Replace The Headlight Bulb – DIY An Hour With Available Tools In House

Car bulb is designed for the extreme condition even in the freezing temperature and boiling hot. However, it will need to be changed on occasion when the bulb blows out with the available tools in house. Broken headlight can be swapped at your home by yourself.

The most important thing is how to replace headlight bulb, introduction and precise guide will help you a lot in this situation. And this article will help you to find it easy and effortless to change the new bulb.

Preparing The Tool

Before start to do, you should gather all the accessories you will need in the garage. The needed thing will include the new bulb, the screwdriver, and the rubbing alcohol. That is all the thing you need for replacing the blown out bulb.

Tool For Replace Headligh Bulbs

Cut the Energy Supply

It would be dangerous to work with the wire will there is still the current in there. The first thing you should do is to disconnect the power of the battery. It is unnecessary to detach the battery like someone might think.

Just need to unwire the power cable wiring with the negative battery is good. It will stop the current, and you can feel safe while fixing the headlight of the car.

Cut the energy supply

Find the battery in the front trunk; it is set in there with the engine, with two negative and thick wire, it is easy for you to recognize it.

If you can not differentiate between the positive and negative terminals, the tip for you is to look for the letters “NEG” or “-“ symbol on the battery.

Find & Access The Headlight Bulb

For the new model car, you can remove the bulb only from the behind. It means you will have open the hood and approach the bulb from there. If the engine or the plastic trim components cover the access, remove it.

Find and access the headlight bulb

Make sure you know the way to take it out, as well clear the way to put in back without damage anything.

If you not sure how to do that, find the introduction on taking those components from the internet or the service manual to ensure that thing will not happen.

Unplug The Pigtail

The pigtail is responsible for delivering the electricity from the power system to the headlight. Before you can take the bulb out, you will need to disconnect the pigtail first.

Take that thing out and look if it is melting or burning, that might be the reason your bulb does not emit the light.

Besides, remove the dust on the connection too. That can also lead to the headlight can not work.

Unplug the pigtail

If you see the rust, you can change it or spray it with electrical component cleaner. Not only clean pigtail, but it can also provide the protective coat for the pigtail.​

​Remove & Change The Old Bulb

Spin the bulb counter-clockwise to release it from the plastic headlight. Now, get the new one to put it in the gap. You should purchase for the similar one in your car. Make sure that the serial number of the products are the same.

In the case you can not find the number, you should tell the year, the model to the clerk for the appropriate bulb.

But there is no right one available; you might need to purchase for a pair of lights bulb. Different degree of brightness in the two heights might ruin the car appearance.​

Take The Bulb From The Package & Wipe It

The oil on the human hands can harm the bulb; it reasons why you should not touch the glass of the bulb. The only spot you can place your finger on is the base. While you feel to do that is so inconvenient, the glove can be a big help for you.

Nevertheless, you hold the bulb with your necked hand, do not worry, the rubbing alcohol can help you to handle that.

Dampen a soft cloth with the alcohol, and wipe your new bulb down. That act can both remove the oil, make it shiny and leave a protective coat on the surface.​

After clean the bulb with alcohol, ensure you only touch the base or the glass part with the rug. This what you should do unless you want to repeat the process again.

Another notice for you is not to forget to let the bulb dry before attach it in the headlight. You can faster the process by rub it again with the dry clothes if lost the patient and do not to wait.​

Insert The Bulb & Set The Engine Back

Now you can place the bulb back to its place, rotate it in the clockwise to give it back to its place. Check if the bulb is firm in the headlight housing because while running the car might shake a lot, this can lead the bulb to be out of spot.

If you find the front trunk is too dark, turn on the flashlight so you can see everything clearly. Be careful not to hit your bulb hit the component of the car; the bulb might have the scratch or worse, it might be broken.

​Next, you can connect the pigtail back to the bulb. If you do that in the right way, you can hear the “click” sound to confirm you do it correctly.

Then install the engine as well the plastic trim like it used to. Mounting the components in the reserve order will help you do it easier and prevent the accident occurring. Make sure you careful with every detail and provide an appropriate check on it.

Connect The Battery & Test The Light

If you have done everything with the engine and the headlight, that is the right time for you to connect the battery with the main power cable. Do it similarly like when you take the wire out and make sure the connection is firm.

Now turn on the light, you will need to see it work before driving it out after sunset. Leave it five minutes to see if it really works well. Then your task is accomplished.


Not so challenging, swapping the bulb is not too difficult and can be done by the DIYers. While how to replace headlight bulb is the barrier for you, this articles can remove it. Assist you with the task, saving the time money and effort.​

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