What is Power Shifting?

Have you all ever known about a technical term “power shifting”?

It must have been heard a lot if you are around car racers or speed enthusiasts but what is power shifting exactly?

If this question puzzles you a lot then you may find the answer in this article.

Used by car racers or someone just wants to have quick ride home (safely, of course), power shifting is a technique manual car users can pull to substantially increase the momentum while maintain the current velocity.

In essence, this procedure considerably reduces the time the driving wheels of your car are un – powered. But there are still more interesting information about power shifting for you to see.

1. Theory

In vehicles utilizing manual transmission, the clutch, the accelerator and the shift lever are the deciding factors of the car performance, especially in the speed aspect. 

To a skillful diver, smooth controls and clever combinations of these three devices will guarantee a superb performance of the vehicle and fully exploit the car potentials.

And one of many skills that can be executed from this set up is the power shifting technique.

Power shifting pretty much allows the car to retain the already attained energy and momentum when you shift it into the next gear and therefore have a much better speed characteristic.

There are after – market systems assembled and installed into cars for managing speed which also incorporate power shifting into its function, usually pair it with a launch control.

2. How to do it?

With this skill, you can expect the car velocity to be constantly kept without dropping even when you are changing into the next gear.

A tempting technique for all car users, right? Well, it’s fairly simple to pull it out on paper with only a few notable instructions. It’s not theoretically sophisticated but rather an “instinct and feeling” skill.

You got to have a firm knowledge on what you car can do and its respective limits. Then you must possess precise yet smooth hand movements to operate the car controls to properly achieve the desired effects.

Of course, it’s always easier to said than to actually put it in real practice. Still, let’s just take a look at what you should do to successfully pull a power shifting. Do keep in mind that this skill is only appropriate for up shifting, down shifting is a big no – go.

  • Step 1: When you reach engine power peak on your current shift level, keep your feet on the accelerator.
  • Step 2: Slightly and briefly depress the hand clutch while also quickly changing the shift level into the next gear.
  • Step 3: Release the clutch and keep driving with the new speed.

Well it’s just that short. The most difficult thing is how you can do all of the above quickly and effectively in real life.

There is also a risk that your engine may end up damage due to over revving. Not to mention the hazard usually involved when the car suddenly gets higher – speed so you have to be really careful when using this technique. 

Its goes without saying that this skill can only be attempted by people who have a good perception about the surrounding situation when driving and they must have steady hands.

For most of the cases, this skill application is mostly used in competitive races. Of course we can also see normal people trying power – shifting outside the track too but that is quite rare and mostly for demonstration purpose only.

3. Effects

Well as stated above, power shifting will help shortening the time your car requires to change the gear speed from this level to the next.

You should often have noticed this action in normal cases, your car slows down a bit when you attempt to shift into the next gear.

The action is necessary for the driving wheels to disengage and reengage itself to the engine power when you are changing the shift level. As a result, the car speed drops along with its accumulated energy.

If you think that this whole “delay and slow down” issue is unacceptable, power shifting is your best available option which require no modifications to the vehicle.

All you ever need are your driving skills, that’s it. The technique allows you to keep all of the initial speed while also aid in the process of achieving better and faster acceleration time.

Racers really appreciate this advantage and therefore it’s widely used in racing.

4. Dangers

Well, there is also the danger of killing off your engine. Every car engine comes with a device called “rev limiter”.

This is to prevent the engine from operating at a higher speed than authorized RPM (Round Per Minute) level.

Yes, your car can run faster but the engine will be also more prone to structure failures as well, especially when it relates to the shift levels and their respective speeds.

Power shifting can lead to over revving which may result to a sudden loss in oil pressure and even an engine fire. This why it’s quite vital that you need to know exactly what are you doing when pulling a power shifting.

And of course, a high – speed car is desired by many people. And if there is a way to considerably increase the speed of a car which just requires the talents of the driver, who don’t want to test it out?

Yet, when it gets to a high speed, drivers must have a good focus and attentions plus the ability to react in a punctual and decisive manner to whatever happen on the road.

 Accidents involving power shifting both in the race tracks and the road usually lead to dangerous consequences, if not actually fatal.

5. Possible solutions

So you really like the benefit of power shifting but not really want to take the risk of destroying your engine, what can you do?

Well there are specialized systems out there that can manipulate the engine performances and control your car speeds to some degrees.

In fact many racers even accept to take in extra weight by installing them so that they can make adjustments and devise strategies in crucial moments. 

These systems are mostly built around the ability to stimulate the same effect as a power shifting, which is an increase in speed yet still being able to keep a constant velocity, or even a specialized device to reduce the negative effect of the power shifting on the engine and allow a certain number of uses of that technique.

And as said above, power shifting is not really in common use outside the race tracks except for people that involved into certain jobs and fields or emergency situations.

Still, if you are seeking such systems for daily uses, after – market providers usually have them.

You can look for them online but, of course, beware of scams. Since every car brand and model or even individual cars have different specs plus their owners’ distinct preferences, these devices are usually custom – made and therefore quite expensive. Yet if you are truly looking for a way to satisfy your passion in speed by power shifting then it’s totally worth it. 

Any driver around the globe would love to know how fast their car can go. And for those who consider speed  the highest priority of any car, power shifting is a way to even push the car speed limit to a whole new level.

 Still, always keep in mind that it’s a skill that have its own drawbacks, some may even too big to overcome for people who are ill – prepared and un – qualified.  So if you ever want to pull a power shifting, its vital that you have the ability and the skills to master the technique and in complete control your vehicle.

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