Top 10 Car Summer Maintenance Tips Before Have A Long Journey

The car will be broken soon if you do not maintain it, make your car roadworthy is the most important thing you will need to do to for your smooth driving.

Though no one can prevent the vehicle to have the faults and issues, maintaining is still an important part for the car. In the case you want to increase the longevity of the car, the maintaining tips will be the important thing for you to.

While the deteriorating process is what people can not stop, you can slow it down a little bit by the pay a little attention of the car like tires, hose, engine, cooler or any thing in the car.

Let the tips and tricks help you to deal with the problems and lengthen the lifespan of the car.​

1. Chek The Car Battery & Power System

​The battery is always a sensate thing in your car, easily to be damaged by the weather condition like the moisture, heat, snow, … And more important, the battery is responsible for providing the current to start the car, make sure it whole power system can work.

The high temperature in the summer is a big challenge for the battery as it accelerates the chemical reaction in the battery.

By the way, it is the root of overcharging in your power sources, increasing the voltage. It is harmful to both battery, and all the current consumed components.​

Besides, the fluid can much easily to evaporate in the summer than other time of the years. On the other hand, it does not get worse in the winter when the fluid might be frozen.

Also, the terminal of the car is made of metal; this means it will be dioxide and rusted after a long time using. The dioxide barrier is what prevent the current in the battery from moving freely to the engine like a spark, sound system, cooler, heater or anything like that.

The better for the car user is to open the vehicle to check the condition of the battery regularly, at least once a month.

Sometimes, you should detach the power cable and clean the surface of the terminal. At the same time, you will need to make sure all the connection is firm and tight for security.​

By doing this, you can ensure you will not be trapped in anywhere. You, for sure will not want to have a situation, being stuck in the high way that needs hours to reach a service station. Prevent this experience just by checking your battery.

2. Check The Tires​

When citing the problem with the tire, there are a ton of things for you to care about. This is the barrier for all the DIYer, make them wave the white flag when they have to deal with tires.

The first thing you need to concern about is to find the appropriate one at the particular time. The winter tires are critical of you if you live in the place that usually has the snow storm. The tires will secure for your safe and help you to avoid the slippery slide of the wheel.

The tread on the tire is the second thing you will need to pay attention to. The tread of the tire should be not too low; you can check the tire with the penny trick. Place the Lincoln head points down to the tread, and see the Lincoln head.

If you can not see his forehead, this means the tire is still in good condition. Nevertheless, remember it does not say that you check only one spot for each tire, but try to check around the tires.

Do not forget to check if there is any puncture or the scratch on your tires. Try to fix it while you can, if it is impossible, you should replace it with the new one to guarantee your safe.

While the flat tire can decrease the performance of the engine, that thing makes it harder to control the car. But sometimes, overpressure can cause the as much trouble for you like the flat tire. At the same time decline the lifespan of the tires.

The better for the user Is to check the pressure inside the tire by the gauge. And figure out the recommended pressure often written on the side of the wheel.But most important, do not ignore your spare tires. Always keep it in good condition to use in any time you need.

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3. Change The Oil

You will hear a lot of the suggestion about the oil, should you replace it after 4 or 5 months? Actually, there will not be the correct answer for this problem. As long as you can replace the oil when the car run from 3.000 to 7.500 miles, your car is good.

​But if you want the extra secure before the long trip, check the condition of the oil. There will be two main factors you should pay more concern than other factors.

The first thing is the level of the oil, if they are too low, you will need to add more. As some people often say that the oil is the blood of the car. That is so true as the oil is too low, your car will not run at all.

You might find that the color change to black or there the debris or buildup inside the oil. It means you should better change the oil inside the dipstick.

​4. Inspect The Hose

The main responsibility of the hose is to connect to the radiator to deliver coolant to the engine block and vice versa. Along with the hoses is the belt to run the fan for the further temperature decline.

The engine can quickly become overheat as the crack appears or the belts are broken. Thus, you will need to check those components to ensure there are no leaks, crack, cut on the surface.

Moreover, the connection needs to be firm, if you don’t make sure the problem come from the connection, use soap water.​

Besides, do not forget to check the sensitive spot of the hose, nearest to clamps. The hose is an effect from the electrochemical degradation (ECD) that abrade the hose from inside. After the time, the hose will be more vulnerable and easier to be broken.

