How To Repair Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Your car vacuum cleaner can be broken unexpectedly, that is an unpleasant problem that people usually have. 

You can choose to bring it to the professional to fix it or go to the store to get a new one immediately, however, another the choice people often overlook, it fixes your car vacuum model at home by yourself.

If your vacuum cleaner does not have much damage, you actually can make it as good as new and save some bucks for yourself.

What Problem of Your Unit?

Many problems can happen with your car vacuum cleaner. But the first thing you should do is to examine and determine what wrong with it. It does not turn on, it vacuums weaker than usual, or it Is much noisier than it used to be… then you can steeply find out what happen with your device.

Some of the most popular problems can be cited is the vacuum motor doesn’t work, the reason for that might be your device does not receive the electric, make sure you plug it on, turn on the switch, then check the continuity of electricity follows.

Another one can be like your vacuum is full of dust, both in the canister and in the motor and fan. It is necessary to clean it for the good working condition.

Check the Power First

Before you fix your vacuum cleaner or have someone to fix it, make sure you have plugged up it to the power.

It sounds ridiculous, but, sometimes, you can forget to turn it on so you think it is broken. With the cordless one, make sure it is not run out of battery, and the switch is on position. Without electricity, no machine can work.

Another thing you should consider is the electric socket, there might not the electric flow in it. Use a circuit tester to check it. In case you don’t have a circuit tester, use a lamp, a radio or every electric appliance nearby you, plug it in the socket.

If that appliance is not working, it can be that your vacuum cleaner is not broken.

The Vacuum Cleaner is Not Working at All

Then you should check the electric path in the car vacuum cleaner. To do that, you need a multimeter, check out the individual part to find the cause of the problem.

When you find your issue, clean the contact, clear the dust the contact area with a soft cloth, unless it works, you have to change that part to make the device work again.

1. Is your vacuum cleaner overheat?

Some devices have the feature to stop working in the case your cleaner get too hot. When the device is at the high temperature for a long time it will harm your device, especially the motors.

The motors are the main cause of the heat, for a long time working, the motors will be overwork.

Stop feature is to prevent the cleaner from the harm. When you see the vacuum cleaner stop suddenly while you vacuuming the car.

Check the manual, see whether your device has that feature. If your device does, wait for about 20 to 30 minutes to let it cool down before turn it on again.

2. How long is it since the last time you clean the collection canister or replace the bag?

This easily leads to the poor performance of the cleaner, when the cleaner is full of dirt, there will be no room to collect more.

In this case, the device will sound like it is working, however, there is no suction, you just need to empty the canister or replace the vacuum bag, then you can come back with your work.

3. Something stuck in the hose?

​​​​If you have already empty the canister and replace the bag but the issue is still there, you can think about some object get stuck in the hose.

It does not have much trouble, but, how about the object stuck in the place your fingers can not reach, you will need a stick.

To make the object come out, feed the stick into the hose. When it reach the object, carefully push it (do it as much careful as you possible, you can make a hole in your plastic hole).

You should do it outside as your the things stuck in the hose will come out with a lot of dust, wear a mask to protect your health. The trash should be ready too, you will need it.

4. The problem of airtight?

The vacuum work on its principle, it creates a vacuum to suck up the dirt, it can not do it job if there is air escaping from the device.

No dirt can be pulled to the canister or the bag, or just a little dirt. The airtight is not guarantee can make your motor have to work harder.

The problem of airtight can lead to the broken for the whole system . That is what should not happen.

Several places you have to check when you think your car vacuum cleaner have few leaks. The first one you should pay attention to is the connect between the hose and the vacuum.

 After doing the cleaning, people usually leave the connect lose, so you really to check that connect after cleaning.

Another place you should care is the vacuum bag and the canister (some canister can easily get out from the device) is not attach the vacuum. Might be you didn’t get your bag or canister tight enough.

The gap between the vacuum and the parts can prevent your device from picking dirt.This problem can be solved with electrical tape on the surface around the holes, the gaps or the loose connects. If you have silicone sealant, use it, it also a good choice for you.

5.How to fix with the motors seem poor?

If the motor works slow and not so powerful, that is the right time for you to remove the debris, wipe out all the caked dirt.

Dirt makes the motor have more friction, make it heavier, it also dry the oil in the motor, and lessen the performance of the vacuum.

Applying the oil to the motor if you see it is necessary, oil will reduce the friction and help the motor have more rpm, it faster and your vacuum cleaner and make it more powerful.

Most of the appliance need to oil regularly so does your vacuum cleaner, oiling it at least one time per 6 months, to make sure it work on good condition.

6. Check the brush roll

The problem sometimes can come from your brush roll since it does not spin anymore.

Try to figure out what make that problem, most of the people find something stuck on the brush, it can be the clothes, a string, hair,...

It will take you a lot of time to remove all the hair on the brush roll. To do it you need a scissor, carefully cut all hair and take it out.

Don try to do this fast and place your angry on the brush because you might cut the brush hair. Your task is not only taking the hair out but also keep it in the good condition, that is important you should remember.

7. When it is so noisy

Your car vacuum cleaner emits the thunderous sound, its root might come from the motor (it is in the poor condition) or may be the fan is the reason.

After a long time using, the fan is broken, then it makes the loud sound. Check the motors as well as the fan and fix it if something is broken.

For the fan, replace it is not a big problem, it is not expensive. But for the motor, replace it will cost you as much as a new one, don’t think about change all the motors, just a part of it if other parts are in good condition.

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