How To Remove Super Glue From Car Paint

It might freak out many car owners when they see the signs of super glue on your car paint. And there are good reasons for being panic at that simple sign. It is very difficult to remove these sings with your bare hand as you will never be able to get rid of the tiny bits and may damage the paint of your car.

However, with proper techniques, you would still be able get rid of the super glue without damaging your car. In addition you will be able to remove it in a short amount of time as well.

Scroll for more information on how to remove super glue from car paint so next time you see the super glue, you would be able to handle it with ease.

Things You Need To Prepare Before You Remove The Super Glue From Your Car Paint:

  • A bucket full of water and soap.
  • A microfiber cloth or a wash rag for the first method
  • For the second method, you need a clean cotton rag or an old T-shirt
  • A hair dryer.
  • A tree sap removal

​Let’s have a look at the first method you can use to remove the super glue from your car paint:

​Don’t worry when you see the signs of super glue on your car paint. You can easily take it off by using the help of heat.

​First of all, you need to clean off the super glue and the area around the glue with soapy water. Just bring in a bucket full of soap and warm water and mix them up to create a lot of foaming.

​After that, you can use a microfiber cloth or a wash rag, soak either of them into the soapy water before bringing them back and clean off the targeted area. Remember to move the cloth in circular motion for better effect.

You need to make sure that there is no dirt when you are washing to avoid causing damage to the surface of your car.

When you finish washing the area which the super glue sits in, you need to use a hairdryer to warm the glue before peeling the glue off. It is very easy to peel the super glue which is the residue of the stickers or pinstripes with heat. The heat will help to soften the super glue and make it easier to fall off.

You should use the hairdryer to warm up the glue and the area around it for several minutes. Try to gently peel the glue off. You can also consider using a harder object such as a credit card to get rid of more stubborn glue. However, you should not use sharp objects such as knives, which might cause severe damage to the paint on your car.

When you cannot use your finger or the credit to remove the glue but there still are some residues left, use the tree sap remover to soften, dissolve and remove the remaining bits of the glue from the car paint. Just simply apply a healthy amount of the tree sap removal on the surface and let the chemicals sit in and absorb deeper into the glue before rinsing the area with water.

Finally, when you are rinse off all of the tree sap cleaner and there is no super glue left on your car’s paint, you can apply a thin coat of wax onto the area to make it look shiny again.

Note: You can also use nail polish remover instead of the tree sap cleaner. It is also very effective and efficient which you can buy easily in any local beauty store.​

The process of cleaning with the nail polish only takes about 1 to 2 minutes and you don’t have to apply much pressure on rubbing the targeted area.

After reading about the first method, let’s move on to the next method to get rid of the super glue from car paint.

​In this method, you are going to deal with gasoline. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention and care in order to avoid burning yourself. If you are not confident or don’t have quick reaction, I don’t recommend using this method.

For this method, all you need to do is apply some small amount of gasoline onto an old T-shirt or cotton rag. Remember to only apply a small amount of gasoline and don’t soak the shirt or the cotton rag completely so that they don’t fill with gasoline.

After that, you can rub the area which contains the super glue residue with the old T-shirt or cotton. Just like any other method or like when you wash your car, you need to gently rub it in circles until all of the super glue is taken off the car’s paint.

Finally, you need to use a clean cloth, soak it into water and clean the area cleanly so there is no gasoline left. Dry clean the area one more time with clean cloth. Although you can leave the gasoline on the car’s paint and let it emit over time, prolong contact of gasoline on your car might lead to damage or deterioration of your car paint.

You can apply a thin coat of wax or polish on the area where the super glue used to sit in to give your car a more shiner and better appearance.

In the last method, I will introduce you about using soap to get rid of the glue.

Unlike these 2 other methods which you can use to get rid of the super glue from car paint, in this method, the super glue that I want to remove is the one that lie on your car seat or the car upholstery.

With superglue that is stuck on your car, it needs to be removed as soon as possible to prevent it from getting deeper into the car seat’s fabric and cause damage to its surrounding area.

Firstly, you can use your credit card to get rid of as much super glue as possible. Once again, don’t use sharp knife as they will only cause damage to your car seat.In case there is any residue, clean it first with acetone such as nail polish removal. Let the chemical soaks in for 10 minutes before cleaning it off so that the acetone has a lot of time to dig deeper into the super glue and soften it well.

Afterwards, use some clean cloths, soak them in water and place them over the super glue to blot the stain. You need to blot the area with cool water so that the super glue will be removed with less effort.

In addition, need to wash off the entire remaining compound with soapy water. Keep in mind that you need to clean the acetone fully in order to prevent damage to other upholstery in your car.

Finally, you need to dry the area with a clean cloth. Make sure that the area where you have just cleaned is fully dry to prevent mold and mildew from happening in the future.

Finally, here are some warning notes for you to take​

  • Gas is very dangerous, so you need to make sure that you can react quickly, especially when the gas first sparks off. You need to remove the gas from the hands right at the moment the gas becomes the flame. If you could not do so, you should try other methods to get rid of the super glue.
  • When you remove the glue, don’t use sharp object such as knives. In addition, use only microfiber cloth only to prevent further damage on the paint of your car.
  • When you remove the glue, don’t use sharp object such as knives. In addition, use only microfiber cloth only to prevent further damage on the paint of your car.
  • Since you are dealing with harmful chemicals, remember to wear gloves and masks before you start your job to protect yourself from inhaling these toxins.
  • In case you use the gasoline to get rid of the super glue from your car’s paint, make sure not to wear latex gloves as these gloves tend to catch fire quicker.
  • After you finish your job using gasoline, remember to wash your hand thoroughly so there is no more gasoline left on your hand. If you fail to do so, you would increase your risk of getting hand skin burns.

​Here are some methods you could try in case you want to remove super glue from your car paint. After all, just by using the right removal along with skills and patience, you would able to completely get rid of the super glue without leaving any damage to your car at all. In case there are serious damages on your car’s paint, you need to take it to see an expert mechanics who will give you more advice on caring for your car.

I hope that my article can provide you some information and detailed guide that you can simply follow to succeed in this small task.​

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