Top 7 Car Colors You Should Think Before Buying A New Car

The color is what make the life more colorful, diverse, and beautiful. It is also true for the car; the painting makes each car look different and outstanding comparing to the others. Sometimes, color is a way to express the characteristic and the identity of the individual.

In the case, you tend to purchase a new car or want to change the cover of the car but have not found the appropriate one. Let me help you! With top 7 car colors of all time and what each one says about you. It is definitely useful for all driver to choose one color to suit them.​


This color made people imagine to the simplicity and elegance of the owner. The beauty of a white car in the daylight will make people believe to the sunshine. Warm, and gorgeous, that what white car will leave the impression on people.

This is the most favorite of the car as it can make most of the people pleased. Also, it is nice as it is not so complex. You can find those of the characteristic like the iPad, iPhone or other products. That is one of the clearest examples of the impact of white color.

Some people love white painting car as it can show the luxury car and prosperity but not “show off” as the black one. While there are a lot of meaning behind, this color is favorite as it does not absorb too much heat. This is a practical reason for the driver to choose it.

In fact, if you live in the high-temperature region, the white will be the best choice for you. It helps you to decrease the heat of the summer in the mid-noon, reduces the workload for the air conditioner.

Another reason is that you can save the fuel, and allow the engine to have better condition thank the cover.​

​While there is a lot of things make we all love the white color, it is really hard to maintain its appearance. Dirt, dust, contamination, mud can make our car look like a mess. For the white car driver, the effort is the inevitable thing people will need to pay to keep their vehicle shiny and flashy.


Completely opposite to the white. However, the black also show the luxury of the car owner. Absorb the heat, hard to realize on the regular traffic; the black car is still loved by the majority of people. The black is the icon of the power, strength, and force.

It just needs a little notice for you to realize that all the car of the president or prime minister of all the country around the world is black. It creates the elegance of the owner and make them seem more important than other.

The black suit is a what the experts have in common as it shows the profession and importance. Therefore, if you want to make you look like the central of an event, choose for yourself a black car. It will tell people how much you value.

For the first cars, it is often painted black, that reason why some people think that black car makes it look classic. As time gone, this is the bias for many people that the black is for “real car.” That why many people choose the black car but can not tell the reason why they do it.

But if you think of the black car, you will not need to clean it often; this is the great mistakes. With the black car, you can easily see the stain or the scratch on it. For the one who wants to show off, this car will need caring of its owner.​


From 2000 till now, mobile phone, laptop, household devices, home entertainment system often take this color for their product. This makes we think this color represents for the new technology and modern. When it comes the painting color for the car, our mind reacts the same for it.

On the art side, the gray is the combination of both black and white. That make it not so dark or bright but neutral and mysterious. Asides, the gray can show the gentle of the product, praise the beauty of the car.

If you do not want a too hot car like the black but not want to rinse the vehicle frequently, the gray is what can meet your requirements. The most critical thing you should have a gray car is, it makes you look smarter. With the modern pieces, the gray painting is for sure to imply the smart of any product.​


What pop up your mind when you think about silver? Mental or the painting? It is both for me, with the silver, it makes the car look more sturdy, durable and luxury. If you want to find something make you seem more strong, silver is the most suitable for you.

A small group of people often consider silver and gray are one. In fact, this is not true, as, for the silver, the color is more bright and shining. Also, it looks more mental than when you see the same car with a different color.

The silver is also given the tuition of the youth, that why the silver sport car are often purchased than another one. The shining and sparkling car is what make it so appealing. If you want to buy a new car, this color is a good option for you.


If you want to own a “sexy” car, let paint it red, that might seem nonsense to you. Meanwhile, you might recognize that people look most sexy when they wear the red clothes.

It is the same for the car, it is more attractive for a red car than other people. In the past, red is the symbol for the brave and courage. This might not widely accept any more, however, some people still choose it for that reason.​

Whether to make the car look attractive or show your character or both of that reason, bright color can prevent the heat from the sunshine. Easy to recognize on the street that is a good point. You might not care, but this will be a great factor you for you to prevent the car accident.

And for the one who looks for the outstanding, the red car can give them what they want. The red car will differentiate you from other people. If you buy a car to show off, red covering definitely matches to you.


What can see from the blue? Ocean and the sky are blue, so you must think about the depth as well the width. With a blue car, you can imagine about something is stable and reliable. If there is something you want to say through the color of your vehicle, this is absolutely what it implies.

If you are the introvert, the blue is the best thing can suit you; it is not too prominent. But “good-looking” enough for to feel satisfied on it, allow you let you reveal a part of your characteristic. If you have a deep soul, blue is what will stress it.

Black and white painting car will show the luxury, silver to express the strong and durable, gray is to perform the love for the modern and new technology. Thus, that car seems to be dominated to demonstrate for a group rather than an individual.

So when you doubt about what color to choose for a family car, the blue will be the excellent thing for you. It reliable, steady make the car seem like a good company for all the driver. Give people best experience with the car.


The last one we want to introduce to you is green painting. This is not so popular as the other color we have mentioned. Though it is not used to be loved in the past, however, the car with green is still growing. Just like the meaning of the green the new life.

If you want to energize yourself with the color of the car, make it look bright even in the cloudy day, you should pick a car with this color. This makes you look fresh and energetic. If you want to try something new or do something you have not done before, paint your car with this color.

While there is much profound meaning about the green, some people choose it as the color for their car with a very practical reason. It looks quite similar to the color of the money; not everybody thinks that so. But it is a good reason to choose this color.

If you love the color of money and paint it on your car, then, you might tell people you are an ambitious one. The thirst for renewing is also contained in green, change and develop the past. No other color can imply this idea better than green.


For sure choosing the color of the car is really important as it might company with you for an even decade. You will want to consider seriously to find out what is the best color for you. Knowing top 7 car colors of all time and what each one says about you is a great advantage.

It will support you to give out the final decision and help you to find out the meaning under each color. Give you a clear view of each color and what the characteristic of the owner. Then, you can choose an approriate painting for your car now.​

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