Best Tonneau Cover 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It has no doubt that all types of trucks are man’s most trustworthy companion on the ground. It can be the best partner on all type of demanding terrain.

Whether you have to take it to the rough road or you just want to move from one location to another location. Trucks have greater value in all the relationships of mankind.

Consistent research and development have reported the truck take on improvement, it is not limited to its engine size, capability but also the ways trucks transmit goods. The most advanced and major highlight of the truck is the tonneau cover.

The best tonneau cover is the one which appeal durability, style, affordable and the one which fits perfectly on your truck.

There are many benefits having the best tonneau covers. It doesn’t only enhance the visual appeal of the truck but it also protects the contents borne by the truck from dust and theft.​

​It is quite hard job In order to find the best tonneau covers for your truck, you require little research and study. To make your task easy, here we have prepared list of the best tonneau covers so that you can choose the best one that meets your every need.

Tonneau covers comes in several types, colors and variety that fit on all brands of truck. With all these options, consumers will be able to customize their truck with the perfect truck bed cover to best match their vehicle.

Please find following a complete buyer’s guide. We have reviewed top 7 models of best tonneau covers. Along with its features, we have mentioned its pros and cons as well which make your work easy to choose the best cover for your truck.​

​Top 7 Best Tonneau Cover 2017 Reviews

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1. Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1015 Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover

​Tyger Auto is experts in manufacturing quality products of various parts and accessories related to automotive.

Tyger Auto TG-BD3D1015 can be fitted to the entire Dodge Ram 1500 model from the year 2009 to 2017.

It will be 100% new and original product which includes 1 assembled tonneau cover, one LED light, mounting hardware kit and weather seals for the extra protection.

Its clamps are US patented that makes installation easy and quick.

Along with its features and benefits, you should also be aware about it drawback points. It has been noticed by some consumers that its vinyl cover is not thick enough and little amount of water leaks in heavy rain situation.

​Still, it has many other attractions that can attract you to buy. It is designed with low profile that could save fuel from 10% to 13%. Its seal is tight enough that protects your cargos from dirt and moisture. Package comes with complete assembled so you just have to install it on your bed.

It is designed with hinges seal that ensure extra protection from any weather. It has front and rear clamp for security and quick latch.

Vinyl is durable and tear resistant, aluminum frames gives lifelong. One thing you should ensure before ordering this product that the size of this cover is 5.8 inches.​

Tyger offering limited lifetime warranty. If you have ordered this product wrongly, if it has not been fitted to your vehicle or whatever the reason you want to return it back. They will return it back and you just have to assume its return shipping cost.


  • Very easy installation process that anyone can install it without taking help from the professionals
  • It is designed low profile that can save your fuel by 10% to 13%
  • It has front clamp and rear clamp for complete security of your cargos and rear clamp for quick latching
  • Tri folds from the tailgate to the truck cab for easy access


  • Vinyl cover is not quite thick
  • Water leaks issues faced by some users

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​2. Premium TCD371011 Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover

Fitment of this model Premium TCD371011 is ideal in 2002 to 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 and 2003 to 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 3500.

Fleet side of this cover is 6.5’ so it is advisable to check the size of your truck before ordering this product.

It is sleek designed that save your gas from 10% to 13%. It can be sealed with weather tight that protects your cargo from dirt and moisture.

It is built in marine grade coated dual with Vinyl material that is tough in high quality of aluminum and powder coated frame that meets highest standard of quality.​

Tthere are so many other benefits of this Premium TCD371011 Tri Fold. It is very easy to remove if you have oversized cargo.

If you have smaller loads, just fold it forward and lock it in place. You do not require drilling your vehicle as it comes complete assembled. So installation of this cover is very easy and simple.

It is designed with stylist and sleek that looks beautiful once installed. This premium cover has all those features that you were looking for. It gives complete protection of your stuff with stylist look.

Premium cover comes with 10 years of warranty. If you have order it wrongly, you can replace it easily, you will just have to bear its return shipping cost.

After some months of uses, weather stripping peeling off on both the side that has been seen by some users. Clamping is quite difficult and it takes little time. These were the points which are also necessary to aware about.


