How To Remove Brake Rotor?

When driving you have to set your mind that safety first, but how to do it? Well, … You should drive at a normal speed, pay attentionto the object and vehicle on the road and maintain your car, inside as well as the outside.

The brake is something very important to guarantee your safe because sometimes you will need to stop immediately, you can imagine what can happen if you don’t have a good one?Do you need to stop?

Push the brake, the brake pads press on the rotor surface and make the friction. The friction is useful as it will reduce the spinning speed of the wheel, force the car move slower eventually before it stops. However, the friction is harm to your brake rotor as it makes the rotor wear out. 

Also, there are other factors can occur to your brake rotor like the physical impact, which will make it broken, the time and environmental condition which cause the rust of the car’s wheel since the metal and the oxygen in the air can have the chemical reaction.

So, after a long time, you will need to change the brake rotor of your car, just the matter of time.

1. Put on Protective Tools

Before beginning the work, you will want to wear the protective gloves as well as the glasses to protect your body.

Your hand will contact with the oil and grease and chemicals, which hand causes the harm for the skin of the hand.

The gloves will prevent the skin irritation and the other damage to the skin.While you are working, some liquids like oil or grease and many things else can get in your eyes.

A protective glasses is needed, not only do the eyes need to be defended from the chemical but also the objects with high speed can damage your eyes. Neveroverlook the harm can come to your eyes.

2. Raise Your Car

Use the lift or the jack to elevate your car, choose the solid and spacious ground to do this work. If you use the car lift, you have to block the other wheels unless car will slip out and fall from the tools. Blocking the car’s wheels willensure that they will not roll out.

In case, you use the jack, remember, the contact surface has to be thick and hard mental.

 The reason why is if you let the jack on a thin surface, you might see a hole on that surface after it punch, though.

With the surface not too fragile but not tough enough, it will be bent or crack with the plastic surface.

You should be careful with the jack as its foot can slip, the ground where you work should not exist the water, grease or oil as it easily causes the slippery. 

Whether your car is heavy, find something to support the car jack. The heavy pressure will pull the car down, and if your tools are not strong enough, it could be a catastrophe.

3. Remove the Wheel

Without taking out the wheel, you can not access to the components of the brake, it means unless you uninstall the car’s wheel, you can not touch and deal with the brake rotor. To detach them, you can find it not so difficult to unscrew the nut then take the wheels out.

Some people will feel is touch to remove the wheels as the rust build up at the around the hub ring. Take it slowly, and be cautious, the rusted hub is “vulnerable”, you should do it with the patient and persistent.

4. Remove the old Brake Rotor

Then, you have to detach the brake pad and the caliper need to be removed before you can access to the brake rotor.

Well, this step will be different for each car, some are not so hard, but some is really a challenge. Why some car brake rotor can notbe straightforwardlypulled off, the answer is the dust and the rust.

It may be much time from the last time your brake was maintained. So don’t be surprised that it takes you so much time and effort to remove it.

Grab the hammer and using a block of wood to loosen the rotor. Grasp the block of wood in one hand, in the other hand hold firmly the hammer.

The wood position is against the rotor, hit the wood to let the brake rotor out. Warning for you is never trying to strike the rotor directly.

If it still too tricky for you, you can use the oil, it makes the surface of the hub more slippery. Therefore, it is useful for your work as you can uninstall it more with less trouble.

 But, you have to spend time on it, lessen the difficulty do not mean that it is “entry level”A few people suggest that you can use the flow torch to heat up the rotor, but becareful, the accident can happen.

Never try this in the part near the fuel line or the gas tank. Meanwhile, it is quite useful, after heating it up all the things you need to do is a light tap with the hammer. This method is not so violent but dangerous for one do it carelessly.

Another choice is to cut the rusted hub part; you do not have to cut all the hub. Cut deep enough for placing a chisel or a big screwdriver.

Next, you the hammer to lightly hit on the chisel or the big screwdriver until the disk crack.After removing the old brake rotor, Force the pistolinside the caliper to make room for the new disc.

5. Cleaning the New Rotor

Any new rotor need cleaning, not because it is full of dust or has some dirt on the surface but because of the rotor protective oil or the protective coat.

 Be sure your brake rotor is clean by wiping it out with a soft cloth after spraying the cleaner on it. The protective oil can reduce the performance of the brake, lessen the friction of the rotor, lead to that the brake does not work efficiently.

You should take all the step so prudently since nobodywants to start this task again. The better for everyone to take it a time for few year.

6. Prepare the Hub Surface

The hub surface needs well reparation, no matter the hub rust much or just a little you should use the sandpaper to make the surface clean.

This is the work necessary to be done because if the surface is full of dust, the brake might workincorrectly. The surface is not only clean, disappear all the dust but the dirt and the grease as well.

The oilstone can be spray on the hub to remove the rust with less effort. However,remember all the artificial chemicals need to be removed from thecar.

7. Attach the Caliper

Before putting the caliper back to the car, you should ensure that that part is clean and you have already tidied it with a soft cloth.

Then put it in the same position as it used to be. After that, assemble all the bolts you take out to get the caliper out of the rotor.

8. Set up the Wheel

You are nearly the finish line, just a little. You just need to install the new brake rotor and the wheels before screwing the nuts just like the original condition.

Then, lift the car back to the ground, but that is not the last step. You need to check the brake before you drive on the road.

Now, gently press on the gas pedal, then push the brake, it is stopped immediately, is it okay? Can you hear annoying sound from the brake?

You can see the wheel ensure that the brake works well. You should try more than one time as you will want to make sure the brake always in good condition.

Checking times will make sure you have no technical problem while installing the wheel, so the brake is not stuck.

You should also put your car on the small road in your neighborhood before driving on the main road. It needs to work smoothly for sure.

Think about that, how much dangerous it would be when you drive on the freeway with the problem come from the brake.If there no issue take place, your car with the new rotor is totally okay, you can drive and feel safe with your car.

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