Popular Causes Of Steering Wheel Shaking At Low Speed

All the drivers, there must be one time for anyone to feel the steering wheel shaking when you slam on the pedal. If you love speed, that will be so great when you feel the steering wheel vibrate in your hand. However, it will be so unusual when seeing the steering wheel shaking at low speed.

This is the warning that there is something wrong happen to your car and you will need to fix it. It will be easy if you tend to have the mechanic to repair it for you. But if you want to do it yourself, first, you will need to define what problems you have as the preceded step.​

Wheel Balance​

This often happens when a part of the wheel is heavier than other. It might cause by many reasons, such as the rough road, hitting something, weather factors, and another element. It will often happen if you drive your car about 60 mph.

Nevertheless, it will not mean it will not take place in your vehicle when you are driving at 30mph. Also, this issue often arises when you are driving your car at a certain speed. If you want to fix this problem, you will need to detect the heavier part and handle.

If your rim is blended or not in the origin shape, then the problem is quite clear. As the rim is not so “round” as it was, the balance of wheel is not maintained. You will need to return the origin shape of the wheel to make it work back or change it with another one.

Also, the rim can be worn out or rusted; this will lead the wheel lost its balance and made the steering wheel shaking. This is a tip for you when you see an area with the rust or being worn out. It can be 70% sure that the issue should come from that area.

Wheel balance

To fix this problem, the technician often adds the lead piece in the opposite of the heavier part. Then, the car will balance, it will not make the wheel hard to spin like it used to. Nevertheless, you will need to ensure the lead is exact weighted as the heavier part.

The tires take part in break the balance of the wheel too. It will make steering shaking a little bit when you drive the car with those tires. Even if you have not done anything with the tire, it will eventually lose its balance. In the case you find there is something wrong with the tire, you can change it with the new one.

This often happens slowly; you will not recognize it right after it happens. Except that you are super sensitive to the vibration, you will not detect it until it is so shaking. In that case, you will need to fix it as soon as possible since the longer is last, the worse it is.

The Weather Condition

If your problem does not happen so often, it might come from the source of the weather condition. They could be the rain, mud, snow or debris – the element causes the shaking for your car. They might get stuck in the wheel of the car and cause the unbalance.

Asides, those factors can stick in the engine, preventing them from rotating freely. This will cause the vibration for your car, and make you feel annoying. But it will not take too much time for you to deal with this problem.

If you drive through the muddy road or you have not clean the car for a long time, it is the right time for you to wash it. Pay more attention for the wheel as well the axle as it will full of dirt, debris. Clean it off with water and soap; you will get rid of the vibration.

In the winter, the snow and ice are the main factors in causing the noise and the shaking. Warm water is the best solution for this problem; it will remove the snow and ice on the wheel quickly. Pour the water on the rim, it will make these thing melting fast, and you will not have to care about this problem.

​The brake

This component is responsible for stopping the car and provide the safety for the driver. It slows the vehicle by the friction, but it might be the root for the shaking. After a long time, service, it will not be good as it used to be and the shaking appear.

Car brake

While you are applying the brake, it will conduct heat as the friction of the rotor and the caliper. The temperature of those components will often be high and even higher if you drive with fast speed. Gradually, the rotor will warp, you will have the pulsation on the steering wheel.

As the more frequency, you break your car in high speed; the more damaged your rotor will be. Not only it causes the vibration, but also, it might harm for other components. When having this trouble, you will need to fix it as quickly as possible.


The axle will not break rapidly, but in a slow process lasting for years. Because it is made from metal, the problem it will have is the rusted. Besides, it might be bent if you usually carry a significant amount of weight. Or you might have the accident; this is the direct reason for steering wheel shaking.

Car Axle

The identity of when the trouble comes from the axle is when you sense the vibration when you go up to the hill. Another thing for you to make sure the issue roots from the axle, it will shake stronger when you accelerate. But it will appear at low speed.

This problem is not easy, or in other words, it is the cumbersome task for all the driver. You will need to take out the rims, wheel, brake, everything. After that, no matter you want to straighten the axle or replace it, it will take you a lot of time an effort.​


The engine is what most of the people can not check and test the condition of it. Nevertheless, this is not so hard for you to find out the fact that the problem is related to the engine. You can sense the shaking from the steering wheel and all the spot of the car.

Car Engine

It will be difficult to say whether what exact component the problem comes from since the engine is the most complicated of the car. Besides, it is not easy for anyone to inspect it and find out the problem. Therefore, try to change that component or try to fix it might not better the situation but in reserve.

But if you want to check before bringing it to the garage, you should test the air induction or fuel delivery first. It is the most common and preceded things will break down and leading to this problem.

And do not mess your car up, for sure you had better do not break anything else. If you not often open the engine up, you should not do it. While you can fix it by yourself, it will be a great advantage for you to know exactly what to fix it.

Steering Components

This is cause that most of the people will overlook when finding the answer to the problem. The reason why the steering wheel shack is because of it? Yes, for sometimes, you are considering the issue in the wrong place.

It will only occur when you drive the car after 2 or 3 years or high mileage. Except that, there is nothing for you to realize that the problem is in front of you. Therefore, if you have checked every corner of the car, this will be the next area, you should look at.

The worn rod ends responsible for it, as it is worn out, it will be loose. The rod will be faded till it can not be solid and you can feel the vibration from the steering wheel. If you do not like this annoying feelings, the best choice is to bring it to the profession.

Steering components

It will be faster and easier for the expert to repair the problem like this. On the other hand, if you prefer to do it yourself, check the information provided by the manufacturer. The instruction of the product will help you to open the cover much easier.

Also, try to do it with the slight hand as the plastic cover is easy to break. Make sure you keep all the small components like the screw, it will be a big challenge if you lost them. After having done, then put the cover back in place, then your problem will disappear.


The vibration can be the root of many problems; it will take extended time for all the driver to figure out it. But hope this post can help you with it, and choose the best option to handle the issue. It will improve your driving experience without the annoying as well guarantee for your safe.

If you have not sensed the steering wheel shaking at low speed, it will help you in the future. It is the standard issue for all the car and will take place at a center time. Knowing and understanding the problems of your vehicle is valuable for you when it happens.​

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