  • Very easy installation process, it takes as low as 5 minutes
  • It is designed with dual coated vinyl with durable aluminum powder coated frame
  • Sleek yet tough design that can save fuel from 10% to 13%


  • Clamping takes little time and it’s quite hard
  • Weather stripping peeling off from both the sides after some uses that has been noticed by one user

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​3. Lund 96064 Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover - Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Lund international is an industry leader and an innovator of most functional, protective, high performance and stylish automotive accessories brands in the industry.

Lund 96064 Genesis Roll-Up Cover is highly durable, low profile and soft bed cover. It is very easy to use, you just to roll up if no use and it rolls in seconds.

This cover is equipped with heavy duty Velcro and tension adjustment gauges. It has unique automatic tension control system that keeps cover secure and tight.​

There are some draw back points which is also essential to know about. There are some consumer have found that its Velcro is not sturdy to hold cover tightly.

After fitting up, some gaps can be visible in the corner side. Material of cover is not tight and keeps flapping in the wind when vehicle is in the speed.

​Even though, this cover is most durable, fuel efficient and stylish that you ever wished for. Cover’s high quality weather and tear resistant fabric ensures long life.

It is designed low profile that reduces drag and ultimately increasing fuel economy. When you rolled it back, it virtually disappears and you can place it securely by nylon straps.

​It is designed so beautifully that it doesn’t have mounted cross beams, they roll up with the cover so there would not be any barriers or clamps on back side and you can use more space for your cargo.

Installation process is so easy since it comes with pre-assembled. It is no require to drill, it just need to install with adjustable clamps.

This cover is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that protects against defects in workmanship and material.


  • Durable, tears and weather resistant fabric that ensures lasting performance
  • Designed with multi-finned rubber seal on both of the side that protects from moisture and dust
  • It doesn’t require mounted cross beams; it rolls up with the cover so your truck doesn’t have any barrier on back side


  • Cover material is not tight enough and flaps in the wind during driving
  • Velcro is not strong enough to hold cover tightly
  • After fitting, there remain gaps in the corner side

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​4. Tonno Pro 42-200 Tonno Fold Black Tri-fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Tonno pro is very well experienced in manufacturing tonneau covers and other accessories.

They have patented their own tension system and latch system. Their every product is very well designed and ensures durability with style.

Tonno Pro 42-200 Tri-fold truck covers provide high quality of tonneau covers in affordable price range.

It comes completely assembled and doesn’t require drilling to your truck to install it. Since it comes assembled, it is very easy to install and it takes as low as 5 minutes in installation process.​

There are some draw back points have been noticed of this product which is also essentially to know. Bed covers rattle sometimes.

If you drive your vehicle speedily on highway, it starts rattling which is quite irritating. Some consumers have faced the issues of clamps come off.

​Still this product appealing so many very well features, when it is not in use or if you have oversized cargo, you just have to roll it back that convert into a compact unit and lock it there in place.

Its snap clip style fastening system ensures safe and easy storage if your truck is in open position.

Along with the tonneau cover, this package includes four additional things at no any cost. It has Tonno Torch detachable LED light, Tailgate seal, Pro Clean vinyl cleaner and pro gloves.

These all the products are very useful. Pro clean vinyl cleaner formulated especially for your tonneau covers that protects and clean. Pro gloves will protect your hands during dirty garage work.​

Aluminum frames are made from high quality material and 24 oz. tear-resistant double sided vinyl which is the highest standard quality.


  • Its rubber seal is water tight that keep moisture out
  • You may even gas saving experience from 10% to 13%
  • Package added four free gifts: Tonno Torch detachable LED light, Tailgate seal, Pro Clean vinyl cleaner and pro gloves


  • Bed covers rattle sometimes
  • Clamps come off and require re-fitting

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​5. TruXedo 272001 TruXport Tonneau Cover - Best Hard Tonneau Cover

​TruXedo 272001 can be the great addition to any of the truck. It’s a perfect match of durability and sleek design.

It has maintained its sleek style with durable vinyl.

This cover doesn’t not have any snaps or clasps so now there is no any fear of hurting your fingers while snap your truck bed cover down.

Its sturdy Velcro keeps tonneau cover tight, secure and makes it even beautiful. Tonno pro is roll up truck bed cover type that ensures great protection from both the basics: intruders and elements.

Bed access is made very easy by its uniquely designed Velcro but this Velcro is different than others. This one is most durable and strong that is very easy to take off and put on.​

You can easily keep your valuables sealed securely inside. This cover is attached to crossbows that make uninstalling this cover a breeze!

