How To Remove Dents From Car – 6 Easy Steps DIY Without Ruining the Paint

Dents occur regularly to most cars over time, whether caused by car doors crashing into them or stones that hit them while the car is on the road or a variety of other reasons.

To remove dents from vehicles is something that many people do not deal with in the driveway, but it’s not that too tough. Most of the dents happen on the flat side or fender of a vehicle and it is easy and simple to fix.

These can cost a little money for repair - not because repair is particularly difficult, but because of labor costs. However, there are some simple and easy steps which you can do in your home or garage.

While small dent repair can be done with dry ice, compressed air or blow dryer but it can be difficult especially for medium to the big size of dents – so in the following section, we have given 6 simple steps on how to remove dents from car which are medium to the big size of dents:​

Material Needed:

  • ​A Hand saw
  • Dowel Rod
  • Some Screws
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Clean Cloth

​Step 1 - Make you own Dowel Grips

You probably have not used hand saws ever but it is very easy to make some Dowel Grips using hand saws. Take a dowel rod and cut it in the 4-inch size of small pieces around 5 nos. then screwing it with a screw on each side of the dowels to make grips just like a simple handle.

If you don’t have screws then you can also use bolts.Just drill a gap all the way in the section of dowel and insert the bolt from side to side. If you don’t want to make pieces from the dowel by yourself, you may also get it from craft shops or any home hardware stores.​

Step 2 - Prepare the Dented Area

In order to prepare the dented area, clean it with a dry cloth to make sure that there is no any dirt is left on the area so glue’s adhesiveness can be affected by the area properly. It is not necessary to use soapy water, you can just clean that area with a clean cloth.​

Step 3 - Apply Glue on the Grips

With a glue gun, put on sufficient amount of glue on the flat part of the dowel pieces. Stick these pieces on surrounding dented area.

It can be trial and error as far as where the rod pieces are placed. Every after placement you would get idea where you will place dowels in next round and how much amount of glue you need to apply.​

Step 4 - Pull Out the Dent

Once you place all the dowel pieces on the dented surrounding area, let them be cool by waiting for sometimes.

Once it’s been cooled, you may start pulling them one by one. Each time you will put that will provide imminent into where you should place the dowel in next round and also you will come to know which technique will work in a better way.

You may also take help of someone to pull more than 3 knobs at a time in order to cover a greater area of the dented part.​

Step 5 - Repeat the same steps if necessary

If the dented area has not been fixed in the first attempt, keep repeating the same step no. 3 and 4 until it's come out completely. In the first attempt, most probably you will get the idea, where you should place dowel pieces next time and how to pull it in a proper way so the dented area can be fixed.​

Step 6 - Clean Dried Glue

Once you are done and succeed to fix all the dented area, you will find dried glue on the car surface which you need to clean it. Dried glue can be scraped off easily with any tool which has soft edges, it is advisable to scrap it softly, it will be removed easily.​


These are the simple steps for car dent repair which you can do it yourself in your garage or home and it doesn’t require any professionals to fix it.

Require materials which have been mentioned here, are also very easily available and you don’t require spending much money on that. This is the method which you will surely recommend to everyone once you are satisfied.​

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