How To Remove Scratches From Car Paint – Easy Fix With 6 Steps

Do you have a scratch on the car? And are you in search of the tricks how to remove scratches from the car? You are here at the right place.

Although it is a very odious situation, especially if you have the new car, there are different tricks that will help you repair this mark on the body and thus, get your car to look like the first day.

Depending on the depth of the mark will be more or less easy to disguise it, but, anyway, nothing is impossible!​

Before going to the mechanic, try products that you will easily find in specialized stores and, thus, try to see if it is possible to repair it yourself. In this article, we are going to tell you how to remove scratches from the car in the simple tricks.

Before you proceed to the trick to remove scratches from the car, there are some checks points which you need to review.

Check Point # 1 - Review the Damage

The first thing you need to check whether it is actually a scratch or just something stick on the body of your car surface. Touch the scratched area and inspect properly and ensure that it is scratch and not any debris.

This is an important task to check because many times such mark happens due to the impact of your car with any object which has softer coating than your car and left such marks which looks like scratches – Such imperfection requires less effort to remove.​

Check Point # 2 - Find out the intensity of the scratch

​Once you are confirmed that mark is actually a scratch and that needs to be repaired, the next step is to check how deeply that has been damaged.

It will decide how you should proceed in order to repair it. If the scratches are up to clear coat then it can be repaired at home.

Car surface has main 4 layers – Metal Steel, Primer, Color and Clear transparent coat.

If you have determined that the scratch is just as deeper as the clear transparent color paint or coat, it will be easy for you to remove and if it has hard scratches and reached up to steel, it could be more complex to get repaired at home.

Easy Remove Scratches From Car Paint With 6 Steps

Step 1 - Wash scratched part thoroughly and let it be dry

You should always remember, dirt may cause more scratches to the surface while cleaning the area so your first step is to wash scratched part thoroughly.

Look closely and check the area of the scratched part, spray water on the scratched and make sure, all the debris now came out from the scratch.

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Step 2 - Sand the scratch using sandpaper

Once the scratched part is dry, take a 2000-grit dry or wet sand paper and start sanding gently on the scratched part just throughout the clear coat.

Ensure you sanding in the same direction of the scratches, DO NOT do sanding in the opposite way of the scratches, that will create more valleys and ridges only and that will be more difficult to repair.​

Periodically wash the entire area with the water so you can be able to see it clearly if you reached the bottom of the damaged part.

If you will find the scratched area is little deeper from the color coat, you should use 1500-grit paper initially to make the level and then use 2000-grit paper in order to repair the scratches.

While sanding, make sure there must not be any debris otherwise it will cause more scratches.

Step 3 - Clean the area and make sure it is thoroughly clean and dry​

In order to clean the area thoroughly, use clean and good quality of microfiber fabrics to wipe it and let it be dry. Remember, if you will use old and dirty rags, it could cause more damages on the paint of your car.

Step 4 - Repairing paint surface using Rubbing Compound

​Using buffer pad apply the compound on the surrounding area that has become dull due to sanding. Usually, the benefit of using compound is to remove the light scratches that occurred with the sandpaper.

Now turn ON the buffer and keep it at a low level and shift it around for about 10 seconds and you must need to do this task quickly before compound get dry.

You can raise the speed of Buffer to 2000 RPM for about one minute, ensure to move it downward and side by side gently. Keep continuing this process up to 5 minutes that will be depended on the damaged mark and your pressure and speed.

You should not rub the same part over and over again, it may cause scratch that part if you will do so.​

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Step 5 - Wash area with clean water one more time

​Using clean water, wash scratched part and remove the residue compound from the surface of your car paint. Ensure to clean off extra compound as soon as you are done with the buffing, if it will remain there for a longer period, it will be tough to remove the compound otherwise.

Step 6 - Seal the paint using Wax

Seal the color paint using wax, you should apply a high quality of carnauba wax and then using a buffer, buff the area with any orbital buffer.

In order to wax your vehicle, you should normally use your method and if you have not waxed it before, we recommend you to first learn how to wax it.

Final, you are done with the process and lastly, rinse the repaired area one last time with the clean water and wipe with the clean and dry rags and make sure that now all the scratches have gone and now your car surface has got back its shine.​


Above are the easy steps of how to remove scratches from the car at home. We recommend you to adhere the instructions given otherwise it may cause more damage while repairing the scratches.​

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