How To Clean Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip is probably the most popular specialty air-dry rubber coating. It claims to be the original non-slip, peelable, and durable rubber coating.

Plasti Dip was initially designed for coating tool handles. However, it became a famous choice for coating automobiles. Some even use this for home improvement purposes.

Eager to learn how to clean Plasti Dip? Read on.

Plasti Dip

Car owners utilize Plasti Dip to upgrade the look of their accessories, wheels, and more commonly the vehicle body itself.

This product has become a well-known alternative to traditional car paint; with “being peelable” as the most attractive aspect.

That way, you can bring a new color to your car without destroying the original paint on it. 

Plasti Dip is applied as another layer on top of the original paint. So when time comes you want the old color back, you just have to peel the Plasti Dip, and voila! The original, pristine paint is revealed.

Aside from making your car look a lot cooler, as most car owners would agree, Plasti Dip also gives you an opportunity to protect your car from dirt, water, UV rays, and even salt.

One of the common queries of car owners is how to Clean Plasti Dip. Most online search results will only lead you to forums. But this article will teach you how.

If applied properly, Plasti Dip can actually withstand most cleaning methods. You don’t have to worry about possible damages if you’re confident your Plasti Dip is installed the right way.

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How To Clean Plasti Dip

1. Simple Green

A lot of car owners would agree that using Simple Green is a highly effective approach of cleaning your coated car while preserving its quality in the process.

Simple Green is a degreaser you can use to get rid of dirt like carbon build-up in the exhaust. You can also use the product for the entire car body as well. 

Here’s the careful man’s way of cleaning a Plasti Dipped car:

  1. Prepare one full bottle of Simple Green, at least three clean rags, three buckets, latex gloves, and a clean water supply. The latex gloves is for you to wear.
  2. In the first bucket, mix clean water with Simple Green. It is important that you have more Simple Green volume than the water volume. You can do a 75-25 ratio respectively. But you are open to do your own ratio.
  3. Wash the whole car with pure water first to remove most of the dirt. And make it dry with a clean rag. You can also expose your car under the sun to naturally dry.
  4. Grab another clean rag and dip it in your solution.
  5. Now wipe the entire surface coated with Plasti Dip. Make sure you get your rag soaked again and as often as possible to distribute the Simple Green to all needed areas.
  6. Park the car under the sun again to let it dry. It is important to naturally dry your car as wiping can probably remove the Simple Green solution in the surfaces.

Note: The Armorall all-purpose protectant which is used mostly on dash boards, can also be an ideal finish for a dipped vehicle. This could leave your car with a seamless shine that looks like brand new. The Armorall can also make the Plasti dip smoother without the rubbery feel.

You can apply Armorall AFTER treating your car with Simple Green.

  1. You can purchase an Armorall all-purpose protectant.
  2. Fill another bucket with only half of the Armorall.
  3. Grab another clean rag and soak it in the solution. You may want just a barely damp rag.
  4. Wipe the entire car with the solution and avoid making contacts with the headlights, taillights, and windows.
  5. Let the car dry.

Your car should now have a brand-new looking shine with a smooth finish.

2. Normal Washing

Fundamentally, you can carwash your dipped car just as how you can carwash a car with a default paint.

This means you can actually use typical automotive soap and a couple of washing materials including a hose and an ample supply of clean water.

You can hand-wash your car by using a lint –free cloth (this is important). Also, use another lint-free cloth for drying your car.

Note: To be safe and to remove your worries, you can actually purchase specialized soaps formulated for Plasti Dip coated vehicle.

Further, it is fairly unnecessary to apply waxes or other similar finishes since Plasti Dip itself is designed to withstand salt and UV rays.

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4. Using a Pressure Washer

Some owners fear of using a pressure washer considering Plasti Dip can be easily peeled off by mere hands. 

However, you can actually power wash your way in removing dirt in your dipped car. The coating can withstand pressure washers up to 1800 psi. 

The only preliminary factors that must be checked are:

  • Plasti Dip has been applied properly
  • The coating is not peeling in any spot, especially the edges
  • The Plasti dip has been cured for a few weeks, or as prescribed by a professional mechanic

When you’re able to meet the conditions above, you can actually use a pressure washer for the most stubborn dirt lurking in the car surface.

To be extra careful, make sure that you are using just the right amount of pressure necessary for the job. You can find the best pressure washers here. 

4. Using An Automatic Carwash

A properly applied Plasti Dip can also withstand an automatic carwash. You can utilize an automatic carwash for a quick clean-up; a practical approach if you are in a hurry and have no time to personally clean your car at the moment. 

Just make sure that you have checked all the conditions mentioned just above before undergoing any automatic car wash operation.

5. Things to Avoid

As much as the coating can withstand certain elements, there are also some things that you should NEVER let have any contact with your dipped car. Do NOT use any gasoline, solvent, and thinners.

It is important to just stick to standard soap-based cleaners or more preferably the specialized Plasti Dip cleaning soaps. Otherwise, your car will suffer from possible peeling, bubbling, and related damages.

Notice the gasoline. This also means you should take extra caution when you are refuelling your car. Keep gasoline from spilling into your beloved coating as it could damage the finish. You can also purchase special drip guards online.

Also do not use hard brushes but rather stick with the soft ones.

6. How About the Wheels?

While most people cover their entire vehicle with Plasti Dip, others are quite contented with applying only on their wheels and hubcaps.

For the hubcaps and wheels, you can use conventional cleaning processes similar to how you deal with the car body. Further you can now purchase the latest rinse-off, no-scrub, spray-on cleaners specially formulated for wheels.


There is nothing to fear in cleaning your coated vehicle. Understanding how to clean Plasti Dip is vital for you achieve that brand new look.

There are actually multiple ways to clean your dipped car. However, it is most advisable to follow the Simple Green instructions above.

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