How To Clean Inside Of Headlights?

A dirty headlight lens can really make your car unattractive – something that can trigger the perfectionist in you. Well, that’s the least of your problems.

A dirty lens can dull the light emitted by your headlight bulb. As a result, it imposes safety hazards both for you and the driver on the opposite lane. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to call your mechanic right away. You can clean the headlight lens on your own. So in this article, we will tackle how to clean inside your headlights.

Reading Manual

There are probably some little tricks behind the headlight system of your specific make and model. It is advisable to read your car owner’s manual first to learn more of the intricacies of your headlight system. Know your headlight more before you make attempts on removing it.

How To Clean Inside Of Your Headlights

1. Open The Hood

Find the screws that secure the headlight. They can be found by opening the hood and looking for some screws at the side, close to the opening of the vehicle.

You can easily spot what you are looking for. You can also refer to your manual as the screw location may vary depending on the specific model. 

2. Loosen the Screw

Now that you have found the screws, it’s time to unscrew them. This step can be a two-man job and it depends on you to ask for someone else’s help. You can have a helper hold the headlight for the meantime while you focus on unscrewing.

3. Unplug

Once the headlight is now a little exposed, unplug the electrical cords. And set the screws onto a clean, dry towel.

4. Completely Remove

Now remove the headlight lens entirely from the system. You can again refer to your owner’s manual on how to properly dismantle the headlight assembly as it can differ depending on the make and model.

Further, obverse utmost care in prying the headlight lens regardless of what vehicle you are dealing with. Avoid any external element from scratching the internal surface.

5. Hot Water

Now get a bucket (at least a gallon size) and fill it with hot water. Mix some cleaning detergent and stir the water. The detergent promotes the removal of grime build-up. Soak the headlight in the water.

6. Scrub

While the hot water eventually gets warmer, soak an abrasive pad into it. Now scrub the headlight lens with the abrasive pad.

This will get rid of the grime and dirt that accumulated inside the lens. However, do not forcefully scrub the pad. Too much friction can scratch the lens, which is something you must avoid.

7. Polish

Grab a clean, smooth rag and dry off the lens. Now apply some glass polish all over the lens. The polish will maintain cleanliness for longer periods.

8. Reinstall

After polishing and seeing the headlight lens are already doing fine, you can fit the lens back to place. Reconnect the wires properly. Also, attach the screws to their respective places and completely reinstall the headlight lens back to its housing.

You can ask for some assistance again. Have your helper hold the headlight lens while you are doing the wires and screws.

Note: The reflective coating surrounding the headlight bulb are quite delicate. NEVER attempt to touch the headlight bulb to avoid making it dull or damaging it in the process.


Learning how to clean inside your headlights is yet another vital knowledge you can incorporate whenever needed. So when time comes your headlight lens got dirty again, all it takes is a couple of steps to clean the thing up.

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