Crucial Consideration You Can Not Overlook When Seatbelting For The Children

As a driver, you will need to follow the rules to ensure the safe for you as well the other people. However, in the role of a parent or you carry on kids on the car, you need to guarantee the safe for them.

Everyone knows that how important to protect the children. But they will soon realize it is so hard to find the clear answer for that question. Especially, while they are asked the question about seat belts for the children.

Not only you but also many parents are in the same situation. They might ignore the importance of seatbelts for their kids. You should do it carefully and in the proper way since it is essential for you to protect your kids.

You will not know when the accident happens, but you can do prevent it and reduce the damage it can cause. The seatbelt is one of the most stuff in the car you should really count on to lessen the hurt might come

Being a good model for the young

No matter your kids are the toddlers or the teenagers, you should show them how much care you spend for the seatbelt. It is totally useless if you talk them how important of the seatbelt, then, even do not touch the seatbelt.

The advice should come with actions; you can not force someone to do something you have not ever done. It will not go anywhere.

If you have young kids, that is great; you should teach them the importance of the seatbelt right now. The younger they are, the easier to make them obey.

And, whether you are supprised about this or not, the children will try to imitate what the adults do. Fasten the belt for safe; then the kids will do the same.

You should find it harder for the teenager if you “train” them the bad habits. Well, it will much more challenging as they are not as obedient as the young. In this case, you had better adjust yourself first before try to make your kids change. You have to be patient as a result will not appear for one or two days.

You should also show them that you will not drive until all the people in the car have already worn the seatbelt. This rule must be followed to make sure the safe for every member in the car. Besides, it will emphasize the meaning of the seatbelt.

When and how long your children need the rear facing car seat

There is no a type car seat can suit for the whole children, you should pick the one for yours.

Depend on the age, height, weight the car seats can be various and might make you confusing when selecting. However, you should base on the rules below to find the good one for your kids.

When yours are the newborn or under two years old, no doubt the rear facing car seat will the what you have to set in your car. The rear facing car seat is necessary as it protects the young children whose bones are extremely “vulnerable”.

Their bones structure is still developing and are not hard and firm enough for the physical impacts. The bigger problem of the baby is their head is heavier and bigger than the neck. That make those parts of the body is easily damaged lead the serious hurt.

You should keep your child in the rear-facing seat as long as possible because it likely more supports for the young. Of course, their legs might grow fast and feel uncomfortable; that is the reason why you want to replace it. But the longer they in there, the less you have to worry about them.

Which is the appropriate time to change the front facing car seats

You should not hurry and change the rear seat while your child has just one-year-old. The milestone to have the front facing when the children aged one is out of date now. It is the conclusion that it is best for the toddlers to be on the front facing seats at least about two years old.

The toddler will grow fast, and soon, you will see the rear facing seats will not suit them anymore. Most of the time is because of their legs; space is narrow make their legs have to bend. And that might lead to the inconvenient feelings of them.

As the parent, you will not let them feel unpleasant why you being in the car. Though that create the uncomfortable senses for your children, it does not matter. Meanwhile, when the accident comes, the front facing seats can not shield your child as good as the rear facing one.

Not only your kids, but the parent also want to have the front facing one too. As it helps you to keep eyes on your kids and you can contact them. You can also care for them not so hard like the rear facing one. But always, safety first, that what you should bear in your mind.

However not the age is the only factor to say whether the front facing seats are used or not. You should also care about the height and weight of the baby. In the case, your toddler is about 35 pounds or below; you should keep them in the rear facing one.

If the toddlers are above or weight roughly 40 pounds, you can replace the rear facing seat.

Your child might grow faster than the other, and you should do it to make sure there will be no hurt to yours by the narrow space. The new one can provide for the kids more space and make them as well you feel more comfortable.

Booster seats – What age to apply it to your kid

Commonly, the children are between the age from 7 to 12 should use the booster seats. As mentioned above, when yours grow so fast, you should base on the height and weight to determinate the booster seats.

The weight of the children suit for it is in the range from 80 to 100 pounds, and being more than 4 feet 9 inches tall.

If your children have not reached that height and weight yet, you will see they bend their legs over the edge. Even when you put them on the new booster seat, they will not feel more comfortable than the front facing car seat.

The booster seats are designed for the main purpose – raising the child up. By doing that, the shoulder harness can cross the children chest and shoulder like the adults.

But, sometimes it does not work, you will see the kids slide beneath the lap belt. That is a point you should pay attention when you have a booster seat.

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Be sure your children car seat installed properly

Having appropriate seats in the car will not guarantee the safe for your children. The way how you attach it to your car is what you should concern too. If your installation not proper, your effort tries to save for yours might become useless when the accident occurs.

Except for the booster seat, the others should be installed in the middle of the back seats. Not the left side, not the right side as that is the safest place for your children if the accident happen. If you let them on one side, it might be dangerous when your car is crashed from sides.

Once you have done the installing work, you can test whether you can move it. Good seats should not be moved as the accident occur can come with the shake. So it is necessary to give it a tug at the base at the place that seat belt is through it.

Always watching your children

It is clear that everybody knows the children are kept in the same position and can not get out without your help.

Unless you take them out from the rear or front facing car seat, they will not go anywhere. However, they might put their arms out of the car windows; that is very dangerous.

Before you hit the road, make sure all the windows are closed. If you do not do that as a habit, sooner or later, you will be in alarm because your children try to put the arm out of the car. Never think that they will stay in the same position, the kids are always active.

If your children are older and can sit on the booster seat, they can try to go around inside the car. Incidentally, they might open the car door, as the parent you should make sure all the doors are carefully clocked. So your children can not get out while you are driving.

Also, you can bring them some toys or comics to make them stay in their position. The children are curious if you do not give them something to do for sure they will go around and “discover” your car. Better you should prepare the distraction subject for them in the car to prevent that.

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