How To Choose A Car Seat For Children

Before the parents want to buy car seats for children, the parents need to look into the different types of children, the most appropriate type and the price are in line with your budget is crucial.

The car seats for children with various types, many vendors, and different prices. In this article, I will help you with useful information so that the choice seats on a car that's best for your family.

Look into what is a car seat for children?

In the present age, when parents the safety car driver along with the baby is very important, children are often very fast big stage from 6 months to 3 years old.

So the parents with babies small hand or to the chair of the cars are extremely dangerous, that case parents need proper car seats to ensure the safety of children as well as help parents peace of mind to focus driver.

On the market, today, not rare for the mother and baby stores provide a lot of samples infant car seats with more features, a variety of designs and colors, weight 13 kg limit to or even may be more severe, in addition to the size and height of the chair is also very different.

Parents should buy car seats for babies and children sat car seat training from an early age so they can get acquainted and adapt to the cars sitting on regularly, which is necessary to ensure that the safety of the baby.

When the car as well as other media, he seems to have become accustomed to the parents cuddling in the heart, probably would be very difficult to put the baby in safe car seats in the first period.

If your family is regularly used cars, we should train ride baby’s habit to sit in your car seat. 

Moreover, with the infant car seat, the child asleep in the long trips, the parents do not need to worry because she was fixed, comfortable with his sleep on chairs.

Infant car seat has many sizes and different designs suitable for each age and baby’s posture. The mother remembered to choose the appropriate car seats to baby comfortably and safely.

What kind of car seat for the baby is suitable for each age?

Baby chairs are listed for each type according to the manufacturer’s brand, origin and the specific price tag for each type of car seat for babies from cheap to luxurious, from the type of US car seat, car babysits slightly to cheaper types are manufactured in China.

Worldwide, some manufacturers such famous child seat Bebe Comrt, Monbebe, Bebedial (France), Cicco, Orange, Perego (Italy), Maxi Cosi, Britas (Netherlands) are marketed 3 – 4 different types of seats, depending on the age.

Large manufacturers often have different templates to 10 – 15, is made of durable plastic, the price ranges from 35 – 250 dollars.

Car seats for children is the kind of car seat for babies. Depending on the criteria that have many different classifications. Logically dividing the similar age or weight. Usually, there will be four seats corresponding to 4 various age hiccups:

For children from 0 to about six months (when not seated firmly) and weighing less than 10 kg, use the type of rear-facing seats. This chair is made like a cot with thick padding, protection of the head neck, spine and can be adjusted to your baby can almost lying down.

For children from 6 months to about two years (corresponding to the weight from 10 kg to 15 kg approximately), then use a forward-facing seat. Seat backrest, adjustable reclining level to improve comfort for the child.

For children, 2 to 4 years old (respectively weighing about 14 – 20kg) still use a front-facing seat or wire buffer and insurance protection for children. Some manufacturers make chairs that can be used for children from newborn until about 4 – 5 years old.

With older children four years of age (equivalent to approximately 18 kg body weight) or when the child is too big compared to the saddle chair earlier, young head above the head of the child seat sitting is where a booster seat or seatbelt shirt dedicated to children.

As you know, the seat belts are designed to position the pelvis or chest level, a chair lift to raise the child to ensure making the adult seatbelt fits these areas of late.

The safest position for the child in the car is in the middle of the backseat and not let children sit in the front seat (except in special cases).

You should note that a child is ready and appropriate adult seat when they are over 1.3 m in height (over 8 – 9 years).

Now kids have curved leg edges of the chair in place, sit up straight in his chair, round seat belts must be squeezed on the lower side (on the thigh), shoulder cord not is squeezed through the hands and neck.

However, each baby’s condition is different; many children still have the restraint necessary to have more than ten years old.

Using the car seat for children correctly

Prescribed by law Western countries, children under 12 while traveling by car are required to use a set of automotive seats reserved for children (from now on referred to as automotive seats) to make safety.

The use of infant car seats are not standard, but parents should use the automobile seat in any moving journey for babies from birth to 11 years for one reason only: to ensure safety.

Car seats split into several groups, which need to consider when choosing an automobile chair baby weight is not that age.

There are many types of automotive seats:

  • Car Seats Biology Profile called potable cribs for babies from birth to 13 kg (about 15 months) are mounted opposite of the adult seat
  • multipurpose chairs can be used from birth (reverse mount with adult seats) to 13kg, then inserted downstream to 18 kg (approximately four years)
  • Baby Seats reverse mount from 9 – 18 kg (between 9 months to 4 years old)
  • High-backed chairs and cushions, from 15 to 36 kg baby (about 4 – 12 years old)

There are also specially designed chairs, which meet individual needs.

1. Installation of the car seat of the things to remember

Read the manual carefully before APPEALS you should remember that 80% automotive seats are installed wrong.

  • Before buying always try to ensure that the automobile seat fits your vehicle home.
  • Practice installing automotive seat a few times before you need to use.
  • Fasten seat in the automobile as possible to ensure the safety belts are not loose or tight.
  • Adjust the seat belts for the automotive baby close to your chest.
  • When properly installed, automotive seats are not moving or rotating it.

Some automotive seats light signal when the seat is installed properly. You can base on which to adjust.

2. The safety factors

Reading instructions installation and use of automotive seats carefully before using your car seat. Keep careful of facilities for future reference. Never mounted automotive vice chair seats before the installation of air bags- it can cause serious injury even fatal for the baby.

Place a heavy object is equivalent to the weight of baby automobile seat, then tighten the seat belt to ensure that no tension or loose wires, and automobile seat is held solidly. Locking seat belts should be locked straight and should not override the installation of the infant automobile seat precaution it may turn out.

Car seats should be fitted to your firmly on the seat, fixed or moving, but very few. Check to see whether your baby comfortable by you can not put more than two fingers between the seat belt and your baby’s chest; waist straps to ensure safety but also to comfort the baby.

Lock safety belt should lie on her pelvis, not on the abdomen. Regularly check the automobile seat to make sure it remains usable, drag seatbelt to check carefully.

Never been repaired automobile seats, installation, adjustment safety belt, or locked to make it fit into your car.

Precautions for automobile seats used, since you do not know the old chair was used and how it may no longer fit the current safety norms. Never use automotive seat once related accidents, including collisions, is very small.

Prevent unsafe things on the car can be dangerous. In an accident, a box of tissues to fly off the shelf behind the added inertia weight by brick. Should take fewer sundry items unnecessary in the trunk.

If you have to use a large babysitting front benches (automotive baby sitting in a chair mounted on the front seat down) Please push the chair away as possible from the dashboard to prevent curious little naughty buttons.

Try to keep moving short journey in the first three months of the baby, by that stage; the best baby should be in bed. Car seat uses for all the moving journey of a child, including short trips.

Even if you do not own cars, you still need an infant auto seat when you ride a friend or loved one when using taxis.

3. Things to note about the automotive car seat

  • Choose the right chair to fit cars with children’s weight
  • Replacement Car seats when children grow up, children grow very fast so make sure old seat will not fit
  • Installation of automotive seats that properly installed according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Never insert seats for children Car seats air bag installation.
  • Use Car seat for every journey moves, even in a short journey
  • When used to test automobile seat definitely in the right place.
  • Check the safety belt fit is not by putting two fingers in the space between the strap and the child’s chest.
  • Never buy a chair of used cars. Because they can have defective or damaged that with your naked eye would not see. That is dangerous for the baby.

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