How To Clean Steering Wheel

Though cleaning and make your car shine is something that is so familiar to you or not, there will be some spot that people will tend to skip. The steering wheel is an obvious example for that. It might be true for you that you wash your car every week, wipe the windshield every day, you will never touch the steering wheel.

However, if now you prepare to clean the steering wheel of your car, hold a second. You will need to know how to clean steering wheel. Of course, you can clean it as you usually do or read this post and know the proper way to do it.

What material is used to cover the Steering wheel?

The answer for this one is clearly the leather, apart from a few cars use different material to cover. Anyway, the leather still the most popular things for the steering wheel. So, you will need to know the proper way to keep the leather of your car clean as a wheel in good condition.

You might not think about that, but the leather needs your care to keep it last long. Also, this material needs you to know what is the best condition for it and the proper way to clean it, so you will not scratch or tear it out when you clean it.

The leather also needs you to nourish them to keep them “new” for a longer time. The moisture of the atmosphere of the place that you are living might severely affect your steering wheel. All of that will reduce the grip and the comfort the wheel can deliver to you.

​What will you need?

To clean this component of the car, you will need some tools for this. The first thing you will need for make the wheel shiny again is some microfiber and a bucket to keep water in it. You also need the cleaner as well as the nourisher for the leather too.

Advice for you is to gather every accessory you will need before you do it. It will save you a lot of time by avoiding going around the house to find what you need. If your skin often has allergic problem with the chemicals or you scare that it can “eat” your skin, you can wear the rubber glove. It is an optional choice.

​Clean the Steering wheel with water

You might think that you will need the cleaner for all situations. Meanwhile, cleaner is not always necessary. If you tend to clean that component every day, then you do not need to apply the cleaner on the leather every day. Just water and clean microfiber towel are enough.

Clean the wheel with water

The more regularly you can clean the wheel, the less stain and the “stubborn” grit will have on yours. For some people, because they have not cleaned the leather usually, they can not remove the contamination.

For a normal day, the only thing you need to do is to rub it slightly. Repeating that is easy and will not take you much time just about 1 to 2 minutes. Do it every day will make the steering wheel clear and leave you satisfactory tuition when touching the steering wheel.

​Clean the Steering wheel with thick layer grit

In this circumstance, you will need to use the cleaner to get rid of the contamination on the leather layer. As you do not want your dashboard to get wet, which may lead to the electronic components being broken.

In this circumstance, you will need to use the cleaner to get rid of the contamination on the leather layer. As you do not want your dashboard to get wet, which may lead to the electronic components being broken.

Clean the steering wheel with thick layer grit

Next, you will need to make the steering wet. Using a squirt bottle with two or three squirts is alright or you can make the rugs wet and wipe it thoroughly the steering if you do not have a squirt bottle. Try not to let the water to drop into your dashboard.

Spray the cleaner on the microfiber towel and scrub the steering wheel with that rug. Moving around the wheel with a 360-degree motion to remove all the dirt on the leather surface. Though it will not remove all the dirt, do not worry, there will more step for you to make it spark as a new one.

If you have not scrub the wheel for a long time, the oil that your body produce and the dirt will make it really hard to take off. You will need a brush to clean the leather. Spray the cleaner on the brush then slightly brush the place that the grit is embedded on the surface.

Try a few time till the stain on the wheel is gone. Do not expect it to disappear in few minutes while it has built up for years. After the oil and other contamination go, a dry microfiber cloth will need to wipe out all the excess cleaner on the steering wheel and make it clean.

The advice for you is to do it with medium pressure and do it prudently. You might make some scratch on the leather if you try to rush. Particularly, when the leather is old, you may tear it so be careful. The strong hand while cleaning might make the color fade, look at your cloth if the color is faded then stop. The problem could derive from your cleaner.

Polish the Leather

Some cleaner products often combine with the nourishment. Therefore, you will not need to nourish them later. Conversely, you choose to use separating two products, you should apply it for every other month. It will make the leather last longer.

Polish the leather

Nourisher rich of the vitamin and mineral to remain the leather quality. The products will make your steering durability increase. Besides, the primary use of the nourisher is to polish the leather and create a protective layer for the leather.

​Clear the Bacteria

The steering wheel is one of the places that has a lot of the bacteria. If you want to prevent the health problem, you can start with this area. Cleaning with the cleaner though will improve its appearance but will not make it clear totally.

The steamer is the optional choice, you can use it or not, however, if you own one, it will make this area much more “safe.” Wrap the nozzle with a thin cloth to prevent the heat interact directly to the leather. Then scrub the steering wheel with a dry towel to remove the dirt and dry it too.​

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