How To Install A Truck Canopy?

A truck canopy is a type of truck cap that serves as an effective protection for your items against theft and weather. Other common cap styles include work cap, tonneau cover, and camper shell.

This special add-on not only makes your truck look much better, it also significantly makes it more practical. It converts your truck bed into a more usable space than it is before.

The truck canopy goes over the back of your pickup, creating a safe enclosure for your goods, or whatever it is you intend to haul. In this article, we will discuss how to install a truck canopy.

1. Prepare The Materials

Below is a checklist of the things you’ll be needing.

  • A helper; because this is a two-man job
  • Your Truck Canopy
  • Drill
  • Wire Strippers
  • Hardware
  • Blanket
  • Weatherproofing
  • Wire Connectors Socket Set

You will also need to operate in a nearby lawn or any unpaved surface. It’s more advisable to work onto a soft-surfaced area instead of a garage with a hard surface.

2 . Ready the Vehicle

Make sure your vehicle is in park mode and on a level surface. Now grab the blanket and lay it on the ground.

The blanket makes sure your truck canopy avoids any damage or scratches due to frictional contacts. Position your truck canopy in such a way it is protected and lying on its roof.

This is where your helper comes in handy. If you think two persons is not enough to carry the said canopy, then you can always ask help from more people. 

Note: Be careful in turning the canopy over. Note that you need it to lie on its roof.

3. Applying the Adhesive

You need to apply adhesive weatherproofing all throughout the entire bottom of the truck cap. Keep the weatherproofing as close as possible when you are joining them.

You can’t afford to have leaks. Also, make sure there are no weak areas or any bubbles in any surface.

Note: Do not apply adhesives on the rear hatch. Otherwise you won’t be able to open your tailgate.

It is quite important not to take this step in a hurry. You must be careful with each application and follow the warnings above.

When you are done applying the adhesive and has made sure you have carefully stick the thing, it’s now time to open the tailgate of your pickup. 

4. Placing the Canopy On

It’s time for the real deal. Call your helper and have him assist you in turning the truck canopy to its right orientation. That way the canopy can flip its way to the back of the truck and onto the bed.

Observe extreme caution when placing the canopy on the bed. Ensure you won’t get your fingers or hands trapped under the canopy. This is extremely painful and can lead to injury.

You must have proper coordination with your assistant. You can initiate making commands so that your movement will go in coalesce with your partner.

Place the canopy in a perfect manner so that you can make sure it becomes watertight and no leaks will happen in future usage.

5. Clamp the Canopy

The purpose of this step is to strengthen the bond between the truck and canopy further. At the same time, clamping reinforces the weatherproofing applied between the two.

Grab two of the aluminum hardware clamps; they came with your canopy. And put yourself inside the back of your truck. Observe the joints between the canopy and the pickup. Now grab the hardware clamps. 

Utilize the hardware clamp to secure the canopy’s unison placement with your truck bed. Align the two clamps as near to the truck bed’s front part as possible. And then snug them.

6. Close the Tailgate

A perfect alignment will make the rear hatch close and lock perfectly. Now close the tailgate and test whether the rear window (if it has), can be closed appropriately. Adjust the cap alignment if necessary.

7. Get inside, at the Back Again

With the other two (remaining) hardware clamps, crawl again to the back of your truck. Similar to the first two aluminum clamps, place the clamps as near to truck’s rear bed rails as possible.

8. Tighten the Clamps Equally

The four clamps should tightened in an even manner. Use a ratchet and socket to tighten all four clamps.

Make sure the clamps are secured enough that they can effectively hold the canopy in place. You can test the integrity of your canopy by trying to push it and observe if it moves.

However, do not push too much as the adhesive may take some time to fully dry.

9. Making the Lights Operational

In most cases, canopies have lights fitted on them. If your canopy has one, you can make your lights work by drilling a hole through your truck. The hole must be close to the rear left taillight assembly.

Ensure to only make a small hole; enough for the cap wire to go through. Now thread the wire into the hole. You can trace the wiring by removing the rear taillight assembly.

Connect the canopy wires with the brake light wires. You can do this by finding the brake wire then cutting, stripping, and butt-connecting the cap brake light.

Note: From the brake wire, strip only a tiny insulation piece enough for the cap wire to merge with.

Now connect your truck’s brake wire to the high mount brake wire. Finally, install the tail light system back. Now they should function together.

Shopping Online

Shopping online is like the future of purchasing products. Almost every product today can now be bought online, even truck canopies.

Surfing online might make you lucky enough to avail for good deals and more affordable costs on the canopies that you are interested in.

The price of a truck canopy depends on some factors. The biggest one probably is the size. You can shop at some online platforms and see if a canopy for your specific pickup model is available.

Along with the size is the material of the canopy. Lastly, another factor that determines the price of a truck canopy is the age – brand new will always be relatively more expensive than the used ones.


That’s it! Learning how to install a truck canopy is actually not hard at all. The only downside is you can’t do this thing alone because lifting the cap needs assistance from another fellow. Other than that, you can simply do-it-yourself this stuff!

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