Fuel Pressure Regulator – Common Symptoms of a Bad or Failing

The fuel system in the car is made up of various components and any one part of the system fails, your car could run erratically and if those parts have some major issues, your car will not be able to run at all.

It is very crucial to receive the correct amount of fuel by the engine. If the engine receives too low or too much amount, the car will not run smoothly.

The fuel pressure regulator of your vehicle plays a significant role in enabling its engine to operate optimally.

So first we will understand in brief what does a fuel pressure regulator do?

The regulator controls the fuel pressure that is supplied to the engine and the injectors. This is the main job of the fuel pressure regulator.

If this most essential and sensitive part goes fail completely, it will lead to poor performance of the engine. Once your fuel pressure regulator is failing, your car will start displaying several different symptoms.

This article has listed and explained the most common symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator.

You should check your fuel pressure regulator if you observe any of the following.​

1) The Engine Doesn’t Run Smoothly​

If you will have trouble starting the car or if it will fail to turn over a few times before it actually starts, these are the signs of a bad fuel pressure regulator.

Another sign related to your car engine, if your car engine is in idle position and it is not running smoothly, you should get it checked your car’s fuel pressure regulator.​

2) Gasoline Smell from the Dipstick​

The dipstick is the way to do it yourself in order to check whether fuel pressure regulator is failing or not. This sign is another common symptom.

Using dipstick, check your oil if you find the dipstick smelling that means gasoline leaking into the oil system and that signs your fuel pressure regulator is failing.​

3) Spark Plugs Blackened​

Remove spark plug from your car’s engine and examine it at the end of it.

If it has been grimy, it signs that the engine is burning off oil at the head and that’s the sign of a bad fuel pressure regulator.

In case if you will replace fuel pressure regulator, you should replace your plug also. They could be failed out from the bad fuel pressure regulator.​

You can try simply cleaning and installing it back but if your car’s engine still runs inadequately, get new ones.

4) Dripping Fuel from Tail Pipe​

If you might notice fuel dripping from the tail pipe, it could be due to failing pressure regulator. Most likely, the fuel is leaking into the exhaust system because the fuel pressure regulator system is allowing it to pass into the lines and that cause drip from the tail pipe.

5) Fuel Is in the Vacuum Hose

If you want to be sure if your fuel pressure regulator is bad or failing. Another check point is to remove the vacuum hose that attached to the pressure regulator, make sure your car’s engine is not running during this checking process.

If you will find fuel in the vacuum hose that signs a bad or failing pressure regulator.​

​6) Black Smoke Emits from Tail Pipe

​If you have noticed black smoke emitting from tail pipe is one of the symptoms of bad or failing fuel pressure regulator. This sign is easily noticeable and you may address to it at the earliest.

In the normal condition, the color of the smoke is either being gray or white but if you would find black, it is a problematic regulator.

Since the filter is faulty, it sending an insufficient amount of fuel to the engine for ignition. An improper air-fuel mixture produces toxic carbon emissions that are black in color.​

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7) Mileage Dropping Off​

If you will notice gradually dropping off your mileage may be the sign of failing fuel pressure regulator.

It happens because of failed regulator may pump in more than required amount of fuel that creates wastage and it can be the reason for failing regulator.

You should also keep tracking your car’s mileage so you could identify the issue at an initial stage.​

8) Engine Sputters or Stalls While Driving

​You will feel your engine stalls or sputters while driving that because of failing fuel pressure regulator.

In the normal condition, when you accelerate, your car run smoothly without any hesitation but if you would feel car’s engine sputtering or stalling, you should get it checked with the mechanic at the earliest.

It is an early sign of your fuel pressure regulator beginning to go bad.


Above are the signs of a bad fuel pressure regulator.

If you will find one or more than that signs of a bad fuel pressure regulator, you should address it immediately to prevent it from more damages. You should get it repaired or replaced at the earliest.

It is advisable and very important to check the regulator pressure to ensure that the motor is running smoothly. If you find any of the above symptoms, you should not overlook them and get it checked with the authorized car mechanic.

Fuel leaking issues from the tailpipe and black smoke coming from the car’s exhaust system both are common symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator.

These symptoms are primary and easily visible but still, we have pointed out other symptoms too, which by referring, you could get the idea that car’s fuel pressure regulator is failing and not working properly.​

If you have any scanner tool, you should scan your car’s computer for the error code to diagnose the issues.

If you don’t have any scanning tools or are unsure of what to look for, you should find a local trustworthy service center that can diagnose your vehicle correctly as well as quickly repair fuel pressure regulator.​

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