Best RC Cars 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

It is a fact that driving a car is one of the most fun and exciting activities that you can do. In fact, you might have a hard time staying away from the excitement associated with it.

However, if for some reasons you won’t be able to drive an actual vehicle, then a great alternative to it is a remote control (RC) car.

​Aside from being fun, it’s also very entertaining and interesting to ride the entire day. It’s time to change the misconception that these products are only for children. In fact, you can find tons of communities at present composed of adults who share the same love and interest in RC cars.

Serious enthusiasts even consider these items not only as toys but also as collectibles they would like to keep and spend a huge sum of money on to accessorize and improve. If you’re planning to be part of the amazing world of RC vehicles, then it pays to learn more about it so that you can easily gauge your options and pick one with impressive capabilities.

Best RC Cars 2017 Reviews

If you love RC cars, then you’ll be glad to know that GPTOYS brought one of its best models to the public, the S912 LUCTAN 33MPH 1/12 Scale hobby truck.

One of its remarkable qualities is the excellent off-road performance it delivers.

Having a 2.4GHz radio control system, you can expect this model to let multiple truggys compete without any risk of interference.

The fact that it has waterproof and water-resistant features also protect it from splashing waves and water. That said, you can use it on various wet terrains and conditions – ex. wet grasses and heavy rains.

The issues above, though, can’t still deny the fact that it’s one of the well-built RC cars in the market today. For its price, it has most of the features that a hobbyist would want from his unit. It can even give you an unforgettable racing experience with its low-profile tires made of rubber, independent suspension system, and 2-wheel drive.

It also features a powerful motor, which lets you drive it based on your desired speed. Furthermore, it runs fast, plus features a new transmitter that gives you full control when operating the unit and maximizing its performance.​

One problem, though, is that the unit tends to break easily. Probably, this issue is because some of its parts and gears are made of plastic, particularly the rear differential. Also, the battery life tends to drain faster than expected.


  • Runs fast – In fact, it’s one of the speediest units you can find today
  • Gives you full control when operating it
  • Features a powerful motor, which also contributes to its speed and performance
  • Has waterproof and water-resistant features
  • Ideal for off-road use


  • Some plastic parts and gears are easy to break
  • Battery life drains fast

2. Distianert 9300 Electric RC Car Off-road RC Car – Ideal for Conquering Even the Toughest Terrains

Distianert 9300 Electric RC Car is a good unit to choose if you’re not that particular about having it modeled from an actual vehicle.

It provides real value for its cost because of all the features built into it.

It boasts of a 2.4GHz four-wheel drive, allowing it to conquer tough terrains.

Such capability allows it to perform efficiently in off-road conditions. Furthermore, its large wheels made of rubber provides a good grip, making it handle such rugged terrains.​

It has flaws, though, such as the fact that it’s smaller than what other buyers initially expected. Most of its parts are also constructed out of plastic, causing them to break easily.

Still, it’s a good investment for an RC car hobbyist and enthusiast. It can reach up to 30Mph speed, which is faster than the majority of models sold within its price range. Also, the controller that comes along with the product is highly responsive, which means that you’ll have full control over it. The controller is also highly accurate, and you can easily drive it using your hands.​

The solid turbine integrated into the unit improves the stability of its performance on various terrains. Also, it has a rugged shockproof resistance. It features four wheels composed of bouncing spring materials.

You can expect such materials to offer adequate support from unstable surfaces and accidental drops. The heavy-duty wheels also further improve the speed and running performance of the vehicle.​


  • Smooth running of the motor
  • Good performance with the aid of the bouncing spring materials and powerful motor
  • Performs efficiently on rugged and tough terrains and off-road conditions
  • Provides adequate support from unstable surfaces
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy wheels


  • Smaller than what other users expected at first
  • Tends to break due to some plastic components

3. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck with 2.4GHz Radio – For Electric Trucks Enthusiasts and Hobbyists

If you’re after the quality of your RC vehicle, then it would be best to choose the Electric Volcano EPX Truck from Redcat Racing.

This unit works as a shaft-driven 4WD capable of giving you enough traction to handle tough and challenging obstacles and terrains.

It features a reverse/forward ESC designed to help you navigate tight spots. Another great thing about this unit is its lightweight plastic chassis, which is advantageous if you want to manage it with ease.​

While it’s a good product, note that there are some drawbacks to it. One is that its battery does not last that long. Some even complained that it only lasted for around fifteen minutes. You can, however, find bigger batteries for it that last longer and are available at reasonable prices. You may also have a hard time obtaining its replacement parts.

