Top 3 Best Racing Cars

Auto racing is one of the most popular sports today. In America, among the most recognizable brands in car racing is NASCAR. In Europe, you have Formula 1, which is also now expanding internationally. Apparently, when it comes to cars, speed has always been the most striking feature of a vehicle alongside their performance.

Top 3 Best Racing Cars

​The industry is only getting bigger, and this is proven by the annual revenue of NASCAR which is worth $3.1 billion. Take note that the brand has 75 million fans, which may still be increasing at this very moment.

Aside from the great records and athletes who have been popular due to car racing, the vehicles that make miracles happen should also be provided their well-deserved attention. Considering the race cars’ aerodynamic features and other specifications, here are top three race cars.

Your Top Three Race Cars to Dream Of

1.Bugatti Chiron – World’s Ultimate Super Sports Car

If you are planning to enter the race car industry, there should also be a way for you to attain victory. Driving the Bugatti Chiron can give you such victory. It is the fastest race car you could find today. It is considered as a successor of Veyron alongside its refinements in design and style. It only has two seats similar to its predecessor. Moreover, it has an impressive speed of 288 miles or 464 kilometers per hour.

The monster machine has a W16 engine, a horsepower of 1479 RPM, and torque of 1180 RPM. There is no more reason not to name the car the fastest, most powerful, most exclusive, most luxurious, and best sports car for every dreamer out there.

It simply deserves its name, after Bugatti’s factory driver, Louis Chiron, who is one of the fastest drivers in the racing era of Formula 1 in the early 1930s. Aside from the revolutionary car, his name was also used in the 1999 18/3 Chiron Concept.

The car debuted at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. Bugatti, a brand based in Molsheim, stated that the super fast car would definitely break records.You are free to buy this car with unprecedented features at $2.6 million.

2. Koenigsegg Agera R – Exclusive Swedish Hypercar

Koenigsegg Agera R is the second best race car, which is an idea of Christian von Koenigsegg, one of the most successful Swedish car businessmen. The car has a revolutionary design with dimensions of 169 inches by 78.6 inches by 44.1 inches. Its style has been further accentuated by its integrated LED daytime running lamps, small side windows, almond-shaped headlights, and massive air vents found in the face of the wheels at the back.

The interior is also inspired with track design, and has a room for two. Moreover, the race car has a multi-function steering wheel, center console, and uses carbon fiber for further weight reduction.

When it comes to power, Koenigsegg Agera R houses a twin V8 engine having a capacity of five liters, which could work on 885 RPM of torque and 1,140 horsepower. The race car could also run on E85 biofuel. It could dash at the fastest speed of 273 miles or 439 kilometers for hour.

V8 engine is considered to be an ubiquitous type of configuration machine in cars. The engine is continually used in race cars for it promotes more effective exhaust system design and faster acceleration.

In Angelholm testing sessions on September 2, 2011, Koenigsegg Agera R broke six world records in terms of speed. Inclusive of its great performances are its 21.19-second run at zero to 300 kilometers per hour and 14.53-second run at the same rate.

You may buy the car at more than $1.34 million.

3. Hennesy Venom GT – High Performance Convertible Sports Care

The car comes from the Hennessey Performance Engineering company based in Texas. It has set records similar to its peers, but just fell short to becoming the best race car. The car is powered by a twin-turbo 7.0-liter engine producing 1,451 horsepower at 7,200 RPM and 1,287 pounds per feet of torque at 4,200 RPM. According to records, the vehicle could run in less than 2.4 seconds at zero to 60 miles per hour and below 13 seconds at zero to 200 miles per hour.

​The idea of making the car was rooted on Hennessey’s vision of slotting twin-turbo Viper powertrain into a mid-engined machine. After trying to place the motor in a Lotus Exige, what happened next became history. Hennesy Venom GT turned out to be a well-refined car with carbonfiber bodywork, high-end structures, brakes, and suspension whose quality could not be denied.

​The use of carbonfiber in automobiles is rampant since experts in the field saw its bright future. According to New York University experts in aerospace engineering Steven Zeltmann and Nikhil Gupta, high-end performance cars use large quantities of the material for it could reduce weight. This then allows the car to obtain its performance goals with increased battery life, higher top speed, and quicker acceleration.

Apparently, you could still have car at a lower cost compared to the first two at $1.2 million.

If you are planning to purchase a race car, you should also make the package complete with the best racing outfits. Nonetheless, it is never a worry if you are simply an enthusiast who could be contented with enhancing your car’s aesthetics and interior features. To further mirror your dream sports car, try choosing the best car amplifier that could improve the overall sound quality of your vehicle.

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