How To Remove Pinstripe

Does it annoy you sometimes when you have to get rid of stickers and pinstripes?

Once you apply stickers and pinstripes onto your car, it will take you a lot of time and effort to get rid of them. And once you can take them out, all you have left is a very messy and dirty surface which seriously damages the overall appearance of your car.

However, if you know how to remove pinstripe properly, you will not have surely you would be able to remove pinstripes and stickers without leaving any residual behind.

Basically, there are 2 types of pinstripes, which are taped on the cars and which are pained on the car. Therefore, I will introduce different methods in removing stickers and pinstripes first. In the second part, I will then introduce how to remove painted pinstripes.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the items that you need to prepare before you proceed to remove all of the pinstripes and sticker:

  • A mixture of water and soap. Stir them well to create a very foaming substance. Pour the mixture into a big bucket.
  • Wash rag or a big clean towel
  • A bottle of tar removal spay
  • A spatula preferably made from plastic. Any material which is harder than that such as wooden or iron can severely damage the paint of the car when they come to contact with each other.
  • Since you are going to deal with chemicals, remember to wear gloves and mask to protect your skin and your overall health.

Here is a step by step guide on removing pinstripes and stickers from your car.

Step 1

First, you need to prepare a cleaning solution containing warm water and soap. Make sure you stir the mixture thoroughly and vigorously so that you can create a lot of foam from the mixture.Use a wash rag or towel and soak it entirely into this cleaning solution.

After that, you can bring the rag or towel up and wash over the sticker. Do it for several times. Remember to pay attention to the stickers and the pinstripes as well as the areas around them.

This action will help to soften the stickers and pinstripes and make the job of removing them much easier late on.

Step 2

Use a tar removal product to spray all over the stickers and the pinstripes along with the surrounding area.

Let the substance sit for at least 5 to 8 minutes before you move on to the next step so that all of the compounds from the tar removal spray could penetrate deep down through the stickers and pinstripes and finally reach the glue on the back of them and work on these areas as well.

Tar removal product is one of the most effective methods to help you soak in, soften and break down the glue that helps to stick the stickers and the pinstripes onto the car.

It is very important that you only use 1 types of tar removal product at one time. Don’t mix 2 or more tar removal product or glue removal products. Different products use different kinds of compounds and chemical substances.

These different chemical substances if mixed together might react and can cause significant damage to your car’s exterior look. Remember to read the label of the product you are going to use very carefully for their safety instructions.

Some products are so strong and powerful that if you accidentally spray a healthy amount all over the car, they might also soften some other adhesive areas such as the rubber gaskets. So when you spray the removal product onto your car, it is better than you mask off all of the sensitive areas that might be affected by the product.

Step 3

When you think that the tar removal product has been able to soften the glue under the cover of the pinstripes and stickers, you can start to remove these pinstripes and stickers with your finger first. Remove the corner of the pinstripes and stickers slowly and carefully. Remember that being slow is the key here.

You should always try to remove the pinstripes and stickers with your hands before trying to remove with a spatula as the hands will cause less damage to your car than other tools.Also keep in mind that old dried up pinstripes and stickers will be harder for you to remove it.

Step 4

In case you cannot remove the pinstripes and sticker smoothly in one go with your hand, you should switch to use a plastic spatula. Just slowly slide this tool under the corner of the pinstripes and stickers which you have removed by hand.

Then also in a slow motion, move the spatula along the pinstripes and stickers until you reach the end. Alternatively, you can use the spatula to remove a large portion of the pinstripes and stickers before using your hand to remove them all.

Step 5

After you remove all of the pinstripes and stickers, there would be residual from the glue as well. In this step, you need to bring back the bucket of soap water and a wash rag or a clean towel from step 1. Soak the rag and the clean towel into the bucket and then bring them up to clean all over the surface of the pinstripes and sticker along with the surrounding area.

Do it for several time until you can get rid of the glue’s residual completely.

Step 6

In case the substance are very stubborn, once again you should spray a small amount of tar removal product onto the area where there are still pinstripes or sticker’s left over and the residual glue.

This time, use a small clean cloth to rub off the residual. Keep in mind that you should rub in a circular motion for better effectiveness.You can keep spraying and gently scrubbing until all of your car’s cover is free from pinstripes and stickers.

Step 7

In the final step, you should consider applying a coating wav or polish all over the place where you have just removed the pinstripes and stickers from to give it a shiny and healthy look like any other area of your cars’ exterior.​

That is all for the first method of removing pinstripes and stickers from the car. Here is the second method using heat.

Step 1

In the next method, you don’t need to use soapy water to wash off the pinstripes and stickers anymore. All you need to do is using a hair dryer and blow it near the cover end of the pinstripes and stickers so that they will start to heat up.

Step 2

As you keep moving the hair dryer back and forth along the pinstripes and the sticklers, try to peel the corner of the pinstripes with your hands to see if they can come off easily or not. Keep drying the pinstripes until you can gently remove them. Make sure you do it gently and slowly.

You can use a credit card or a plastic spatula to remove the pinstripes instead of your hands. However, never use any sharp objects such a wooden spatula or a sharp knife since they will damage the paint of the car very easily.

Step 3

Use at tar removal product to remove all the small bits as well as the glue left over on the surface.

Step 4

Finally, you can add a wav coat to the area which you have just take the pinstripes and the stickers out to enhance and protect its good condition.​

The above parts mentions about removing stickers and pinstripes which are also taped. How about removing painted pinstripes?

In most of the cases, you cannot get the painted pinstripes out without creating damage to the paint area nearby.

My best advice is bringing the car to an expert. He will help you to examine the condition of the car as well as the painted pinstripes before coming with a solution.

If you want to get rid of the painted pinstripes totally, you might want to repaint your car, which will cost a lot of money and time as well.

Taking off pinstripes and stickers from your car is not an easy job. It requires both of your time and your skills. With proper techniques, you would be able to remove them completely and easily with no residual left.

You would need to apply soap water, tar removal and use your hands as well as the spatula in order to finish this job. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to heat to pinstripes area before you remove it with your hands or a credit card. You also might need to consult an auto expert in case your pinstripes are printed onto your car.

I hope that this article would be able to provide you with enough information and detailed steps to handle this job well.​

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