How To Put Air In Your Car Tires?

As you can see, all the weight of the car is on the wheels. That pressure can be even higher when your car is full of people, which reasons why maintain the tires is a very important task. Some people tend to ignore their flat tires, but this usually a bad decision.

Knowing how to put air in the tires is a necessary work everyone should know and do it regularly. The flat tires will make the engine consume more fuel.

As a result, you have to pay more for the gasoline. It also causes the difficulty in controlling the drive, and might lead to the accident.

When the tires are flat, they are also easier to wear out. So, you should never overlook the flat tires since it is really essential to your car and always pump them up right the time it gets flat.

Apply for You a Gauge

Some people will say that a gauge is not the thing you should charge for it as it is not so required. They argue that this work can be done by their estimation.

However, if you have not tried to pump up tires before, you should get one gauge. That is not the only reason, with a gauge, you have the accuracy, you can believe in your experience, but the number from a good gauge is more convincing just the estimation.

The method of people when they do not own a gauge is to observe the tires and see the different. In fact, this way will not be efficient as by look at the tires; it is hard to tell the difference of 10 or 20 psi less.

Another method is to press on the tires and sees whether the tires are hard, or it can push your hand back. However, this one is not accurate too.

When you want to buy a gauge, you might get confusing because there are many brands and types on the market. It will be a long article if all the brands are cited here, but for the types, there are three main types. Those are the stick one, the digital and the analog.

The stick one quite look like a pen as it is slender, have the same size, but make from mental.

It is quite cheap and does not take too much space to bring along, that reason why many people use it. When you attach it to the tire stem, the stick will pop out by the force of the air inside the tires.

tire-pressure-gaugesThe digital type is more convenient as there number will be shown on the display. This makes it is a good choice unless it uses the battery.

The limitation of the digital gauge is it can run out of battery at the time we need it. No power, it becomes useless, so never let out of battery if you use it. This type is the most expensive of all the types, too.

The analog one working base on the same principle of the stick one, however, read the number of this type will not as hard as the stick. Besides, this is quite cheap and do not need a battery to work.

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Examine the Air Pressure 

To check the air pressure, you will have to remove the valve stem cap first. The cap which usually makes from the metal or rubber and locates inside the rim of the tires.

After you unscrew the cap to take it out, you will see the air valve. Make sure you keep the valve stem cap and do not get it lost, lost the cap means the protection component for the air valve is gone.

Attach the gauge to the air valve and wait for few seconds and hear the sound whether the hissing. That sound means the air leak out from the gauge, set the gauge properly till the sound disappear. Then, you can read the measurement on the screen of the gauge.

Each brand of the tire has the recommended air to fill; you should check it before you try to pump your tires up. The psi number is on the tires so that you can check it without too much effort. By having that number, you will not put too much air in it, or too few.

If you pump too much, the tires can explode and can harm to you. For the worst situation, the metal piece can be tear out.

You might get hit by those piece of metal so that it will be very dangerous. But if you put too few air, the tire Is still flat. The moderate air is good for your car’s tires, just under the maximum psi number is the best.

A note for you is that the tires will deflate for a psi in a month although you have not a drive. When you drive often or have a long journey, it will deflate more. 

You should check the air pressure each month and see how much psi lost a month. It helps you to catch up the deflation speed of tires and guarantee your one always full of air.

Find the Equipment

find-the-equipmentTo fill the tire with air, of course, you will need a pump, but where do you can find it.

If you want, you can own one, but a bump is not cheap, and you need to spend a lot on it. The air compressor is quite expensive, so look whether anyone you know has a one. Ask them to lend you their pump that might be not so hard as you think.

The bicycle pump will take you more effort to inflate the car’s tires. Try to have someone to help you with this work then you can not do it by yourself.

Soon, you will get exhausted when pumping the tires, a one who can assist to inflate the tires is very helpful. You and they can take turn to do it, so both will not be too tired and have the time to take a break.

If you do not own any type of pump as well for the one you know, you can drive your car to the gas station to find a pump.

You just need to prepare some coins to use those machines; you might piss off when you have already reached the pump but don’t have coins.

In the case you do not find the pump, you should ask the attendance; there might have the pump in there just you not see it.

Set your car close to the pump as much as possible so that the hoe can reach to all or the tires. Remember this if you do not want to stop the pumping work to get your car more near the pump.

You pay for the time as you put the coin to operate the air compressor. Let the car so far of it, you waste not only your time but also throw the money you have.

Turn on the Air Compressor

Now see if you have the pump, you should press the button to turn it on. If you are at the gas station, feed the coin to the machine to make it work.

 When the machine begins to work, you will hear the thunderous sound. The noise from the pump makes some people really annoyed, and can include you, just bear it as it will last for few minutes till your tires are full of air.

Pump the Tires

First, you will need to unscrew the cap to reveal the air valve. You had better ensure that the cap is kept in your pocket so you will not lose it.

Then press the end of the hoe to the tip of the air valve. Keep the hoe steady and firmly to make sure the air can get in the tires and not escape out. Hearing the hissing sound, you should adjust the hoe to put the air in the tires.

You should be patient, do not try to fill to much air in the tire for one time. Especially for the first time you pump the tire up.

You can make mistake and danger for yourself because the tires can only trap an amount of air. If you put into more than its limit, it might explore.

So, the advice for people is to pump for just a few seconds each time. Then check whether you need to pump more.For a tire without pumping for few months, it will take about ten seconds to fill it.

As the longer you have not inflated the tires, you should spend more time to fill it. You can consider using the bicycle pump when your tires just need one or two psi.

After your tires are inflated, you should check it with the gauge and adjust the air pressure if it is necessary.

Pull the hoe out and attach the gauge to read the psi number on the screen. Compare it with the maximum number are printed on the tires. If the number on the gauge reach the ideal number of the tires, your work is done.

Meanwhile, if the number are higher than it should be, you must deflate it. To release the air, you should press on the center pin of the air valve.

You can hear the hissing sound when the air is released? You hear it; then you do it right! Release the air a little bit for each time and check it with the gauge. By doing that, you will not release too much air that makes your tire flat.

Make sure the air is enough, one or two psi can actually affect your tires more than you think. The tires with even one psi are likely to be worn out more than ten percent.

And it makes the engine work harder, consume the fuel more, about one percent. Now you know how much important of full air tires and why you are told to do it.

Your tire are okay? But do not forget to reinstall the cap. The cap is used to protect the valve from the dust, mud, and dirt.

The cap should be placed to prevent the physical influence might break the valve. Screwing the cap also lessen the amount of air can escape, and avoid anything accidently release the air out.

After you have done the work with one tires, repeat with the other, and make sure they are all enough the air, that will make your driving smoother and safer. And do forget to refill air to your tires after one or two months to come.

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