Classic Car Restoration Tips To Make Your Car Good & New

Cars have its own appealing on the driver, the engine, the frame, the lights or anything from the car can make the driver crazy.

It is, even more, the passion for the one who has the love with the classic car. Owning and restoration those cars can be a great amusement.

The only problem with the classic car is it need more caring and loving since it has endured the damage of weather and time. 

This is exactly when you need classic car restoration tips to make your car good and new. If you want to restore your car, this post is what you should not miss.

​Carefully Inspect Your Car

Exam your vehicle from top to bottom, go through every detail, check the inside furniture and the outside components as well.

This process is to value the temporary condition of the car and pave the way for you to set the budget. Also, you need it to check it for the making the plan.

If you can not test the engine by yourself, you should ask for a pro or friends to help to do it for you.

At least, if checking the engine is the impossible mission for you, at least you should make sure it can start and run. Try to ride the classic car will somehow tell you the condition of the car you tend to restore.

Carefully inspect your car

The rust is another problem for most of the car, the frame, trim, brake any part is made of the mental will have this issue. Inspect the rust on the car surface; it will tell you how much you will need to pay for the car.

Remember that the components for the classic car might not be made or traded in the market anymore. So if the frame of your vehicle is rusted too much, you will need to pay huge money for it. Meanwhile, with any frame, you will need to pay for it, just more or less.

Make the Restoration Plan​

If you are limited by the budget, time, and effort, it is quite a good idea for you to create a plan in detail. The more precise, the easier for you spend your time and money.

As for the classic car, it will require you to work more to make up its beauty. If you have given a careful look to the car, you will know what you need to restore.

Like the parts of the car, the interior or the main part such as the wheel, trim or other components. If you do not take note of this thing, for sure, you will have to pay a high price.​

Not only the plan is made for you to follow and estimate the expenses for renewing your car. But it allows you to cite all the thing you need to polish and compare which is need to fix first. Base on this order, you can have a clear view what will you need to do with the car.

Polish Old Glass​

The glass is often the first thing people will look at to value a car. In the case, you want to make your vehicle seem new and shiny; this is the thing you should never be overlooked. The clear as crystal windshield does not only allow you to improve the vehicle appearance but also better your view.

If your budget allows you to do it, a new windshield will be a great investment. However, if you pay a little effort as well as time, the old glass can be completely changed. Shining, lovely, your car will sure be a good thing for you to show off.

For sure if the glass is too old, it will be a tough mission for anyone to remove the “yellow” from it. You should take the support from the Polish kit. It will help you to clean and polish the glass and allow you to do it more efficiently.

If the glass is in bad condition, handle the cleaning task with the muscle only is labor-intensive. You might want to take a low-speed rotary polisher. It will be a wise decision for an extended period. As you will need to repeat this process, this will be the best option you can have.

Renew the Headlights​

After a long time, the lenses of the lights is often oxidized, this is unavoidable. Because the plastic will have to contact with the environment condition such as light, rain, or other contamination. It then will slowly turn to yellow.

You will need some specifically designed cleaner for the plastic to remove the oxide layer. If the surface of the lens is high damage, you will need some sandpaper. It is to remove the damage layer, make it look new and shiny.

Instead of the cleaning kit, you can choose a cheaper way to have the same result. The toothpaste, with its material, can be used well in this situation. The toothpaste will react to the layer, and help to make it shinier and more “good-looking”.

​After getting rid of the damage layer, you might need to spray on the protective coat to make it last longer. And do not forget to wax it, this is an essential step for the headlights. Nevertheless, it will take time, so the patient is the most precious thing you will need to have.

Dye the Leather Stuff​

Seats and the steering wheel are the components of the car often made of the leather. Particularly for the classic car, you can see that most of the car at that time use the high-quality leather to build up the seats. That why often the seats are still in good condition and can be reused.

However, if you have deleted the ideas to change the seats, dye the leather is needed. Not only when you want to change the color of the seat that you need to find the dye. Even when you prefer the original color of them, you will need to handle this stage as the color is faded.

Choose the right dye is a good step, it will allow the seat to retain it color for an extended time. While you will not have to worry about the components of the dye. Some types of the dye might the reason cause the allergic problem or the skin irritation.

The advice for all the driver does not try to put the dye on the leather surface right after you purchase it. Clean the seat is the proceed step before you want to do anything with it. The debris, dust, mold and similar issue should be treated well before you dye the leather.

Cheek the dye on the leather is another crucial thing for you to do. You might wonder why it is an indispensable step for restoring the car seats. For two main reasons, check if the color is suited to the seats and make sure it causes no harm for your leather.

Find the hidden area of the leather for you to check the dye. It is imperative as it will allow you to see if the color looks good as the sample. Some dyeing color will not look the same like the sample or the imagine you are provided.

Besides, the dyeing can damage the leather, check it on the hidden area will prevent you to ruin the whole seat. Give the dye seat there for a while before you apply it on the total of the leather. Carefulness is never the excess, so do not pass it to faster the process.

Electricity System​

In the past, the car was not attached to many of the power devices as it is now. This is why you should improve the power system of the car if you want to build up a good car. People will more concentrate on the appearance and the engine more that for the electricity system.

As the car will consume more energy with the heater, dashcam, vacuum cleaner or any device you can bring in your vehicle. The current supplier in your car might be overloaded. If you do not think about this when you restore the car, you might regret when riding it.

Asides, when you add the new components in the car, be sure it will use more the current. This is what you should consider to install the electric used devices or not. Do not try to put the dynamic, bombing sound in your car if the radio system as well power source does not allow it.

Prepare the Space for the Process​

To restore the car, you will need a large space as it is necessary to keep the car for weeks to months. The process might be slow; you can not have time to accomplish your task, that why a large garage is needed. If you want to renew both the appearance and the engine, this is a big problem of time.

As the components of the car will need to be repaired or replaced, you will need to wait. Sometimes, some part of the car will take you for few days to fix it. Or you might need for months to find the components to fit your vehicle. It will not easy as you can purchase a new car, it requires your patient.

In this situation, advice for you is to search for and collect the parts of the car if you need to replace it. As it a really time-consuming task, and how about if you can not find it?

You can not wait for years to finish restoration work. Check if you can use the alternative one, as the product of some other brand.

Otherwise, you will need to wait for it, but if when you can find the components, you desire after that? You can still attach to your car; it will take more money. However, do it or not, it depends on your thinking.​

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