Best Wheel Locks 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The role of the car has become very essential today in our life.

There are numerous potential risks of theft of the car especially when you have parked your car in any suspicious neighborhood. And that is why your vehicle must be equipped the best wheel locks to protect from stolen.

Wheel Locks are installed as a replacement for your vehicle’s lug nuts and they only can be unlocked with the special key.

And this special key is included with the set itself. If you just want to stay on the safe side, wheel lock is the best thing you could ever have.

This wheel lock acts like regular lug nuts but it can be removed only with the special tool and you will be the only one who has that.

The Wheel Locks protects the car against theft. Good and high-quality car wheel locks should meet several characteristics. Security is, of course, the top priority. In addition to safety, the issue of weight and size should also play a role.

One of the important points which also should take into the consideration that it is not tightly connected to the frame, and then it should not be too hard, but it will not lose any of its security.

In these wheel locks, transport is also important; it should not difficult to handle it. Also, it should not be too fast to crack or break up. Also, must not be too heavy to carry.

Best Wheel Locks 2017

The following wheel locks are top rated on the market today because of their good reviews.

Here we have mentioned the list of Best Wheel Locks of 2017 for your reference so that you can shortlist easily before buying the final product.

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1. Gorilla Automotive 61621

Innovation, teamwork and an unchanged commitment to Excellency has established every product of Gorilla Automotive as a leader in the auto accessory industry more than 40 years.

They have a wide experience in manufacturing high-quality wheel locks.

Gorilla Automotive 61621 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks has the original crafts and design which keep the standard of wheel security.

These wheel locks are the most unique and advanced locks today in the market.

In addition, an external pattern for security makes this Gorilla Wheel Lock nearly impossible to remove without the matching key.

Gorilla Automotive 61621 Wheel Locks comes with 12mm x 1.25 Thread Size, Overall Length is 1.5”.

The Gorilla Guard Key is made from cold-forged hardened steel with an exact and secure fit; the external security pattern is protected by a free-spinning sleeve.

For additional security, they have designed the Gorilla Guard wheel lock with the narrowest groove possible. 

Gorilla Automotive 61621 Wheel Locks has full Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • check-circle-o
    Made from hardened steel that ensures high-quality
  • check-circle-o
    Triple chrome plated for lasting durability
  • check-circle-o
    For Additional Security, it has the narrowest groove possible


  • ban
    Sometimes it breaks during installation
  • ban
    Rust Problem after some usage

2. McGard 24538 Chrome Wheel Locks

McGard is well known in manufacturing highest quality products at the most reasonable cost to meet their customer’s need.

They are engaging making highest quality of security products, chrome plated lug nuts and wheel locks.

McGard is protecting valuable tires and wheels since 1964. They manufacturing wheel locks in the USA to meet or exceed OEM standard for Safety and Durability.

McGard 24538 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Lock is their best products on the market today.

This set of wheel lock comes with a set of 5 Locks and 1 Key. Overall length is 1.46” and 1/2" – 20 Thread Size.

This set comes along with a Nylon Storage Pouch so it can be convenient to store lock keys and Spline Drive tools. 

There are several reasons to buy this product. It is designed in the unique way that the key patterns are designed with many computer patterns for maximum security.

It is made with triple-nickel chrome plating for beauty and durability. Through hardened alloy steel construction ensures robust performance all the time.


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    Easy to install and remove
  • check-circle-o
    Made from high-quality of resistance material
  • check-circle-o
    Narrow groove patterns additionally designed for extra security


  • ban
    Only one key in included with the set

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3. Genuine Subaru B321SFG000

Subaru America manufactures all the components and parts to particularly high standards to match the dedication that goes into every Subaru made.

Genuine Subaru B321SFG000 Wheel Lock Kit is their great product on the market now.

Genuine Subaru B321SFG000 Wheel Lock Kit is made with high quality and guaranteed against material defects and poor workmanship. It comes with 4 locks and 1 key in a set.