Still, the stability and speed of this unit from Redcat Racing are unquestionable. With its eight oil-filled coils and aluminum body, as well as its independent suspension system, you can expect it to deliver a rugged performance. It also features a user-friendly forward/reverse transmission and a polycarbonate body.

With its 4-wheel drive, this model is useful in climbing big hills and going over other rough terrains. You also have full control over its speed and performance. You can also make use of its radio and waterproof receiver so that you can race and compete with others without any interference.​


  • Provides enough traction for handling tough and challenging terrains
  • Has a reverse/forward ESC to reach tight spots
  • Lightweight plastic chassis, so maneuvering it is a breeze
  • Stable and fast
  • Has a waterproof receiver


  • Short battery life
  • Replacement parts are not that easy to obtain

4. TOZO C5031 RC CAR Desert Buggy Warhammer High Speed – Ideal for those who Love the Thrill and Intense Adventures

If you are one of those who would like to experience the thrill and make your adventures as intense as possible when driving an RC car, then this high-speed unit from TOZO is a good choice for you.

With its powerful motor that can run up to a max speed of 30km/h, you have an assurance that it will satisfy your passion for thrill and adventure.

It’s a high-speed unit, which works efficiently on tough and rugged terrains. It features a realistic design, making it look like the real thing while showcasing its modern and unique style. It also has rubber wheels made in such a way that you can stay away from accidental slips.

However, it also comes with a too sensitive remote. Such issue might cause you to spend some getting used to it before you can finally use it with ease. If you’re starting on a surface, which is quite slippery, you need to handle the throttle carefully to prevent it from spinning the wheels. Replacement parts are also hard to access.

​While there are issues in this RC car, there is still a chance that you will be fully satisfied with it. Most of its part and gears are also made of metal. They are smooth to use while providing assurance that they do not easily get stuck. Such gives you an assurance that the parts will have a long life.

Furthermore, the unit features a metal differential gear, which works well with the metal transmission shift. Such combination lets you handle challenging movements like drifting games.


  • Boasts of its impressive speed and performance
  • Ideal for thrill and adventure seekers
  • Metal-based parts and gears, making them last long
  • Smooth to use
  • Can manage challenging movements, like drifting


  • Remote is a bit too sensitive
  • Hard to access replacement parts

Are you in search of an RC truck, which you can also use to race and compete? Then this 70054-1 Slash 4WD Electric Short-course Racing Truck from Traxxas is a good choice.

This versatile unit can make handling short courses fun. It’s speedy enough while boasting of its track-ready handling and power. It falls under the mini-class category, but you can never underestimate its features and performance.

It has a high-torque Titan 550 power. Such is the biggest motor in the mini-category so far. It also features a race-replica polycarbonate shell. Beneath it is a suspension technology, which aids in further improving the performance of the unit.

There are problems with the unit’s battery, though. Some reported that the battery does not seem to hold the charge and drains too fast. It does not also come with the standard 120v charger, which causes discomfort for some users.

​There are too many good things about this unit, though, despite the flaws above. Aside from the features mentioned earlier, it also comes with waterproof electronics.

Such makes it work on all types of weather conditions. You will also love the fact that it’s a full-time 4WD, which means that it gives you superior control and handling. It’s also race-ready, which is convenient for those who love the thrill of it.


  • Guaranteed to be versatile
  • Track- and race-ready
  • Holds the highest power in the mini-class category
  • Has waterproof electronics so that it can manage all types of weather
  • Impressive control and handling


  • Battery can’t seem to hold the charge while draining too fast
  • Does not come with the standard 120v charger

Best RC Cars - Buyer's Guide

Choosing the most suitable kind of remote-controlled vehicle for you can be overwhelming, especially once you start to take a look at your numerous options. However, with the following factors below, the selection process will become much more manageable than what you initially expected.

  • Budget

​Your budget is probably one of the most vital aspects of the selection process. Ask yourself how much money you’re willing to spend on the product. It’s also necessary to factor in the kind of modifications that you want it to undergo in the future when determining the total amount you can comfortably spend.

A wise tip is to avoid purchasing the first model introduced to you. It pays to conduct an extensive research about all your options. Assess the prices of each one and spend time doing a more thorough comparison. It is also necessary to figure out the correct scale or size of the car you plan to buy.