Installation of this tonneau cover is also very easy; you do not even require drilling your truck and installation process finish in as low as 20 minutes of time.

It has been reported by some users that the product is little short and doesn’t fit perfectly as shown size in the description. Some consumers have also reported about its leaking problem.

​Still, its low profile design can improve your gas mileage up to 10% like other tonneau covers. High quality of Vinyl works very well in all the climates.

Industrial strength hook and loop system provides continuous contact between the cover and rails. It is very easy to fasten even in freezing temperatures.


  • Installing and uninstalling process of this cover is like a breeze
  • It’s a roll back type of cover so it can be rolled back easily if you have oversized cargo
  • This cover works well in all types of seasons throughout the year


  • It doesn’t fit perfectly and short falls of ½ inches in some model of truck
  • Some consumers have reported little leaking issues


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​6. Bestop 16212-01 EZ Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Bestop had begun manufacturing in the early 1950s with soft tops of jeeps.

Today Bestop is one of the largest soft top makers.

Their all products meet or exceed OEM quality standards and delivers around the world.

Bestop 16212-01 protect bed and bed contents from wind, snow, sun and rain.

It is designed with low profile that enhances truck performance and also improves fuel mileage.

It is very easy to install and takes as low as 5 minutes to install. It includes complete instruction guide so you do not require any professionals for installation.​

Some draw falls have been reported by some consumers that the latches which have been packaged with this tonneau cover, bent after some uses.

And seal on the cover is very small and it doesn’t fit appropriately between cover and tailgate. Because of this there would be chances to get rain and snow in.

Still, you can focus on its other features which make this cover incredible. It comes fully assembled and doesn’t require separate rails for installation. Its Tri-fold panels are very easy to access and it folds forward in seconds.

​Fabric of tonneau cover is made of leather grain textured vinyl that ensures long lasting performance.

It is designed so well that panel can be secured at front side of the bed with buckles and straps. Clams are made of heavy duty that withstands in all climates and it is UV resistant as well.

Very well hinge construction and reinforced corner make this cover a ideal look after installation. It comes with limited lifetime warranty.


  • Made out from high quality leather-grain vinyl polyester fabric that ensures shape and flexibility throughout usage
  • Leather grain textured vinyl is most durable with shrink and stretch resistant
  • It creates a smoother, low profile form and more aerodynamic enhances appearance of your vehicle


  • Seal on the cover is very small and doesn’t fit properly between cover and tailgate that cause rain and snow makes it way in
  • Latches which have been provided bent after some uses


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​7. Gator Tri-Fold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover - Best Tri Fold Tonneau Cover

Gator Tri-Fold is the finest truck bed cover that you can include in the accessories of your truck.

It preserves your cargos and valuables securely.

This bed cover is designed perfectly that protects from all types of weather.

This cover is made of durable and tear resistant vinyl cover that supported by bows and an aluminum frame that protects from snow and rain water.

Each bed cover includes a rail seal that keeps your bed dry and your cargo safe.

Installation of this bed cover is very easy and complete instruction guide has also been provided with the package.

So you can do it yourself step by step without taking help of anyone. It has fastening buckles that helps to keep your cover down with driving.

Finishing of this bed cover is high quality that will enhance the beauty of your truck completely. Its aluminum support keeps entire cover tight and doesn’t let the cover flap when your truck is in full speed.

So far, there is only one complaint has been reported by one user that the bars under seems to “Poke” up a little and it is not perfectly flat as it should be.

​Durable and tear resistant vinyl cover ensures long lasting performance and works well in all types of season.

Package includes complete assembled parts and manufacturer has not given any single loose parts to connect so you can install it hassle freely.

It comes with a weather seal that surrounds your bed aiding in keeping water out in rainy season.

All in all, this bed cover is very simple to use, durable and affordable. It comes with limited lifetime warranty.


  • Installation process is like a breeze, you can do it yourself in 10 to 15 minutes of time
  • Cover is nice textured finish that will enhance the look of your truck
  • Tear and weather resistant vinyl covers offers a long lasting performance


  • Bars under seem to "poke" up a little and it's not perfectly flat


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​Best Tonneau Cover - Buyer’s Guide

As we have talked about earlier, tonneau cover comes in various types and features which you should have little knowledge before you buy it. In above section, we have shortlisted top 7 tonneau cover which you may choose from.

