How To Get Water Spots Off Car

When driving, you will want to keep your car look good in all the circumstances. As the exterior of the car gives you the convenient and comfortable feelings, the appearance delivers its owner the pride. However, it is not easy to remain your car in good condition since thereare many things will make your vehicle dirty.

One of those is the water spot rings; they are the big troubles for anyone wanting to keep theirvehicle clean. To remain the cleanness, you will need to know how to get water spots off car. It is extremely as the water spot will appear regularly on your vehicle.

What is the water spots?

Water spots, in fact, is the mineral deposits leave on the surface of your car. Water can obtain the mineral, so the water can be the factor that brings it to the surface of yourcar. After the water is dried, then the water spot will appear on the car’s surface.​

The water in your area can be the reason for this problem.As the number of the total suspended solids is higher, the more the water spot you will have on your car. The levels of the sodiumhavea significant effect on this problem.

You also can prevent this issue or at leastminimize the times you have to get rid of the water spot ring by drying the car. A cloth or towel specifically designed for acar can help you a lot. And avoid letting your car wet while you are driving under the sunshine, it is the primary cause of the water spot.

Detect the water spots

The sunlight can be a great support for you to recognize the spot on the surface of the car. Those things are often unnoticeable. However, the sunlightwill make it easier to find them. This is crucial because you will need to find out all the spots before you can remove them.

In the case you do not want tounder the heat of the noon or a hot morning, you can use the flashlight instead. It will assist you just like the sunlight can do, and allow you to find the mark on your car. You should make sure the battery is full as you will need to find as well to check whether the water spots arefade.

You also can check by the feeling of your hand. But, before do this, make sure your hand is clean. Your hand can detect things that eyes can not see. When you feel the surface is smooth and glassy, it is clean. Meanwhile, the surface is textured this means that area is unclean.

Wash and dry the vehicle

​Wash your car, because there will be the mineral or the dirt on the paint layer making the water spot. You should wash and rinse the surface thoroughly to remove the contamination from those areas. Most of the water spot will be removed while you arerinsing the surface.

Rubbing carefullyaround the area that appears the spot. Sometimes, your problem will not disappear immediately; you had better be patient and see whether the water spot wears out. You should also bear this in mind, do not use too much pressure on the surface unless you will cause some scratch.

Using the vinegar solution

Though you have rinsed the car, the water spots have not disappeared yet. This is when you need to use white vinegar to clean the dirt stick on the paint. The vinegar is good for cleaning, as it obtains acid, it can remove some marks on your car.

The first thing you will need to clean your car is the vinegar. Nevertheless, do not use the pure vinegar to apply on your car, it can ruin the paint layer. As the acid too high can make your effort to clean the car be a total fail.

You should mix the vinegar with the water to decrease the acid in the mixture. Never overlook the ratio between the water and the vinegar. For most of the case, the ratio should be half of the water and half of vinegar. You do not need to follow this rule all the time, depend on the severity of the water spot, you can adjust the ratio to be suitable for your car.

This method is very useful as it is inexpensive and effective. To make it more effective, you should prepare a squirt bottle to keep the mixture of water and white vinegar. The squirt bottle will allow you to spray it more evenly when comparing to pull the mixture on the surface.

Next, spraying the vinegar on the water spot you have found. You should wait a little bit to let the vinegar to soak rather than in a rush and scrub the surface of the car right away. The more stubborn the build-up, the longer you should wait to make sure you can clean it in an efficient way.

You should also spray the mixture on the cloth; you should use the microfiber cloth to prevent the scratch for the paint. Then scrub lightly on the surface of the car, repeat few times on the hard water spot. You should make sure that the mineral build-up is not dry when you are cleaning, if it is dry, spray the vinegar on your car.

Then you can leave the vinegar for a little long if you think it is necessary. The worse the stains, the more time is required for this process. After that, you can rinse the car; all the deposit mineral should go away. Then dry your car with the cloth for the car.

A thing you should remember is that do not scrub the upper part of the car by the cloth that you scrub the area near the wheel. That area is full of dirt, if you use the same cloth for all the car, the small rock and dirt in the towel can scratch your car.

Use the car polish or paint cleaner​

Though you have done a lot to remove the stain, nothing to make sure that it will totally disappear. You should apply the polish to remove the mark. Besides, as you have used the white vinegar on the surface, it is essential to haveacoat to protect the car.

The acid of the vinegar can get rid of the contamination while it also can ruin the paint layer. Use the polish will reduce the damage that the mixture has caused and let your car’s surface last longer and had better durability.​

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