How Much Vinyl To Wrap A Car?

Changing the color of the car always a big challenge for the driver. After a time, even the painting of the car is not fade or peel off; the trend might be different.

The catch up with the temporary fashion, you will need to change your vehicle a little bit to suit the needs of yourself.

But, in the case, you would like to wrap your car with vinyl, how much vinyl to wrap a car is the question that will haunt you for a long time.

Buying the enough materials, not throw away the money on the excess one. That is what we will help you today, to save money on the beautifying process.

The wrap design

​The price of the vinyl cover might be a little higher than that when you bring your car to the profession. But the unique design and the pattern on the vinyl might be an exceedingly convincing reason for people to choose in. In fact, the design is the attraction for most of the driver to select it.

For this method, you can know well how your car will look like after the new cover is put on. That is because when you come to the garage, the painter in there might not understand what you want your car to be. Therefore, the result can disappoint, and spoil the whole day.​

The wrap design

If you want to choose the blend of color and the complex design, it for sure will take you more buds. However, for most of the case, people will pick the vinyl with an intricate pattern to make their car outstanding. Besides, it might look better when painting.

The more colors and effects on the vinyl, the more materials will charge you. It is normal since that cover will take more effort and time to make one. But it will be worth the money if you can use it well on your car. The appearance of your vehicle will change completely; you might not realize your car anymore.​

The quality you want to have

Asides the design, the quality of the product is what decide the price of it. As different manufacturer will deliver to the customer the wrapped from the different formula. That will make the strong; flex is various, even one brand can provide different quality, so bear that in your mind before buying anything.

The strong, flexible, and the bright and reflex light degree is a significant factor for you to choose the cover. But is it always good to choose the most expensive one for its quality? The answer is depended on the individual and the needs of them.

quality vinyl wrap a car

If you often change the appearance of the car, make it should to each season, too sturdy vinyl will not be a good idea. As you will change in just after a short period using, you might waste your money on the cover. Instead, that budget should be spent on the design as you want to show off.

​But if you are “loyal” to one of the particular color or you sure you want to keep the cover for a long time. You should never ignore the durable of the product, it makes the color last long, and less the scratch to appear.

Also, the cover should be shiny and sparkling, while is flexible enough for you to stick it on the outside of the car easy. You should check if that vinyl can keep the color for a long time. In reserve, do not choose it, it will fade quickly and make your car look old.

Preparing before wrapping your car

For the DIY, you might think that this process it just need to buy the material, and 1, 2, 3 then go and finish the task. In fact, this is not true as you will need to have some step before you can wrap your car with the vinyl.

cleaning your car

First, cleaning your car, hardly that the glue can make your material stick on the surface of the car if it is full of dust, dirt, and debris. Make sure it is thoroughly clean, and if you have the time, use the wax to give it a protective coat before you apply the vinyl on.

Also, you might have to remove some part to ensure that no one including you can see the original color. Hide the color is not very efficient if you leave all the part of the car like the mirrors, bumpers or any other components. Therefore, it is an inevitable step for you to do it.

Your skill lever

This is the most important thing to decide how much of the wrap will you need for the car. For the first time, it is normal for people to have the mistake. It will lead to that you lack the vinyl for some part of the car.

You should count on the material amount you need to “practice” on the car. For sure it will not easy on the first time. Thus, do not look over this factor, it is an essential element for you. It is necessary all the time for the novice to purchase for extra material.

Nevertheless, if you are an old hand, then you just need to pay for exactly the vinyl fit for your car. And just a small when you have mistakes. As you will not use the excess one on other cars or the next time, then you for sure will not want to take it so much.

The amount of vinyl you will need to purchase

And now for the main question of the post, the quantity of the material for the car. As it is said, it should be various from car to car as the sizes, and the surface is different. But we can give you a hint for the small, mid and full-size car.

To the small car

The small car will not take you much of the cover. However, it might have a lot of detail and edge. That will make you have to use more or less than the average amount. Inspect your car, if you think that the surface will take you more materials, then pay for extra.

It is always better for you to have a small amount of excess wrap than short of it. The small car we define in here is the model like Audi A4, Mitsubishi Lancer, BMW 3 series. While you do not own those cars, then you can find the dimension of it on the internet.

For that small cars, just 15m of vinyl is enough for your task. Like it is mention above, you can pay for more or less. Basing on your needs and the skill you have, it is what will tell you for sure.

To the mid-size

Ford Mustang, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord is in this group, which will require about 18-19m of vinyl for the whole car.

For the bigger car, you will need dexterity and carefulness to avoid to tear the wrap. If you can do it, then just this amount is enough for you to decorate the car.

To the full size

For the full-size car, you will need about 20 to 23 m of vinyl to cover the vehicle and make it look beautiful again. We define the full-size car as the small SUVs, small truck such as Audi A8, BMW 7 series. As the big car will take a lot of the vinyl wrap, so the calculation is essential to reduce the money for material.

The price

If you read through this post, you must have known why it is so hard to say the exact amount you need for covering the car. But the price for you to have the vehicle wrapped will vary from $1000 up to $2500.

In the case, your car cost more, do not so surprised as this is the average calculation. other, if your budget is low, you can contact with loan providers.

If you want to know sure, you will need to measure the surface of the car and count the detail and components. It will tell you exactly how much you will need to purchase.

With the light hand and gentle attitude, you can wrap your car with that roll. But if you do not do it before, do not worry, it just a little hard to the first time, then you will get used to it.

The advice for you is to handle the small detail first like bumpers before try to wrap the whole car. It is for let you have the feeling with the vinyl before wrap the whole car.​


The car is the property and also the thing people often look at it to value you in the first time. A nice car might tell everybody about your characteristic, and change the way people can think about you.

Especially, if you believe that the single color can not reveal your thought, then the vinyl will be the best thing to you.

Easy to use, not make your garage to be the chaos, and attractive with the great design and excellent color mix, the vinyl is the perfect option. No longer worry about how much vinyl to wrap a car, now you can start to cover your vehicle. Then you will surely be proud of your investment.​

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