Although, if you are confused which is the best cover for your need, read on following section of buyer’s guide in which we have pointed out the basic things which you should check out before buying best tonneau cover

1. Types of Covers

There are various types of covers available in the market but some of the more popular covers are include hard top, hinged, retractable, soft roll up and folding. We will first understand all these types of covers in brief.

  • Hard top Cover

​Hard top covers are widely popular as “original” tonneau cover. This type of cover is most durable, smooth in look and secured. These covers are very heavy in weight and it is not possible to install by a single person.

Hard top are usually use in cargo as it is impossible to torn and cut. It is designed with the latch to the tailgate latch that makes is seal completely. Those are available in multiple colors so that you can choose with the matching with your car paint.

  • Hinged Cover

​Hinged covers are similar to a trunk lid on a sedan. You can access the material by lifting its lid with minimal effort. It is very easy to use. If you have any larger material that doesn’t fit under the protection, you can remove it easily.

This type of cover can be painted to match the factory paint of the truck. Hinged cover comes in various price ranges from moderate to high price.

  • Retractable Cover

​These types of cover are mostly made with heavy duty material in heavy gauged aluminum panels. It comes in modern and sleek style.

It has intermediate locking positions. It comes with many colors but black color is widely popular and most common.

It's top are made with powder coated that resist moisture. Many manufacturer keeps push-button opening that reduce opening time to 30 seconds.

  • Soft Roll up Cover

​Soft roll up cover is one type of roll that can be rolled from tailgate to the truck cab. This type of cover is made with heavy duty vinyl that supports with aluminum frames.

It doesn’t require drilling while installing and it is very easy to install. It is not highly secured as it is made with vinyl.

Usually, it comes with reasonable price so it is the best choice who have limited budget for tonneau cover.

It comes in various types like Snap, Velcro or Snap less. It is also comes in various colors that you can match with your factory paint but the most common color is black.​

  • Folding Cover

​This type of cover can be folded from back to front or from side to side. It is made with many different type of material such as aluminum or vinyl with steel beams.

It is very convenient to use. These covers mostly come in black color but it can be customized with added cost.

Folding covers are available in different folding panels. It is up to you how many folding panel you require.

2. Custom fit

You should buy tonneau cover which can fit to any type of cover and in which you do not need to modify your truck bed. Usually, most of the tonneau covers custom fits but still you should ensure before you buy.

3. ​Light weight

Tonneau cover which you choose should be light in weight so that it doesn’t add more weight on your vehicle and cover with the light weight will be easy to install and convenient to access.

4. Unique Locking System

It should have unique locking system and snatch system in order to keep your belongings and other valuable things secure and prevent from stolen.

It should have locking system on tailgate so that your things can be secured when it becomes out of your mind or out of your sight.​

5. Durability and Strength

It should be durable and strong enough. It should be able to handle heavy loads, sudden impact from falling objects and other hazards.

Additionally, it should be made from the material which is wear resistant, scratch resistant, weather resistant and corrosion resistant so that it can be with you for long period of time.​


So far, we have reviewed the list of top 7 best tonneau covers. You must have gone through its features, pros and cons. We have also pointed the basic things which you should take into the consideration while buying best tonneau covers for your truck.

Here, according to our study, we have shortlisted 2 best tonneau covers. Lund 96064 Genesis Roll-Up Tonneau Cover and Gator Tri-Fold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover.

We have short listed Lund 96064 because this manufacture has years of experience in making high quality products and we can see most functional, high performance and stylish features in its every products.

It is designed so well and it doesn’t have mounted cross beams so you can use more space for your cargo.

Ultimately it is highly durable, low profile and soft bed cover. If you will over look its negative points which was reported by some users. This cover can be your best choice.

One more tonneau cover which we have short listed is Gator Tri-Fold bed cover. This tonneau cover is highly recommended by many consumers and on Amazon portal, there is only one complaint was reported by one user that can be easily over look.

It has many other great features which would surely attract you to buy this bed cover.

This bed cover is durable and affordable which every user seeks while buying any tonneau cover.

​All in all, after reading above entire article, you must have increased knowledge about the best tonneau covers. In order to buy the best tonneau covers, it is highly recommended that you should first check the size of your truck.

After studying about the best tonneau covers, you should then proceed to buy the bed truck cover that meets your every need.

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