Knowledge And Caring Methods About Car Headlights

The automobile headlights now commonly used:

  • Halogen Reflector Reflective
  • Halogen projector
  • Xenon (HID) projector
  • LED matrixLED projector
  • LED spotLaser

​70% of accidents occur at night due to the headlight in traffic means not afford safety lighting. The lighting capability of automotive trucks started very poorly today (excluding automotive innovation).

Hence, the drive to look for supporting light lamps mounted underneath, on top … the aim to improve the car a better light. The halogen lamps used in the form of reflective multifaceted reflector.

On the market has a wide variety and diversity as well as pricing models and different quality. Much is made in China goods. These types originating from Germany, Australia, USA price is very high.

The external auxiliary lamps from China are produced using a reflective layer of stainless steel instead of aluminum because the price of silver production and silver aluminum reflector lamps are high.

Over many processes then aluminum evaporation at temperature 1000-2000 degrees C to create the silver reflective layer on the headlight. Hence, the cheap cost lamps are cheaper; the quality is acceptable but the initial spend a short time the lamp will not light at first.

Due to many reasons such as being Dop layers of stainless steel due to the heat emitted by the lamp too large, dust, water entered the dimmed headlight reflective layer or reflective layer of oxidized.​

As we see in practice under the car’s standard light trucks, automobiles use some time apart from the glass and the lights are dimmed lighting capability is limited.Many people assume that any kind newest best.

However, the fact that each type of car lights are both advantages and disadvantages. Please take a moment to learn about all three: halogen, xenon, and LED.​

Halogen Lamps​

Halogen lamps are the most common type in the automotive industry today. The reason lies in the biggest advantages of these lamps are longevity than vs. the old kind.

Lifespan of a halogen bulb is approximately 1,000 hours of light in normal conditions. Also, the cost of replacement lamps is very low.​

However, this is no longer the first choice of more and more automobile manufacturers. Reason? Halogen lights are not synonymous with efficiency. To better understand this, let’s find out the principle of operation of halogen lamps.

Gourd lamps made of glass with high thermal resistance, inside a halogen gas (the main component is argon and nitrogen) and a tungsten filament. Lamp power grab of the automotive and heating filament to 2,500 degrees Celsius, while the filament will glow red hot.

Halogen headlights

The biggest problem is with the lighting, halogen lamps also generate large excess heat, wasting energy. A further problem is the reaction of halogen bulbs with nature.

For example, when replacing broken light bulbs, you must not touch the glass gourd. Salt in sweat hand will reduce lamp life.​

However, halogen lamps had several advantages: they shine more – mainly thanks to the heat emitted from filament; we have many different sizes so you can use for most vehicles; we can for the dim light – enabling automotive manufacturers to make several versions depending vehicles.

The advantages and disadvantages of halogen lamps


  • ​Life expectancy is higher than the traditional incandescent lamp
  • Many different sizes
  • High-Performance Lighting
  • Good lighting


  • Waste of energy
  • For the special care

​Xenon bulbs

​Xenon lamps, commonly known as high-intensity lamps lighting (HID), have an outstanding advantage power saving. Glass gourd containing xenon gas, so the bluish light (see with the naked eye).

Xenon lights first appeared on the BMW 7 Series in 1991, slowly conquering the automotive manufacturer and by far the No. 1 choice of many companies.

The first point to note about the xenon lamp is more energy-efficient than halogen lamps regarding the amount of light emitted.

However, this is the weak point of this kind of light, because the light is too strong of a xenon lamp and the car often causes the opposite to be blinding. According to official statistics, xenon bulbs produce 3,000 lumens and 90 MCD / m2, while the halogen bulb produces 1400 lumens and 30 MCD / m2.

Xenon lights also now come in many sizes and variations to be used for different types of vehicles.​

​Energy consumption efficiency is often the first thing people think of when they think about HID lights. This advantage helped reduce automobile fuel consumption and CO2 emissions into the environment.

Most people believe that xenon has a longer life halogen lamps. In normal conditions, the Xenon lamp life is 2,000 hours of operation.

However, these lamps also have some disadvantages, enough to make many people think that xenon is not the best choice for their vehicle.

First, as noted above, the strong light emitted from the xenon can dazzle other drivers on the road, especially the opposite vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents.

​Second, HID lamps are more expensive, except when it comes to the cost of installation, maintenance or replacement. Finally, some harmful xenon headlights for health, because some types can contain toxins, such as mercury.

Summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the lamp​:


  • Life expectancy is higher than halogen lamps
  • High performance due to power-saving halogen lamps more
  • Give the driver better visibility when the night sky


  • Light intensity is too high, endangering the vehicle backward
  • High cost
  • It may contain hazardous substances

​LED lighting technology is the most modern in the automotive industry

The most important thing is often referred to when it comes to LEDs is they consume very little power. With this advantage, LEDs are used for the Toyota Prius and some other hybrid.

However, it is necessary to clarify a few things. For example, although no heat LED lighting such as halogen lights, they do produce heat in the lampshade, so creating a certain danger for the adjacent unit and the connecting cable.​

Overall, the automotive manufacturers avoid using LED lights made especially for this reason. Instead, their LED technology application for turn signals, lights or brake lights daylight. Thanks to its small size, LEDs enable manufacturers to create a variety of shapes automotive decorative lights.

The amount of electricity that consumption LEDs supposedly located between halogen lamps and xenon, but with the current efforts of automotive manufacturers, most likely in the future LEDs will have far-reaching.

​Summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of LEDs:


  • Higher production costsR
  • adiant heat at the base of the lamp, affecting adjacent parts

Headlight system maintenance

Headlights, one of the important parts and necessary to ensure the safety of all vehicles, whether old or new cars. If not regularly checked, dew-prone headlights blur, leading to the driver’s vision is the limited and easy occurrence of accidents.

So, take care of the headlights like protecting your eyes. How to make a fairly simple, if gold or condensing lens polishing up the affected area and then coated with UV protection for the headlights. Where dimmed headlights or low light, to conduct new replacement immediately.

​How to maintenance of car headlights

  • Parking on the surface.
  • Ensure the wheel pressures are correct.
  • The driver or someone with the same weight should sit on the driver’s seat.
  • Just clean the external lens so you can see the center of the headlight.
  • Stand your car in front of a wall or a screen
  • Turn on the low beam.
  • Determine if the headlights are properly aimed.

​Inspect and maintenance your car regularly

Including inspection, diagnosis more complicated and more … require the intervention of the experienced mechanic.

However if you want to guarantee yourself at home, there are parts that you need to note more thoroughly tested are: batteries, wiper blades, fluids need for cars, these are parts that besides the car parts also contributed an important part of maintaining your vehicle is the operation as standard.​

The battery is considered as an important part of the car, if the batteries run into problems you will not be able to start the car, or worse, your car may be “lying Street” at any time.

To batteries work well, you need to keep the battery clean and always check the battery life by listening to machine problems. Or if such notice any rust or corrosion signs on the battery poles, remove the battery cable from the extreme right, and metal cleaning brush.

Although the amount of acid in the dilute acid battery, insignificant, to ensure that safety is the most important thing you should carefully gloves when in contact with the battery as shown below, and avoid replacement battery for too long as this will make the car does not work well.​

For car air filter to ensure clean and always has been renewed for the fuel in the vehicle can be thoroughly burned, this is also the way to very good fuel economy.

Usually, the air filter is replaced regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance. But if your car has to work continuously, you should change based on Km.

The part you also check the oil wedge to the car, if the oil is dirty and has residue will affect motivation and performance of the car. When the oil change for your car should also replace that car oil filter, this will help avoid the base engine dirty.​

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