How To Clean Headlights

Having a nice car and drive it is one of the greatest experience. However, the best moment will soon pass by, and consequent responsibility will come. Cleaning and making your car clean is the thing you must do to keep it nice as long as possible.

The heights, although, is one of the components need to maintain. If your head lights are dirty or yellow, apparently, it will decrease the value of your vehicle. Of course, there will be no one will like thing like that, which reason why you should know how to clean headlights.

Inspecting your Headlights

What you should do first and foremost before try to polish and make the headlight shining again is look. You should see and value the situation of the front lights of the vehicle. The problem of it might just be the dirt and grit on the lens, or it is yellow because of the oxidizing process.

Then you will decide the best way to deal with it. In the case it only looks dirty since it is a long time you did not wipe the dirt on the surface, that is good. You will only need a little cleaner and some microfiber towel to clean it.

Inspecting your headlights

On the other hand, your headlight lens might be oxidized and need to more caring. You will need to value the damage degree of the front light; it will decide which you have to do next. If the damage is not too much, it will not be a big problem.

If it is not, you will have to ask the experts or must replace the lights. You should take the exam if the lens of the headlight is oxidized on the outside or inside. If it is yellow on the exterior, you will need some tools to get rid of the oxide layer and make the lens clear like crystal again.

Wipe out the Dust

​If you have not cleaned your car for a long time, the headlight will need to remove carefully to eradicate the contamination. You will need the kit and some microfiber rug to clean it. Some people will want to use shampoo to clean this opponent of the car. This is not highly recommended.

Wipe out the dust

Since the car cleaner or the kit for the headlight is specifically design for it. The Hp degree and the components will be designed to suit with the material of the car. The shampoo, however, might not meet the require of the surface of the car. Or it might be worse, the headlights and the surface of the car might be damaged.

Clean the Headlights with the Toothpaste or Cleaning kit​

Like it is mentioned above, you can only apply this method to the headlights whose lenses is dioxide from the outside. Then you need to prepare some accessories to clean this thing. You will need to have a toothpaste or cleaning kit, some microfiber towels, a toothbrush to brush and extend the gel on the lens.

Clean the headlights with the toothpaste

Actually, you do not need to buy all the new things for this task. You can use the old stuff to clean your car lights. If you do not have any towel, you can make use of the old towel as long as it is soft, so it will not cause any scratch.

By the way, it should be clean, so it will remove the dirt, not to add some more on the surface of the light. An old toothbrush also is useful in this situation. You do not need to take a new one for your car. The brush will help you to eradicate the grit on the surface.

Spread and Brush the Toothpaste

​You should take this step really seriously. The more you brush, the shinier the headlight will be. You do not need to make the light wet. If it is wet, you had better dry it with a towel. Apply the gel on the surface of the lens then spread it out evenly the lights.

You can also add some gel on the brush to spread it out easier. You use your hand to make it faster, as you know, the small toothbrush will take you very long time to spread the gel. In the case you worry that the toothpaste can contain some chemical that will irritate your skin, you can out a pair of a rubber glove.

Spread and brush the toothpaste

Scrub the headlights with the gel till it is evenly on the surface, then you can use the toothpaste to remove the oxide layer. Brush it with a light hand, medium pressure to prevent any scratch might appear on the lenses.

Do it gently will not only help you to avoid some scratch on your beautiful car but also make sure you will only remove the oxide layer. If you do it too rush, you just waste your energy. The better for you to save the energy for the other steps, not for this.

Besides, how long should you brush the headlights base on the color of the lights? The more yellow that opponent is, the more you will need to work with the front light. The more time and effort you pay for this task, the more will you be paid off. Therefore, do not hesitate to work with your lights.

You can spray a little of water on the lights to let your work smoother. After a time, the gel will lose its moisture and get dry. If you still want to brush the toothbrush in the circular motion. The water is a vital factor to do it.

You might not want to use the toothpaste. In other words, the cleaning kit is your choice, that is alright! Nevertheless, the toothpaste is much cheaper and more economical when comparing to the kit. If you have not change your mind, you can do the same with the cleaner like the toothpaste.

Rinse and Wax the front Lights

You should let the gel set on the lens for a while before rinsing the toothpaste. It will allow the chemicals to absorb the oxidized layer to get rid of it. Then you can spray some squirt of water and dry it with paper towels. That will prevent you from changing the microfiber rug repeatedly.

a man wash headlight of the car in car wash shop.

After you clean it, well, you will have the bright and nice headlights. The last thing you will need to do is to apply the wax as the protective coat. It will allow it to be good for a longer time. After clear the excess wax on the car, then your car is ready for a drive as its appearance is perfect.

After some steps, the lights now look great just like a new one. If you are finding an alternative way for replacing the front lights, how to clean headlights is what you should think about. It will make the lights clear and improve its appearance just in few hours; you will not be disappointed with it.​

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