You need to do that as it contributes a lot to its battery life and fuel consumption. For instance, small remote-controlled vehicles only require less power and maintenance than larger ones, so they are less costly to maintain in the long run.​

  • Source

​Find out about the best place to purchase your preferred vehicle. You have two primary options – from a local collection store or online. If you are a serious hobbyist, then it would be ideal to visit a store, which offers a wide selection while also being popular for their high-quality services.

Many also find local stores more reliable than the others as dedicated enthusiasts usually run them. These enthusiasts are more than willing to provide you with tips on how to choose the most suitable one for you. It’s also highly recommended to see an actual test-drive as this aids in evaluating the model’s performance.

  • Performance

​In this case, you need to study the speed and safety of the vehicle. You can gauge its performance based on the amount of fun that it can provide you. Some of the major features that can help you assess how an RC car performs is the primary use, top speed, and handling.

Top speed is crucial because how fast it goes also determines the fun and excitement you can expect to get once it starts to tear up a dirt track, drift around tight corners, or launch off racks. However, if you’re buying one for a child, it would be best to go for a kid-friendly and slow model.

Handling, while tricky to test, is identifiable if you compare different models based on their intended uses. Analyze whether the car effectively handles its intended function. It’s also important to take note of the fact that off-road vehicles usually show more versatility and reliability than the others no matter what kind of terrain you let them pass through.

  • Suitability for the User’s Age

​Note that RC cars are for kids and adults alike. That said, you need to look for a model, which is perfectly suitable for the age of the intended user. If you’re a parent, for instance, and you’re planning to buy this vehicle for your child, then you have to make sure that it’s safe for him to use while having kid-friendly features.

Fortunately, provided you have chosen the right RC car for him, you can expect it to spark his imagination while also educating him about cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and fitness. However, note that most models are ideal for older children and adults. Still, you have an assurance that you can find those that are appropriate for toddlers and children at their elementary age.

​One of the ways to distinguish adult RC cars from those of kids is to check their mode of power. It’s also essential for those models designed for children to have plenty of features, like the rubber-covered, bendy and short antennas. Remote-controlled vehicles for kids also have to be shatterproof.

  • Future upgrades

​All cars and trucks have upgrades available. While some of these upgrades are unnecessary, most enthusiasts would want to see their collectibles improved. If ever you need to upgrade, though, make sure that such has a positive effect on the overall performance of the vehicle. For instance, you can upgrade it to make its motor bigger and improve its ability to handle various terrains.

Future upgrades are just a few of the most important things you need to consider before purchasing the vehicle since eventually, you would want to improve the speed of your chosen model. It’s also advisable to check whether it comes with shafts that connect to the belts or drive train. Note that shafts are performance-driven and reliable, making them among the most essential components of the vehicle.

  • Size

​If you plan to use it for fun purposes only, then there is no need to think and worry too much about its size. However, if you only have limited space at home, or if you intend to be part of competition, then it’s crucial to consider the size. Determine the specific size that will perfectly fit your requirements and needs.

Note that you have to get the correct size before buying as you can’t do anything with it once you already take hold of it. If your chosen size is incorrect, then you have no other choice but to purchase a new model, which is quite costly. Avoid taking that risk by ensuring that you spent time studying your options and needs, as well as the most suitable size for it.

Aside from the factors above, it’s advisable to spend time determining whether you intend to upgrade or modify your selected model in the future. Note that the cars will take a lot of beating with all the stunts, jumps and crashes that they receive. To make the most out of your investment, pick one, which you can easily repair in case something is wrong.

Aside from being easy to fix, it is also advisable to select a modification-ready model as this lets you make customizations to it based on your driving style. Some units even give you the chance to upgrade all their components, including the suspension, wheels, motor and battery.​


Clearly, the ultimate champion out of the five products indicated in this article is the Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck with 2.4GHz Radio. It is durable enough that it can give you the best form of entertainment. Aside from its crazy speed and impressive power, it is also sturdy. You can use it to drive on even the roughest roads and weather conditions.

The ultimate choice, though, is still up to you since each one has different requirements. A wise advice is to choose one with full features. Assess the specific features you need. If possible, go for one, which also offers simplified controls, powerful wheels, and a stable platform as these indicate that it is of top-notch quality.​

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