Car Not Starting: All Need To Know & How To Fix?

Having the breakfast, putting on the cloth, ready to head to the workplace, then your car not starting.

This is the typical nightmare for everyone, even when they are in hurry or still have more than an hour before you have to present in the position.

Broken car will no more be your affair if you know how to handle it. This article should have you with that, with the detail instruction for you to bring your car back to the working situation in the shortest time.​

Inspect The Situation

First, you will need to hear the engine to find out where the problem comes from. Careful listening to the motor when it attempts to start is a good step.

While you can not hear anything, the dead battery might be the main reason responsible for what goes wrong. In the case you hear the clicking, it means the starter try to work, though it is provided enough power to do that.​

Check The Fuel

But before you open the hood, you should pay attention for the tank of your car. Sometimes, you forgot to pour gas, and then the reason why the engine not work. The car wont start unless they provide the fuel to burn and push the engine to work.

Some case, you might surprise when seeing the fuel meter indicating full while your tank runs out of gasoline. This means that part is broken and can not give the correct fuel level.​

Therefore, the better is you open the cap of the tank and check it. One thing you should do is to not use the flash on the phone or lighter.

It might make the car burn; the flashlight is the best option for you. Or you might use a stick put in the tank to see the fuel level.​

Check The Connection

For most of the case, the terminal of the battery is the thing you have to check first. The loose connection can cut the power for the whole system. Making a start the car is the impossible mission for you.

However, if the connection is still alright, your car still might have the problem with current. The car’s engine turns over but wont start.

As the rusted, oxidized terminal can prevent the power to deliver to car components will need the steel brush to clean the terminal.

Nevertheless, do not forget to wire the battery right to its place. Red cable for the positive terminal and the black or blue one is for the other.

At the same time test whether the cable is tight on the terminal, the wire from the battery to the starter, is not cut or tear out. It makes sure the electricity can reach and help the car to start.

The Voltage Of The Battery

Though the connection is firm, it is meaningless if the battery is dead. Find a voltmeter to determine if your battery is the root of the issue. Grab the voltmeter to test the voltage of the battery, turn it on, and check test your battery.

Read the number on the device, if from 12  to 12,8 volt, the battery is still good. Try to jump start your battery, on the other hand; it does not work. Replace the battery to see if it is working.

​Besides, do not forget to check the solenoid, it is the part in charge of recharge the battery. Without it, the battery will soon run out.

Using a test light, touch it to the bottom terminal on the solenoid and the ground. Ask someone to start the car, the solenoid does not engage; it is the right time to change it.

​Check Air Filter

This thing is responsible for clean the air when it enters the cylinder. But, it can clean the air, it can get dirty and full of debris after long time using. Without the fresh air, the engine wont turn over, thus, open the front trunk to thorough check it.

The cylinder only ignites when it has enough materials for the process. Both gasoline and the oxygen is needed, the mixture of two of these things is necessary for the car to start. Lacking air flow, in this case, is serious, as it is the root of the non-firing engine.​

​Check The Spark

While you find nothing with the battery, the spark is the thing you might need to look at to find the source of the problem. The spark plug socket is necessary for you to take the spark plug out. See the damaged, rust or debris on that components.

But what is the good condition? The tan or gray metal plugs mean it is in the original condition and can work well.

However, the black or burned reveals too much gasoline is poured into the engine. Meanwhile, the engine has to work in high temperature with blisters or boiling on the plug.​

​To check the spark plug, you can use inductive tools to make the task easier. It will light up when it detects the current go through the wire connected to the plug.

In the case the plug is not sufficient to be used, you will have to change it with another one. Make sure the new one can suit the gap of the old spark plug.

You will have two choices, to measure the size of the old components or bring it with you when you purchase the new one.​

Clogged Fuel Filter

This happened when the sediments build up in the middle of the passage of fuel. Leading to that no fuel can get to the engine to start the car. Meanwhile, wait for a little time, you can launch the car, just need for about 20 minutes.

The reason why it happens like that is when filter sits, the sediment might settle. Then, fuel can pass through the stuck spot, supply gas for the engine, pulling it back to work.

Though you might start the car, and drive it after waiting for minutes, you should change the filter as it will repeat for times. Another reason you should do that is the clogged fuel filter if it is more severe can make the fuel pump burnt.

Exam The Fuel Pump

If you ever wonder where is the pump, it is near the fuel tank with the lines, coming from the tank to the engine, across it. The common problem is the pump does not supply enough pressure or the fuel is not enough for the cylinder.

The easiest way to check the pump whether it works is to let your car in the quiet place. Next, put the key into the ignition and switch it on without cranking the starter.

While you do not hear the pumping sound from the rear of the car, you will need open the engine for the more thorough check.​


There is a lot of reason can lead to the car not starting. It requires you precisely check to find out what is the exact problem.

However, do not fret, step by step, you can figure out the way to deal with the problem. As a DIYer, know where the problem comes from is a great start to increase the chance to successfully repaired the car.

However, if the issue is beyond of your ability, at least, you know what the part with the car. Then you can decide whether you can fix it yourself or have someone else to do that.​

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