The Essential Factors While Buying A Car Vacuum Cleaner

If this is the first time you buy a car vacuum cleaner, you will find it extremely confusing to pick a one. There a so much brand in the store shelving and usually the advertisements does not tell the true, every model is the best. But, if you just drive out and purchase for a model the seller recommend to you, sometimes, you will regret your own decision. Buying a best car vacuum cleaner is not an easy task, however, There are factors a good one should have. Read this post! It will help you to make a good decision.

Suction power

Most people find a good one should have a large power, the more power it has the more dust and debris will be pulled to the vacuum. That is what people think, however, strong motors do not always come with the powerful suction.

suction power car vacuum


There is more than one factor to say a product is powerful or not. Because of the design can affect the suction power, a wise design can utilize the suction ability of your vacuum. To be a high suction power vacuum it will need more than the rpm printed on the product. Find a good design product, it not only give you good experience but also save your bucks on electricity.

Feature: limited or multi-function

Based on the need of individual, the feature of the car vacuum cleaner can be changed. This is a necessary thing you need to carefully think about. The vacuum is the main use for cleaning the dirt, dust.

On the contrary, some people want to have a vacuum can deal with the water, think about that, beer or coca on the ground of car. You can use a soft cloth to clean then wash the carpet or vacuum cleaner then wash the carpet, which way you want to do? The more money you pay for the function, the more payoff you will get.

Car vacuum limited or multi function

You should predict some things you will need in the future too. If you gonna to have a kid, you will want to buy a one can clean the snack, cookies, candies on the carpet. Try to figure out all the need you can have will help you to choose a best one for your using purpose.

What to choose plug-in or wireless product?

In general, both of two type of the car vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning the car. Although, each type have its own advantages and limitation. The model with the wire, absolutely, will be more powerful and can pull more dust into the canister.

That is its advantage, meanwhile, its limitation is that it is so heavy so you will not please to carry it into your car. Besides it just can be used at some area, the place without electricity socket, it is useless. As no power, no work. Another thing that makes the plug-in sometimes so inconvenient is that the top of the hose is not fit to clean the exterior parts.

The cordless one is in reserve, it is small, do not need a power source and is good to clean the small parts in your car. Although, its drawback is it will take you more time to tidy your car as it does not have powerful suction.

What is better depend on you, what you need, for some people they will prefer the one with wire since they think the other will take them more bucks for the battery. Otherwise, some think that the wireless is more convenient and worth it. I can not tell you what is better, but you can consult what are cited here to make your choice.

Your car’s size

Your car size might be factors to determine what cleaner should be bought. For example, you have a big car that you can carry all your family with you on the holiday, it will need a heavier product. That will help you to do your task much quicker. The big one will be a good choice for a big car as you can see if you have to struggle in the narrow car, you will not happy at all with it.

your car size

If you buy one that not suit the size of your car (especially if it is smaller it should be), it will have to work harder, bear it in mind, the vacuum will get hot faster. In the long run, the heat and overwork can very harm to your cleaner. It is not wise to ruin your vacuum in that way.

Battery duration and charging time

One thing you had better consider when buying a product is the battery life. Most of the product have its own information about the hours of the battery can be used before it totally dead. The longer the hours the less frequency you have to pay for the battery.

Before taking any product, check how long the battery will run out, which is extremely important as the time is too short, you will have to stop and redo the task few times before your car is clean, which is quite irritated to do so. You should think about the time you need to complete cleaning your car before choosing a model with the suitable battery.

battery vacuum cleaner

Also, charging time is a thing you had better pay attention to, some people complain some vacuum take too much time for the charging. The charging time is an unavoidable issue, but, it does not mean you can not reduce the time for the charging. The new products often apply the new technology, and it absolutely declines the time you have to wait until your product is full of battery.


If you and your car often on the long way, and you need to clean the car while you are on go. A portable one is the best for you, it is a coreless product. As you can bring it along with you, it is quite convenient. And it is very easy to store, not take too much space on the trunk or the back of your car. Take a one with you will guarantee your car in the good condition all the time.

Portability car vacuum

You actually need a one if your car is a commercial one. You will want to clean the car when  passengers get off the car or before they get in yours, which does not take much time to tidy and make your car clean, but your client will happy and much pleasant for that. A cordless one no doubt will improve your service.

Nevertheless, I have to say that a small, portable one will not okay for your commercial car in case you tend to vacuum it once time a week. It is full of dirt, so you will need a bigger one, powerful one to make it clear.

Are you have the allergic problem?

In case you have the allergy as a concern, pay attention for the one can reduce the allergens in the environment. Those conduct can even vacuum the 0.3 micros pollutant, and eliminate almost the allergens.

The anti-allergic vacuum cleaner often come with the bags, they trap the allergens better, prevent them from getting out, and you can find it safer to remove the dust from the vacuum. To avoid having the allergy, the one with the bag is should be choose.


However, if you do not want a one with a bag, make sure you empty the canister on the outside of your house, the trash should be ready, you will surprise because of the amount of dust in there. Wear a mask to protect your health and prevent the allergens.

Heat emission

Some of the vacuum cleaners get really hot while you use it. Some people feel that they feel it is unsatisfied since the vacuum cleaner make their car too hot although they have already turned on the air condition.

If you do not care about the temperature in your car while you doing your task, you can pass this. But, if you find this is important because you do not want to sweat too much ,especially, on a summer day, make sure you choose a low-temperature emission.

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