How To Clean Windshield

Nothing can be more important than the vision when you are riding a car.

A clear view will allow you to guarantee the safe for you as well other people, prevent the accident might come. Your windshield will decide that, besides, it contributes for the beauty of your car’s appearance.

To keep the windshield clean, it is a permanent task, which requires you to do it from times to times.

Therefore, you should know how to clean windshield, the methods to make the car glass clean in aproper way. Then you can make it faster and easier than you used to be.

​The windshield wipers up

Before you can clean the glass, make sure you have done all the work with the wipers. Usually, beneath them often have the dirt, and other contamination build up. You had better clean it first and remove everything build up in the area under the windshield wipers.

clean windshield wipers

Before you spray the cleaner on the glass, let the wipers up. This will allow you to clean the windshield more comfortably.

Those components of the car will not prevent you to clean the glass. Remain their position during the time you clean the windshield.

Spray the windshield with glass cleaner

As for all of us, the hands can not reach to the other side of the car; we only can stand on one side of the car to clean the windshield.

That reason why you should start from ahalf side of the car. The left or the right side first is not really the matter.

Spray the windshield with glass cleaner

However, do not try to spray on the whole glass, as it will soon vaporize since we can not do that quick. Spray on one side and clean that spot carefully before you move to the other side. Spray on the place that you want to wipe first; it is more efficient to do that.

For half side of the windshield, then two to three squirtsisusually enough. That is the right amount to make the glass clean and shiny.

Meanwhile, if you have a truck or quite a large vehicle, you can spray more about four to five squirts on the surface. You should also not spray the cleaner to focus on a spot, let it cover as much as possible.

If you don't follow guide above, may be your glass will be broken, final you can need glass repair for vehicles.

Wipe the glass clean

Now, having already sprayed the cleaner on the surface of the windshield, you will need a microfiber cloth.

Hold the towel in your hand and wipe it in the straight vertical, from the top to the bottom of the windshield, by this way you can be sure that the dirt and other contamination is wipe down.

Repeat this continually till you have done one side of the windshield. It will take you more time doing this way to clean the glass.

Nevertheless, it is sure that this will guarantee that the dust sticking on the windshield will be taken down, not just moving from area to area.

Wipe the glass clean

Then wipe from left to right in the straight on the horizontal straight. The reason why you should do this is quite similar like when you have awipe in vertical wipes.

Keep doing like that till you clean all the area. Be patient, and do not quit, though it time-consuming, it will make your car look nice.

You must notice that when you want to go over a particular area, you still need to move your hand in back and forth to clean the contamination. Do not wipe the windshield in the round sharp; it will leave the streaks behind.

You now can do the same for the other side of thewindscreen.

Do not pass any step as it is important to make your glass clean. In the straight, in thevertical or horizontal side, as long as you keep doing that, you will get rid of contamination on the glass.

If the surface of the windshield is clear, then you can bluff the windshield. To buff the windshield, you have to change the towel, so the dust stick on the glass will not come back. Moving your hand in circular motion, do it tight to make the glass to sparkle.

Clean the interior side of the windshield

You will not want to ruin anything in your car down when you spray and clean the glass. Laying down some microfiber rag on your dashboard will prevent this. The electronic device might work incorrectly if there are some water absorb in it.

Some drop of the glass cleaner might make us feel sticky when you touch the dashboard. Since you will not want to spend thetime to clean the dashboard, you should prevent it. You can leave the towel you use to clean the exterior windshield, it is okay.

Clean the interior side of the windshield

Spray the cleaner on the glass as well on the cloth that you tend to use to wipe the windshield. Repeat the step that you did like you have done in the same order. Rub carefully to make sure the entire of the surface is clean.

The extra step for you when you are cleaning the inside of the windshield is that you will need to dry the glass.

Because inside the car, there is no wind, it will lead to that the windshield dries slowly by itself. Drying the glass with a clean microfiber will make the process faster.

Optional choice, using the detailing clay

In the case there is still the grime, you still canuse the clay to remove the dirt and grit or the debris on the windshield. Some of the marks might be too hard for you to clean while wiping the glass. The detailing clay is the better choice for you to take it off the glass of your car.

using the detailing clay

Make the windshield wet with the water. You will also need the automotive lubricant to the windscreen. It allows you to glide the clay across the windshield smoother. The amount of lubricant you will need is various as itsbase on your car side.

When you get rid of all the contamination, you can dry the mixture of lubricant and water with a clean microfiber rub.

Move in the circle will take all the excess claystill on the glass away. Then your windshield looks beautiful and shiny. You will not need to concern about the dirt, bugs, and grime anymore.​

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