install with any type of vehicle CPU easily.

It has almost everything that one best fog light must have, though; it has some points which are also very important for you to know about.

It can work fine even in extreme situation like rain, fog or snow, its driver, fan, and complete housing designed with waterproof.

This fog light kit is made with MHP (Modular Heat Protection) technology that ensures 50,000 hours life of LED.

Manufacturer provides 2 years of warranty so you may replace the same if it has some issues within 2 years of time period. And they also provide life time technical support; you may take help from real technicians.


  • It can work fine even in any kind of critical situation as it is uniquely designed 100% waterproof
  • All bulbs are CanBus ready so it is versatile to any vehicle CPU without getting any error
  • Designed with Modular Heat Protection that provides life of LED 50,000 hours


  • Sometimes, It stops working after some uses

​Best Fog Lights - Buyer's Guide

There are so many factors which you need to take into the consideration while buying best fog lights for your vehicles. If you will go through our following buyer’s guide section, you would probably be sure which type of fog light you should buy that meets your need.

  • Types of fog lights

​Fog lights come in various different types with different hues and can be used in numerous applications. If you are going to buy the new set of fog lights or you want to replace it, you should first read owner’s manual for which type of light can be installed in your vehicle.

Here we have talked about LED (Light Emitting Diodes), HID (High Intensity Discharge) and Halogen fog light so you can be sure which types of light is convenient for your vehicle.

  • LED lights

​LED lights are typically having low light; it comes below eye level from oncoming vehicles. Usually, LED lights are durable and do not burnout. LED lights come in a different variety of colors.

Light output color may vary due to material of fog light. If you love to drive your vehicle in rough terrain, LED can be the best choice as it doesn’t affect by heavy vibrations. Additionally, LED lights do not use much power to run and even doesn’t get much heat.

  • HID lights

​Like LED lights, HID don’t have filament. They have electrical charge which ignites the gas called xenon that located in the light bulb. HID lights can produce 70 % more lights in compared to a halogen light. You can compare HID lights with natural daylight and it doesn’t distract to oncoming traffic.

  • Halogen lights

​In halogen types of light, it designed with halogen gas. It illuminates very bright but it produces very much heat. Typically this light has a glass lens that enhances the visibility of the light.

  • Choosing the lights

​In today’s competition world, you may find various different options in fog lights. There are so many manufacturer come up with own unique style of lights. But it is advisable to go with the one which has been designed by the same manufacturer of your vehicle.

Rounded and rectangular style of fog lights are the most popular. However, there are different shapes of lights available which you may choose. You should buy the one which is appropriate with your vehicle make and which fits to your budget as well.

  • Colors of the lights

​Nowadays there are many attractive colors available in fog lights but most experts would recommend you to go for traditional yellow lights as it is gentle when its focus comes on the eyes and it is highly productive too.

Furthermore, yellow lights are already associated with caution while other colored light like bright white, red or blue can distract drivers and it may cause serious accidents.

However, in rear fog lights, red color can be the best choice as it is common shade and it is easily recognized by the other drivers and they can control on their driving or they can take immediate actions when they see fog light.

  • Mounted lights

​If you will mount fog lights on lower side of your vehicle, it may give result even better. It should be set slightly angled or point ahead. There are two types of fog lights are available, front and rear although front lights are most popular.

In many vehicles, space of mounting is limited. So in such situation, you may also mount them top of the bumper. However, sometimes in harsh weather, users need to angle it downside for better result as it should point more towards the road.

  • Caring of fog lights

​Fog lights amount can be reduced by up to 90 percent if it will be covered by rust or mud. Even if the dust remains on lights for long time, it will decrease its light output. So it is very much crucial to take care of your fog lights frequently.

It should be clean by the consumer and front shield also can be removed for extra cleaning from inside and it is very easy to fix it again once you’re done with the cleaning process.


So you have noticed that there are many different types of fog lights available in the market with their own unique features and benefits.

Here we have shortlisted 2 best fog lights according to our study and research we have also mentioned their unique features so you will get idea why we have picked these 2 specifically.

We have carried out MICTUNING 42" 240W 3B339C Curved LED Work Light Bar and HELLA 005750941 500FF Series 12-Volt/55-Watt Halogen Driving Lamp Kit.

Mictuning is designed with 6000k crystal white light that you have ever wished to have for your vehicle. It is also designed with curved pattern which can give your vehicle an elegant look. This LED lamp can throw lights to farther so you can view roads from the distance.

Unique feature of this lamp is reflector cup that ensures far exceeding and provides better light than flat LEDs. If you will overlook its some negative points which were raised by some consumers, you may buy this LED for your vehicle.

While HELLA 005750941 Driving Lamp Kit is also very nice lamp kit. Hella is popular manufacturer and they are having over 100 years of experience in researching and developing high quality of Halogen lights.

Hella halogen lamp kit you can use on various types of applications and you do not require buying separate lights for different application.

It has universal mounting hardware that can be fitted on any type of vehicle easily, Additionally, it is bounded with water tight lens and it protect lights from entering water or moisture inside.

​Thus, in order to get the best fog lights, you will require little research since there are various types of best fog lights are available in the market. You may get fog lights to any car décor shop or you may also find the best fog lights on Amazon with various different varieties and with different price range.

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