The dimensions are 8.9 x 5.8 x 0.3” and the weight of the set is 7.2 ounces. It is very easy to install and remove yet prevents from thieves.

Genuine Subaru B321SFG000 can be your affordable replacement option for your repair, maintenance, and rebuild needs. It is designed specifically for your vehicle.

This wheel lock set can work on The Subaru Forester from the year 2012 to 2015 car model. Also, it is compatible with the Impreza from 2013 to 2015 model, Subaru WRX from 2012 to 2015 model.

This product is genuine and built-in high quality. It comes with manufacturer’s 1-year warranty for defects in material or workmanship. 


  • check-circle-o
    Easy to install and remove
  • check-circle-o
    High Quality and Effective


  • ban
    Lock key is not Original Equipment Manufacturer

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4. Genuine Toyota Accessories 00276-00900 

The Genuine Toyota Accessories 00276-00900 Wheel Locks are one of the best wheel locks today on the market.

It has been designed to use especially for Toyota car models.

This lockset is included with a unique key which allows you to remove and install the nuts.

It is the best feature of this wheel lock set as it saves your vehicle’s tires from being stolen.

Genuine Toyota Locks are designed with the triple-nickel that ensures the improvement of the genuine wheel locks quality.

And because of this great feature, it prevents rust due to intense weather conditions.

It is a great product on the market today since there are many great features that make this wheel lock unique.

This wheel lock has been designed with three nickel plating and chrome overlay that helps to protect wheel locks against corrosion.

It is made with hard steel and precision machine with a simple key tool and collar guide for the simple operation.

All in all, Genuine Toyota Wheel Lock is made for high quality, durability, and high performance.


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    Easy to remove and install locks
  • check-circle-o
    Featuring three layer nickel plating for last long beauty
  • check-circle-o
    Easy guidelines for the operation


  • ban
    Rust issues after the usage for some months

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5. Genuine Honda Accessories 08W42-SNA-100

Genuine Honda Accessories 08W42-SNA-100 is designed with Chrome-plated nickel finishing for corrosion prevention and for a brilliant shine.

This wheel lock set is also included with an attractive pouch so you can keep key inside from being misplaced or stolen.

The dimensions of this wheel lock are 12 x 2 x 6” and weight is 12 ounces.

The best part of this product is that it does fits to almost all the Honda models.

Genuine Honda Alloy Wheel Lock is the perfect protection solution against the wheel and tire theft. Its lug nuts are made from toughened steel that ensures last for years performance.


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    Provide reliable protection
  • check-circle-o
    Made from hardened-steel construction that makes locks durable and theft resistant
  • check-circle-o
    Easy operation installing and removing
  • check-circle-o
    Perfect fit for most of the Honda cars


  • ban
    It may start rusting after some months

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6. BMW Genuine Wheel Lock Set

Today on the car market, there are few car manufacturers whose name immediately screams quality regardless of the vehicle they have produced.

BMW has reached an iconic level of recognition and success around the world.

BMW has always managed to attract a lot of attention for thieves.

This set of Wheel Lock ensures protection from theft and offer you a peace of mind when you leave your BMW some unknown places or with unattended. 

In this set, there are 4 locking bolts which is one for each wheel; also there will be two keys.

One will be for the trunk and another extra one as a backup in case first one is misplaced. BMW is the genuine Wheel Lock Set which is used in Wheel Bolt Lock with Adaptor.

With this product, manufacturer offer warranty of 24,000 miles or 2 years on this product.


  • check-circle-o
    Very easy to install and remove
  • check-circle-o
    Key fit tight and doesn’t slip
  • check-circle-o
    Very tough material


  • ban
    There are no any complaints have been reported so far

7. Genuine Audi Accessories 4F0071455

Audi is one of the most luxurious cars manufacturers in the world today.

And it is the most loved car, it is also crucial to take care while you leave your valuable car unattended.

Genuine Audi 4F0071455 Wheel Lock is one of the best wheel locks on the market today.

