The Things You Should Know About Braking Distance

What is the braking distance?

Experienced professionals in the UK automotive and empirical calculations to give correct figures on the braking distance at different speed levels.


Distance brake safety divided into two parts: the distance reflective brakes, braking distance. In particular, braking distance is the distance reflex move from moment to recognize dangerous driving and braking reflexes soon after.

Braking distance is the distance measured from the press brake to a complete stop at the car. Braking distance will be affected by the speed cause than reflective braking distance. In fact, the difference in reluctance braking distance between the speed of 50km/h and 120km/h in just 15 meters, but the gap distance of up to 69m brake pedal.

These factors affect the braking distance


The higher the speed, the distance the greater brake. The reflective index braking distances and braking distances increased the pace. Therefore, not difficult to explain why the populated areas have speed limits to cut and avoid unfortunate accidents happen.


Road conditions

In wet conditions or road surface ice, braking distance will increase because of the friction of car tires and the road surface decreases. Slippery road surface as slipping or drifting car on the way and therefore, the distance braking can increase 10-fold compared to normal.


Cognitive ability of the driver

Car driving experience safe for the driver is saying no to alcohol when driven by the alcohol in beer will reduce cognitive abilities as well as increase the reaction time of the driver. Hence, the braking distance is longer than normal. Besides, auto helm when fatigue will cause an adverse effect on cognitive abilities of drivers, in particular for the long journey.


An important factor when it comes to leading automotive tires is quality. Tires as “genuine” will help braking distance much improved. Many studies have shown that the braking distance of tire best and worst tires can be up to 4.6 m.


Next to the tire life. Most automobile tires marked with a line between the grooves of the tire wear and can grow to 1.6 mm. If the tire is worn below on the ability of the tire friction and drag reduces the braking distance to be increased.

Note, it is necessary to keep up proper tire pressure standard to take advantage of the capacity of the tire friction.

Your Car

A car is always in the best operating conditions will ensure stopping distance is the shortest by a dirty windshield will limit your vision, poorly maintained brakes, not “eat” will take more time to stop the car or even, you will become disoriented while smoked headlights after dark.

The distraction

Many factors cause you to lose focus while driving, and it will also increase braking distances reflexes, such as mobile phone use, the control conditioning or entertainment systems, talk or eating in the car.

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