5. Check Air Condition As Well The Heater

It will not be a significant matter in the warm spring or the cool autumn but the hot summer or the winter. This will be a big difference for any drivers.

​In the summer, when the temperature can reach 30-celsius degree, without the air condition might make you extremely uncomfortable. Test the air condition and prevent the leaks can be a good preparation before the summer is in.

The same for the heater in winter, but this is more serious problem. The heater not only to make you feel pleasure but also a component to ensure for your life. Stuck in the car, without the heater or help, this will be dangerous.

Nevertheless, the heater along with the air condition is too complicated for most of the people. So, you should bring them regularly to the fixing service in the set time in a year.

6. Check The Air Filter

Do you know air filter is attached to the car for what purpose? Apparently, it is used to clean the air before it gets to the cylinder. However, the filler can not clean itself, make it is the place for the dirt, debris to get together.

The fresh air allows the cylinder to work better and increase the productivity of the car. With the clean, tidy air filter you can save the buck for 10 percent of the automotive fuel. Imagine how much you can save in a year, an enormous amount of money.

But if you do not care too much about the car productivity, you still should change the filter. That is because the car’s engine might not start if the filter is totally clogged.

No air means no burn, consequently, the cylinder will not work and move the vehicle.

The average distance for you to change the new filler is about every 12 thousands of miles. However, you should also regard some factor in your region like dust if you live in the sandy area. Or your filter is affected by the snow and melting salt, count them on the factor to ruin your car.​

7. Replace Windshield Wipers & Refill The Fluids

All the time in the years, you will need the wipers to clean your windshield. The debris and dust will never give you a clear view. Specifically, when you go through the dusty area.

The sudden rain in the summer and the snow storm in the winter is also the enemy for any driver. Heavy workload for the windshield wiper will lead to wear out rapidly and can not do its work as well as it used to.

As without the appropriate care from wipers, your visibility can be dramatically decreased. Therefore, check and replace if necessarily is vital for your car.

The Wipers are reliable tools for cleaning the glass, on the other hand, do not overlook the washer fluid. Top the fluid up regularly will ensure that you will never ruin out of it. Do the same for the engine coolant, brake fluid and water for the radiator.

As it is inexpensive, and easy to do at home, refill the fluid is what you should regularly. It not only makes your glass clean, retain the view but also protect your windshield from the deteriorated factor.

8. Test The Light Degree & Clean Headlight

The headlight can be regarded as an essential component in the car while you are riding at night or inside the tunnel. So, maintain and pay some effort to keep the headlight work well is necessary.

After a long time using, the light can be burnout; you will need to replace the bulb right away. But, in the case, you can see the light is dim by the naked eye, it is the sign that the bulb will soon break.

Change the bulb will give you bright view and prevent the bulb from being broken down out of the blue.​

Unless you have ever turned your car in the wrong way, you will not know what is the importance your headlight. The strong light from bulbs will help you a lot to read the road signs to get to the destination.

Likewise, do not forget to clean your headlights plastic cover. The appearance of the car will significantly improve, at the same time, you can adjust the brightness of the light. Besides, cleaning regularly will prevent the oxidized plastic layer from appearing on the cover.

9. Check Car’s Brake

Though it will take you a lot of time to test the brake detailly, it worth for what you have to pay. The security for safe on the whole riding is what you should have.

Though you might need to detach the wheel to see the condition of the brake. In the situation you have used the car for years, you should not surprise when you see the rusted, corrosive brake. The better for you, in this case, is to change the brake.

Even if the brake is not affected by the corrosion and rust, the brake pad will be worn out by the friction.

The more you apply the brake, or slam on the pedal, the more you will need to change the brake. Thus, you should reduce the times and pressure on the brake to keep the durability.​

In addition, make sure the pedal will not clog. If you have the issue with the pedal, the wise choice is to bring your car to the service and asked them to check it for you.

10. Make Sure The GPS Work

GPS stand for global positioning system; it can tell you exactly where you being. This is so useful when you reach the area you have not been before. This can show exactly the destination and your place for you to find out the way to get there.

If you plan for a long trip, GPS system is what you can not miss. It can entirely replace the map as it is easier to understand and more detail. You can even find the shortest way to move from place to place.

It makes this system become imperative than any other thing. In the case, you are get stuck in nowhere with the broken car. The GPS will be the reliable tool for people to locate where you are.​

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