How To Clean The MAP Sensor?

The Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor or more commonly known by its acronym, MAP sensor, takes an integral part in monitoring and providing information to your electronic control unit.

It is an essential component that also does its job silently in the background. Over time, the MAP sensor can accumulate dirt elements, causing it to malfunction. That is why it is important to learn how to clean MAP sensor.

Getting To Know Your MAP Sensor

It is usual for fuel-injected engines to have a MAP sensor in the car system. This component is responsible for sending information to the engine.

The data is used to calculate and analyze vital measurements like air density and mass flow rate.

There are some fuel-injected engines that also utilize Mass Airflow (MAF) components to perceive airflow in the intake. However, not all vehicles have this unit while some only have the other.

The MAP sensor is also a contributor for making fuel combustion attain optimal levels.

How To Cleaning The MAP Sensor

It is highly imperative to clean your MAP sensor. Otherwise, the unit will be prone to dirt contamination. Thus, it will result to a gradual malfunction. So here are the general instructions for cleaning the MAP Sensor.

1. Get the right materials.

Here are the necessary materials to clean your sensor:

  • Electric parts cleaner or CRC / Sensor Cleaner; must be in aerosol can
  • Regular Screw Driver; preferably small-sized
  • Cling Wipes or Clean Rag

Note: It is not advisable to use other types of cleaner. Strictly adhere with the electric parts cleaner alone as it’s specially formulated for electric parts and motors, along with transformers and other machineries.

Electric parts cleaner has a non-conductive, non-flammable formula designed to dissolve grease, dirt, wax, and grime without affecting the entirety of the component itself.

This specialized cleaners does not damage the unit in the process. More importantly, it doesn’t stain the sensor nor leave any residue after cleaning and drying.

You also have to be patient enough to wait for your sensor to completely dry. It will take some time to naturally dry the component since the electric parts cleaner is not a quick-dry solution.

Further, sensor cleaners can also be used in most clutches, battery chargers, motor windings, mechanical chains, grinders, motors, and a whole lot more. So investing in one is a practical approach since you can use it for multiple purposes.

2. Turn off

Make sure that your car is already turned off. Also, remove the keys from the ignition.

3. See The Manual

Grab your car owner’s manual and determine the location of the MAP sensor; it depends on the make and model. You can also open your hood and look for the unit yourself.

4. Look for the MAP sensor

MAP sensors are commonly found close to the inlet/intake manifold; the engine part holding the cylinder air-fuel mixture.

See underneath the wiring harness of your engine. The wiring harness appears like a hose with various black, red, and blue wiring plugs coming out of it.

You can release the wiring harness from its hold. This will give you more space to operate with the MAP sensor.

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5. Remove the MAP Sensor

Avoid harming yourself by locating the sensor cord and removing the plug from the said sensor. You can follow the sensor to the end part and then remove the plug after.

From the MAP sensor, squeeze the tab to unplug it. Now that you have released the sensor, observe if there are some screws holding it.

If so, grab a screw driver compatible to the screw size and start unscrewing all of them to fully remove the MAP sensor. 

6. Start Cleaning

Now get your electric parts cleaner or CRC / Sensor Cleaner along with the clean rag. Do NOT spray the MAP sensor itself. Instead, spray the clean rag with up to five strokes. 

7. Rubbing

Place the sensor onto a clean rag on a level surface, front-facing. Now, wipe the map sensor in a gentle manner, preferably in circular motions; similar to how you clean your face with a cotton swab. You can also utilize a cling wipe for this operation.

Once the clean rag has already accumulated a lot of dirt, grab another clean rag or a cling wipe and rub the sensor again. Do this step repeatedly until you can no longer see any trace of dirt in the sensor.

Note: Do not attempt to dip the clean rag with water. The electric parts cleaner alone is enough to do the job. Adding water to the formula will just dilute the sensor cleaner, making it ineffective in cleaning the MAP sensor.

8. Put it back

Now it’s time to put the sensor back to its place. Plug the component the way it is placed before along with the screws.

9. Reattach and close

After putting the sensor back where it was, it’s time to reattach the wiring harness. Now close your hood and try starting your engine. 

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It’s wise to take care of your MAP sensor. This important component can get contaminated and dusty over time.

Knowing how to clean MAP sensor is an essential knowledge you can incorporate to make the component function in its optimum state again. 

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