It doesn’t only protect your car but its high-quality make also ensures long-lasting performance and gives you a peace of mind.

In Audi 4F0071455 Wheel Lock, they have added a level of protection for your tires and wheels. It contains 4 security bolts and removal tool for dust caps.

It is compatible with Audi A3, A4 Sedan, A5 Coupe, A6 Sedan, TT Roadster 02+, A4 Avant, A5 Cabriolet, A6 Avant, and TT Roadster.


  • check-circle-o
    Very easy to install and remove
  • check-circle-o
    High-quality builds


  • ban
    There are no any complaints have been reported so far

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Best Wheel Locks – Buyer's Guide

If you are planning to buy a wheel lock to increase the anti-theft protection of your vehicle, there are many points you need to check.

You should first check the different models and their advantages and disadvantages. You should also check many factors depending on your personal requirements, such as safety, handling, and costs. You can then choose the best steering wheel lock for your vehicle.

The following criteria must be observed when purchasing a steering wheel lock:

1. Size

Size is the primary checkpoint before you go ahead to buy wheel lock for your vehicle. First, you should check your vehicle’s manual whether wheel supports the lock or not.

Also, ensure the particular size of your wheel since there are different sizes of wheel locks is available in the market. In this way, you will ensure that you are not going to purchase the wrong item. 

2. Quantity

A set usually comes with four-wheel locks. However, in many brands, they offer more than four.

If you will choose the one which come more than four, it will be easy for you to replace one if any of them stolen or gone missing. While buying, you will have the option in certain products to buy the set of four or with more than four.

It is advisable to buy the one which offers more than four, it may cost you little more but it will be more convenient. It will also make your purchase worthy.

3. Handling and assembly

Handling and Assembly must be easy and quick, depending on the model and the manufacturer, there are small differences in handling.

Also, it must be easy to remove and install. It must not be unnecessarily complicated. Along with the easy operation, it is also necessary to check the sturdiness of the lock, it must not easy to be manipulated by the thieves. Best wheel lock must have both the qualities. 

4. Compatibility

It is not necessary that all the wheel locks will fit your tire. So it is very important to make sure to use right wheel locks that fit perfectly to your wheel.

You will find helpful information on the pack of wheel locks. If you will buy the one which is not suitable for your vehicle, it will be good for nothing and it will only be wasted your investment. 

5. Material and safety

Special attention should be paid to the material and safety when purchasing a wheel lock. Here, the differences between the individual models in the wheel lock test are quite large.

Although all products consist of robust steel with a safety lock, these components are, on some devices, less high-quality and stable than others.

You will also find detailed information in the individual reports on the pack of the respective wheel lock.

Of course, all variants provide an optical prevention to potential thieves, but only the fewest products go beyond it. Also it is equipped with a lock that cannot be broken in just a few minutes. So it is very important to focus on what matters.

6. Unique Key

Some wheel lock manufacturer provides a universal key for all the locks they manufacture. It may be risky for the protection of your vehicle since such locks can be manipulated easily.

You should ensure to buy the one which has a unique key to unlock your wheel locks which only you can use it for that particular lock.

7. Customer Reviews

Before you make up your mind on any particular product, it is advisable to read up customers’ review on the net. It will surely help you about the Pros and Cons of that item.

8. Price

Your vehicle is very precious and you should not compromise in order to prevent it from the thieves. It is not a bad thing if you will purchase high-quality and an expensive wheel lock for the safety of your vehicle. 


After researched thoroughly about Best Wheel Locks of 2017, above are the top lists of Wheel Locks and reviews which have been reported by the users.

If you would have gone through, you would definitely choose the best wheel lock that meets your every requirement. 

So, this was the valuable information about the Best Wheel Locks. Now it’s all up to you to evaluate wisely which is the best wheel lock that meets your needs.

It is surely a difficult task to choose the Best Wheel Locks, but it will be easy if you will review all the above products thoroughly. Also, go through its Pros and Cons and eventually you will find the best one.

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