Best Way To Soundproof Car Door

You will want to reduce the sound from the outside, to prevent the annoying noise which drives you crazy. The sound of the engine sometimes can be very irritating, the noise emission from the other vehicle and even the large truck can make you deaf. It sometimes will interrupt the conversation you have on the phone, or the gossip with a friend in the backseat. It also breaks the silent inside the car while you want to let your ear relax. Even though break the sleep of your children in the back seats. Might be you can not enjoy your favorite song, while you are driving. Those are some of many reasons you might have to apply soundproofing for your car, though it can not get rid of all the noise come from the outside, you still can reduce it and make the sound acceptable.

Other ways to lessen the sound

Before try to deaden the noise, you should find if there any problem with your car and the reason for thunderous sound. The source can root from the car’s engine, the wind noise, the noise of the worn out tires, or general sound from the road.

You might find the noise come from the wind, close the window to see whether you hear the sound. If this way does not work, you should find if there any leaks or seam in your car. Sound can be made when the wind passes through those.

The car engine can be the problem, if you hear the noise recently, your car engine might be broken. Make sure you regularly maintain the car engine will guarantee it works smoothly and does not emit the annoying noise. Check out your car and replace the components cause of racket, then see if the sound disappears.

The tires can be a source of the noise; depend on the brand the noise can be very different. Because each brand will use different material in their tires. The worn out tires can produce the thunderous sound and make your car drive inefficiently. Changing the tires is actually the cheapest way to cut down of the noise emission in your car.


Choose the soundproof material for your car

There are many types as well as the kind of material in the market for you to choose. Different materials mean that you might found confusing while comparing the quality and usage of those. For the quality, you will need to check by yourself. However, for the materials, you can have the combination of them to soundproof the efficiently.

Damping mats is a choice for you, this type of material will not take you too much effort to attach it to your car. The strength of this material is it can transform it the energy come from the sound into heat or lower the frequency of the sound. By doing that, the damping mats can block the amount of sound from getting into the car.

Sprays are something the pro one usually use; it is more convenient than the other materials as you do not have to install the materials. On the other hand, using the sprays means that you will need some equipment such as a compressor and a paint gun to sprays the materials on the surface you want to reduce the noise.

You can also you the spray from the bottle, but this is not a wise idea when you want to work with a large surface. The bottle, of course, will be lighter and more convenient as you do not need to move the other equipment when you do your task. But, for sure it is an uneconomical way, and by using the bottle too much, you might have to pay more to soundproof the car.

Formed by trapping the gas in the solid, the foam is the one can absorb the energy quite well. However, the foam can not block the sound; the sound can get through it. As you can see, your headphone usually has a layer of foams. So it definitely can not reduce the sound as the other one. What it main uses is to disperse the energy and vibration of the sound.

You should take note that the foam will absorb the water, so the open cell foam will fall apart soon when it rains. The closed cell foam can perform better in the long term, charge for it then you will get your pay off. The water can pass through the car’s door, so it is quite essential to installing the closed cell one and seal all the leaks to prevent the water absorb in.


Set your budget for the sound deadening work

After you know the cause of the noise, and you try to fix it but in vain, you have already diagnosed the source of the noise in your car. It is very important because base on it, you can decide the plan for soundproofing depend on the budget.

You then can select which part of your car will need to add in the materials for soundproofing best. You then can choose to install it on the door panel, or car firewall, the floor or even the whole car. And to fit your budget, you have to do the math on your own; that will help you to figure out how much you need to spend on those.

And you should take notice of the price of each type of materials. The reason for this is the money of material will various depend on the brand and you need the combination as well. So you should balance your budget to meet the requirement of quality, budget and the variety of materials, too.


Clean the spot you want to apply sound deadening materials

Some people will want to pass this step as they think it is not an important step. Think it back; you will need to make the area clean to make sure the material will stick to the surface. The surface with the dirt, oil, or dust can make the glue become useless. You should think about how annoying if your material can not keep in its position because the surface is too dusty for the glue to stick it on the surface.

Increase the weight of the panel by using damping mats

Adding the damping mats will make the panel less likely to vibrate, so it lessens the chance to cause the unwanted noise. The theory of soundproofing is to add more weight to what the things we want to cut down the noise. The more the mass, it will absorb more energy of the sound wave. As a result, the volume of the sound will be lower.

You should set the damp mats between the door panels, as those panels is thin and light. Placing the damping mats in there can really reduce the vibration and deaden the sound. To make it better stick to the panel, you should use good glue and have a roller to make sure the glue is enough on the surface, not too much and not too little.


The damp mats with the metal foil on one side is highly recommended when you want to install inside the engine compartment. The one with metal foil strength can resist the heat. Like you can know the engine is the most component to emit the heat. It will get hot soon after you start the car, that is the reason why the metal foil damp mats are necessary.

Apply the foams and the spray

Before you place these materials in your car, you should measure the door’s panel as well the area you tend to deaden the sound. When you have the measurement, you can cut the mats and foams for the area you want to soundproof.

Take your measurement carefully; you might waste your money if you do not take it seriously. Some people even consider that the measurement should be taken before you buy the material. By doing that, you can save your bucket since the materials are enough and there not the things to be thrown away. But, beware, you will have to drive to buy the soundproofing materials few times if your measurement is not correct.

You should bear in mind that the glue will soon get vaporized. That reasons why you should apply the glue just at the moment you want to stick the foam to the area in your car. One thing you should not do is to put it on the all the area at once, it will get dry soon, and you will not go anywhere.


Once you have already applied the glue on the surface you want to locate the materials, you can install it in. Take the foam and arrange it prudently on the spot which was full of the glue. Press it hard on the material and repeat it for 2 to 3 times to make sure the foam sticks firmly on the surface. In the case the deadening materials don’t stick firmly in that area, you need to hold it in the position for few minutes to support it and prevent not to fall, drop down when the glue has not set yet.

After the damping mats and the foam layers are firmly located, it is high time to use the spray. Often, the spray is used at the doors panel as most of the sound come from the outside and the area near the wheel and the engine. Since they are the source of the noise and it is quite irritating to hear it.

You should use the spray on the foam layer if your budget allows you to do it. Unless you can afford for the spray for all your car, you should find the place that really need the spray in your car. The necessary one are the places are cited above or the part that the damping mats and foam can not cover well, you should use the extra spray on in there.

You should find out whether there any holes, leaks or any things like that can let the sound get into your car. Make sure your car is well covered, the materials need to wrap all your car and leave no way for the sound to pass. If you see there any one, try to seal them by all way you can, because if you leave it, all your effort to soundproof your car is spoiling.

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