Car Remote Not Working? Try This Quick Fix Before Buying A New One

Keyless entry technique is facilitated in your vehicle; a keyless entry remote will allow you to use the power locks of your vehicle from the distance.

A keyless with such functions system can make your life much more convenient. Various common troubles can be the reasons for keyless controls to stop working.

If you are getting trouble with your keyless entry, key fobs will not allow entry and that can be a big hassle for the drivers, fortunately, there are some DIY fixing tips that don’t require buying a new one.

Try some following simple tricks, if your car remote not working:​

Before we proceed in order to fix keyless entry, you should be sure there is really a problem with the keyless remote itself.

You probably having backup keyless entry device, you should operate with this backup to make sure that indeed there is any issue connected with the non-working key.​

If you will find that the backup key is also not working, there must be a problem with the memory card or transmitter of your car that leads to faulty locking mechanisms.

Once you are sure, the issue is related to keyless entry then you can try following simple tricks.

There might be 3 main reasons if the keyless entry key is not working:

  1. The small coin battery of the remote key dies​
  2. The program of the key has been mismanaged
  3. The corrosion residue on battery

​In the following simple steps we will find out how to fix these two major issues:

​1. How to replace the Battery?

The very first thing, you should replace the battery, this usually is the major reason if your keyless key fob not working. First of all, in order to open key fob, you will need a small screwdriver.

Most of the automotive key fobs can be opened by simply splitting up the cover via a small slot on the side of the fob, while other has 2 or 3 little screws on the backside of the keyless entry key which you need to open it gently by using any small size of a screw driver.​

​Once you open, you will find a small coin size battery which you need to replace with the new one, if you are not sure about the size of the battery, it must be indicated on the battery.

Once you are done with the replacement of the battery with the new one, most probably your keyless entry key will start working fine.

2. How to Reprogram the Remote?

A second common problem has been found if the keyless entry key needs reprogramming. This issue is found especially when there is a faulty battery in the device and fortunately, reprogramming process is quite simple and you can do it easily.​

In most of the car model, you first need to do is to get in your vehicle with the key, close all the doors, insert key in the ignition and do not start the car, rather flip the key rapidly forth and back until you hear a chime sound (this sound is similar to your door signal sound).

Press any one of the buttons on the remote which will confirm the programming operation mode and wait for a second sound.​

Finally, after you hear a chime sound, remove the keys from the ignition, step out from the vehicle and close all the doors.

Wait for around 20 to 25 seconds then press lock and/or unlock button in order to check whether remote is working fine or not. It must be working fine.​

Remember exact reprogramming of the keyless entry key will be depended on the model, make and the year of your vehicle. So it is advisable to refer owner’s manual before you start any process.

3. How to remove corrosion residue from the Remote Battery?​

Many times if the key is idle and not in use, it catches corrosion inside the fob and it reduces the contacts with the remote machine. In such cases, it requires to clean it up thoroughly.

n order to fix this issue, check the contacts of the battery by opening the keyless remote and remove the battery.

Check the connection of the battery in the keyless remote for any sort of corrosion. Do rub the battery gently with cotton which has been soaked in white vinegar.

Take a small piece of tissue and remove any vinegar residue or you may also take a second cotton piece. Reinserting the battery and assembling the remote. Now try to operate any random switch to check, it will start working fine.​

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To buy a new keyless entry key can be expensive. Rather, it is always best to try the above simple steps if the keyless entry remote not working.​

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