Torque: What Can It Does And How To Increase It

It’s obvious that car owners often take good care of their vehicle. Yet, as a driver, have you ever heard about a subject called “torque”?

Experienced drivers talk and discuss a lot about it, even mechanics as well. So what is it and how it can affect car performances? This article will present the answer to that question.

Regarding to car performances, especially the speed aspect, special attention is paid to the engine horse power.

The higher the horse power the greater the top speed of the car and that is quite easy to figure out. But torque also plays an important role in the way the car attains the speed.

So what is the meaning behind torque? Let’s get closer to see what can it does and how to increase torque of a vehicle.


Well as with horse power (or hp for short), torque is also a quantity. In this case, torque is used to indicate the twist movement or the rotation force of an object.

You can think of it as this: someone is trying to twist a shaft to lift a heavy weight from the bottom to the top, the amount of energy that person generate to do this process can be understood as torque.

Its respective unit of measurement is foot – pound (or lb – ft for short). Now due to the fact that there is also a variety of angles, sizes and points of contact, torque effects maybe slightly different from time to time which can considerably change a vehicle performance.

Functions In A Car

Well as said above, horse power pretty much the deciding factor on the top speed of the car. You may modify the car frames to achieve lower drag, improve the wheels, upgrade the fuel – injection systems, etc.

But the engine horse power will always be the first thing to consider for when it comes to the vehicle speed. However, there is still a remaining question: How fast can your car accelerate? Having the best speed is meaningless if the time required to reach that speed is too long.

Now this is when torque becomes an important issue. To put it plainly, torque is used to measure the engine ability to rotate the wheels at any given stage of operation.

Therefore, this number will tell you how fast your car can reach the top speed. An increase in the engine torque will definitely shorten the period that your vehicle needs to accelerate.

Of course someone will ask ”How to increase the torque of a car ?”. There are indeed plenty of ways to do that. Easy to difficult, simple to complex, cheap to expensive, it’s entirely up to you to pick an option that fits your car and suits your preferences.

You may also want to check out a few recommendations below.

How To Increase Torque Of A Car

Important: Your car acceleration depends on many factors so it’s a good idea to always remember the big picture instead of focusing entirely on torque alone.

Some of the modifications below may result in reductions in other performance fields of the car or even produce harmful effects toward your health so be mindful.

Only try them if you know for sure what are you doing or already consult specialist personnel.

1. Throttle Body With Large Diameter

A common and important part of the engine, throttle body purpose is to control the airflow that goes into your engine. In order for the engine to function normally, a sufficient and constant amount of air supply is needed.

And with a larger diameter throttle body, you can be certain that a better and faster rate of air delivery will be made available for the engine.

Accordingly, your car torque efficiency will be greatly enhanced and the engine horse power may even be slightly raised.

2. Better Exhausts

Due to production costs and emission standards, your vehicle exhausting set up may not be installed with the air – flow priority in mind.

This will prevent your engine to reach its top conditions because of low air – moving efficiency.

This is the reason why after – market exhaust system will be a good choice to optimize your car performances, especially the torque. These custom – made products while considerably expensive will surely increase the car air flow effectiveness.

There are 2 popular types of products in this category: Long tube and shorty header. The long tube is mostly suitable from medium to top RPM engine with a high level rev limiter that can control a considerably increase in the engine torque.

The shorty is more appropriate for daily driver with low RPM engine. Pick the one that up to your liking.

3. Suitable Catalytic Converter

Serving in addition to the exhaust system, catalytic converter main function is to convert exhaust gas into less – toxic smoke before emission.

Yet still because of cost, converters usually manufactured in a dense frames and with little care for the air efficiency.

This make them fairly reliable and safe but cannot be said as a perfect option. There are special catalytic converters on the market that can solve this problem due to their high – flow construction.

With a thinner yet sturdy wall combined with a smooth interior, these catalytic converters are much more effective at their job than normal commercial versions.

This is how the torque aspect of the engine can be increased substantially. While they can be installed into any vehicle, cars with low RPM engines will be the type that has the most noticeable benefits.

4. Adjusting The Computer – Assisted System

Modern cars may come with a computer – assisted control. This will help you to monitor many aspects and qualities of the car but also limit lots of things.

One of them is how your engine operates. If you modify them and add bypass program to directly adjust the engine power, fuel – air combustions, ignition …you can easily increase the engine torque.

Of course this is a rather complex process so only try this if you have an adequate understanding. The engine of your car may be wrecked if you are not careful enough.

5. Installing Forced Induction Devices

These offer the best increase in engine power and torque efficiency. Universal names for them are supercharger and turbocharger.

With careful and precise set up, a 50% increase in torque and horse power can be expected. They all work on the same principle to supply more air to the engine.

More air means more fuel to mix in therefore enhance the speed and decrease acceleration time.

It’s also worth notice that there is a notable different between them: One is connected straight to the engine while the other is at the exhaust.

Turbocharger is considered more efficient since it takes energy from the air – flow in the exhaust but it may take a while for the effect to kick in.

Supercharger won’t have this delay and present instant increase in torque and horsepower that result in better top speed and acceleration.

But these sudden increases are not just there without a cost. Since all cars are built to sustain a pre – determined level of operation, forced induction devices are not part of the plan and therefore can lead to risky incidents.

If you just install the chargers without properly exam and re – align the car to support the changes, accident will be a certainty.


If you prioritize speed over anything else, engine horsepower will be the first quality to consider for your car.

But if you also want to reach the top speed as fast as possible, torque is the thing you need to check.

Toque and engine power is related to each other and therefore, an increase in speed must come from the enhancement of both of them.

Good luck and happy driving.

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