How To Clean Engine Compartment

Every car owner needs to know how to clean engine compartment. It is very important that you can clean properly and frequently as well as keeping it clean all the time so that you can have a much easier time to repair and maintain your car.

​For example, provided that you clean your car’s engine compartment frequently, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of time waiting for the degreaser to work all the way through the grime. In addition, you can avoid all of the degreaser to damage your compartment.

Cleaning your engine compartment is not a hard and time consuming job. Just make sure you follow all of the steps below so that you will be able to perfectly clean your car engine compartment without any trouble at all.

First, you need to prepare some things you need to prepare as well as some tips to help you clean your car engine compartment:

  • A product of engine degreaser

Please note that although there are a lot of products which help to degrees the engine compartment of your car, they are not so much difference in ingredients and effectiveness.

You can choose a spray engine degreaser instead of liquid degrease as it is much easier and effective to spray rather than to pour liquid over your car engine compartment.

Another thing to remember when you buy an engine degreaser is that you read the label as well as the instructions for that specific engine degreaser carefully so you know to use the it in the most correct and proper way.​

  • A hard bristle brush
  • Since you are dealing with chemicals, it is better if you clean your car engine compartment in a place with good air ventilation. You should not clean it in a closed garage.
  • In addition, you should wear gloves, goggles and masks while you are cleaning to prevent yourself from contacting and inhaling possible harmful chemicals in the cleaning products.

Here are all of the steps that you need to do when you want to clean your car engine compartment

​1. Preparing

​First you need to make sure that there is no trash or debris or whatever kind of garbage that is stuck among all part of your car engine compartment. You will be surprised to know that there are various kinds of stuff such as leaves and twigs and even small animal and bird nests that get caught in the engine bay.

It is very important that you open up the car engine compartment and check for these objects every day so that they don’t stay on for a long time and can create a fire.

​You also need to take off all of the battery cables so that you cannot run short of the circuit and waste energy while you clean your car engine compartment.

​In the second step, you need to make sure that there is no battery connecting to the car engine compartment. Cleaning your car engine compartment will require both applying oil and spraying water. These activities can come in contact with the power of your car engine and lead to severe damages. You only need to loosen up the connection of the negative or positive pole on the battery to disconnect it with the rest of the car engine.

To further protect your electrical parts and appliances from coming in contact with the sprayer, you can wrap some plastics on some of your most important and expensive wires and electronics parts.

In the last step of the preparation, you need to turn on your engine and let it run for itself for about 4 to 6 minutes so that you will be able to warm your car. So when you clean a warm clean engine, the grease of the engine car comportment will become hotter, which then allowing you to remove it easier.

​However, you should not let the car running for a long time- such as more than 10 minutes. This will make the clean comportment become very hot and when you come in contact with it, you might be burned yourself.

2. Degrease Your Engine

In the next step, you will have to use an engine degreaser to clean your car engine compartment. Spill the bottle of engine degreaser all over the engine carefully so that all part of the car engine compartment, including the top parts and bottom parts are covered in the degreaser oil or spray.

Please note that strong degreases may cause damage on painted components of your car. Therefore, you need to apply the car engine degreaser very carefully and avoid the painted areas as much as possible. In case you accidently apply degreaser on your car paint, you need to wash off the degreaser with warm water immediately.

​After you apply car engine degreaser on all over the compartment, you need to wait for about 7 to 10 minutes or how long the instructions of the car engine degreaser says, to allow time for the degreaser to absorb deeply into the grime on all part of the car engine. You can shorten or lengthen the waiting time depending on how dirty your car is.

In the next step, you need to use a hard bristle brush to scrub the stubborn bits of the grime. You should apply more pressure in case it is large and hard grime. Provided that the grime does not fall off, consider applying more engine degreaser oil and wait for a little bit of time before you can try again.


In case the grime is very thick, you can use a brake cleaner. Just pout a healthy amount of the beaker cleaner onto the stubborn grime then scrub this area with a hard bristle brush. Apply with brake cleaner once more time to wash off all of the grime.​

​After the entire grime has fallen off, you can wash off your car engine compartment with a regular hose. Rinse off thoroughly so that all of the dirty bits and degreaser are completely removed.

If you can see that the car engine compartment is clean and clear, your job is done. If not, you need to focus on the still dirty part, apply more car engine degreaser and try to rub and clean it again.​

3. Final Tips On Cleaning Specific Part Of The Engine Car Component

​In the previous section, I have just mention about how to clean the car engine compartment in general. In fact, there are several parts of the car engine components that will require you further care and cleaning

​For Your Battery Terminals: While handling the battery terminals, you need to be very carefully. Ideally, you need to take the cables of the battery out of your car and clean them with a cloth. You need to get rid of the metal that surrounds the cables. To enhance the performance of your battery and strengthening the electrical connection, you can soak the ending tips of the cables into a specific chemical corrosion neutralizer such as the CLR.

In addition, you can apply a mixture of baking soda and water into the battery terminal where there are possible leakages. The baking soda can help you to neutralize the acidity that has been leaked out from the battery.

Next, you need to clean the battery trays as well. Use a small clean cloth to wipe off all dirt and use the baking soda to neutralize any material present on the battery trays.

In all circumstances, you are not allowed to use an open flame near the battery. It may spark and cause gas that can lead to an explosion.

​For Plastic Parts of your car engine component such as the engine cover as well as the cover for the reservoir: For this part of your car engine component, you will need a hard bristle brush and a sponge. Don’t use a steel brush to avoid creating scratches and marks on these areas.

Final note: after you finish cleaning all of the part of your car engine compartment, it is time you check for possible oil leaks or coolant leaks. They are among the main reasons for greasy build up. You can check for oil leak with a special UV dye and for coolant leak with compatible oil as well.

I hope that you find all of the instructions below very easy and understandable, which you can follow with no confusion.

​I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your car engine compartment clean all the time. A clean car engine compartment will create a perfect condition for your engine to work and running properly all the time. Furthermore, with frequent cleaning, you will save a lot of time and money for maintenance and repair of your car in the future.

Just a few steps and some spare time, you would be able to have plenty of smooth rides in the future.​

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