How To Open The Door When You Lost The Car Key?

Losing the car key is the most popular problem that the car owner usually has to find out the best way to deal with it.

Almost all people have a tendency to forget the key, but they do not know exactly where they put the key on. In some situations, they may lose the key because someone steals it.

To address this case, there is a wide range of the ways and each person has their own way, depending on their preference. Today, we will provide you the detailed instruction on what you should do when you lost the key.

Tips on opening the car

Many people get into the trouble when they forget the key. They usually lock themselves out with the key inside the car.

To combat this situation, they usually ask for the help of a locksmith nyc who has a bunch of the skeleton keys.

Fortunately, one of his keys can work and open the car. However, not all people have the good luck to open their car.​

Besides, some people take the use of the clothes hanger of the steel wires. This equipment is much simpler than other tools. Furthermore, it can help us resolve this situation when forgetting the car key.

Generally speaking, for all car drivers, forgetting the car key is a normal situation that can happen quite frequently. And in many cases, the best way is to save you before finding the help of other people due to the time and the circumstances.​

Many people think that they will break the glass of the car which is considered as the fastest way, but it can leave many considerable consequences and you may have to spend a great deal of money on fixing the car.

At that moment, some tricks can be very beneficial for you when it seems to be unexpected. A rope can be the perfect choice for you.

You should take a few steps as follows:​

You should tie a knot in the middle of the rope which is wide enough to contact with the unlock button inside the car.

You should hold the top of the rope and turn it into the door corners. After that, you need to pull the rope diagonally and put it down to close to the open button.

You should carry out gently to make for sure that the knot can fit the button, stretch the rope to tighten and pull up.​

This way is very simple, but effective because of a wide range of the factors from the door to the rope and the design of the open button.

Besides, people also need to be skillful in this step to reach the highest level of the best performance.

However, the rope or the clothes hanger of the steel wire is just suitable for opening your own car. In the event of the other’s car, this action will be illegal, so you had better be aware of this situation.​

The best ways to avoid forgetting the car key

​Firstly, you should always keep the key with you. Almost people know that the first and foremost regulation of driving the car is that never forget the key inside.

However, not all people can do this task. People who are patient enough always put the key in their wallet or hold it when they stop the car.

Secondly, the smart opening button can be the best resolution for those who are forgettable. By this way, if you do not remember where your key is, you cannot lock the car as normal.

Thirdly, replacing the battery in the smart key also is the best way. In some situations, the smart key may not work because its battery is exhausted and you just need to replace the new battery.

Fourthly, sometimes, you will need to take the advantage of the spare keys. This is the perfect selection for you to prevent you from locking yourself out of the car. Basing on each type of the key, the fee for the spare key is different.

Besides, you also can register at On Star Service. This is a wonderful way to address this situation. The on star service can provide you a huge number of the support services, including the emergencies services, security, and positioning.

Furthermore, this service has the ability to open the car from a far distance throughout the on star operator or using the application of the smart phone.​

Apart from these above ways, you should take part in a car club. If you are an active member of these clubs, you will have enough right to utilize the services which are provided by these car clubs with a small amount of the fee annually.

There are many car clubs which has the opening the car and you do not need to pay money for that service. You just need to make a phone call, and other people will go to your location and help you open it immediately.​

Finally, you should save the number of people who are responsible for unlocking the car on your phone.

This is the last solution is that you need the phone number of the locksmith on your phone or your notebook. When locking the car and left the key inside, you can all him and pay money for them to unlock.​


Generally speaking, forgetting the car key is not the serious problem because you still can improve it.

But, the most important thing is that you need to be patient and avoid being embarrassed because it can have an adverse effect on the way that you solve your problem.

Moreover, it cannot deal with anything, but it can make the issue become more and more complicated.​

​To prevent you from forgetting the key, you should take the use of the notes to remind yourself. Also, with the development of the technology, there remains an array of the effective methods to open the car, so you should not lose your temper and break it.

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