What Is The Average Lifetime Of Brake Rotors?

Before every long journey, the driver needs to prepare and check the car condition. It is a critical step to ensure the safe for the driver as well the passenger in the car. The most important thing, the brake rotor will need more checking than any other things.

In the case you extremely concern about the safety when driving, changing the rotors will be a necessary step. But how long should you change it? What is the average lifetime of brake rotors? Get this; it will be a great advantage for you.​

The mileage

If you often drive the car for the commercial car, the periodic replacing the brake rotor is necessary. The millage is a good assessment for you to see if that component needs to be change or not. For most of the situation, after 30 to 50 thousand miles, you will apply the brake a lot.

Therefore, changing the brake rotor after that time is appropriate. This is not only to guarantee for your safe but also, prevent the accident might come. While knowing the durable range of the brake rotor, you can find a good place with a good deal to replace that car components.​

How often you hit your foot on the brake

The brake rotor needs the friction to work after a long time using, the surface of the rotor will be worn out. Then it will eventually wear out when you apply the brake pedal. Until it is so faded and could not use anymore, that is when you will need to change one.

This will be various from people to people, as they live in a different place. Image how many times you will stop when you live in the big city? The red light prevents you from moving quickly on the street. On the other hand, on the highway, hardly you need to stop the car.

How often you hit your foot on the brake

That reason why it can not reach tells exactly what is the time need to change the rotor. If you have to stop time as you live in a dense population are, this will be the inevitable for you.

So you see that the more you apply the brake, the shorter time you will need to change the rotor. In other words, the more you stop your car, the more you will need a new one. This is different base on the driving habit of the individual.

If you want the brake rotor to last longer and do not need to change in a short period of time, you will need to change yourself. Try to slow your car gradually from a far distance if you see an object. It will be better than slam on the pedal and stop it immediately as you might not need to hit the brake.​

​The weight of your car

Have ever you thought that with the same brake rotor, the one is attached to the truck will wear out more rapidly? This is so true, the weight of your car will play a significant role in making your car component broke down.

The weight of the car especially if it is used for carrying goods, it soon wears out when you have to stop. In that case, you will not have much choice, just reduce the weight that the car has to carry. It does not sound right for the commercial car.

The weight of your car

However, with the family car, you can do it by getting the unnecessary thing out of your vehicle. For sure you might leave a lot of tools or stuff in the trunk of the car, even the thing you have not touched once. T

hus, check if you really need it in the case the answer is no lift it out of the car to decline the weight.​

How hard you apply the car

Somebody often slams on the pedal when braking, this will make the rotor soon be broken down. This action will cause the rotor lose it friction, then you will have to pay money for the new one. By gentle press the brake, you can save your money.

Of course, driving on the road will be unexpected, we need to apply the brake as fast as possible. Nevertheless, it does not require you to do that all the time. A slight press on the pedal to let it stop slowly is a great strategy.

Weather condition

This is the unavoidable factor for all the car. Meanwhile, you can not ignore it. The car needs to locate in the area with the shade, not contact to the direct sunshine. This will reduce the heat for the car as well the brake rotor.

Your car is most affected by the heat if it is painted in black. The black painting can absorb the heat quickly, make the vehicle leaving the bad influence on the engine and the brake too. This will make the rotor damage and break down faster.

Another thing is the rain and water. If you have heard the acid rain, you will no more doubt why you brake rotor is rusted. It ruins the surface of the rotor, eliminating the friction and make the car no longer stop the vehicle.

Weather condition

To deal with this, you will need to clean the vehicle frequently; even the rain has washed the dirt and dust out of the car. This will prevent the rotor from the acid and allow it to last longer. Also, do not forget to rinse the dirt and mud as well.

All the contamination can harm to your rotor. Therefore, make it clean is the important part to you should take to protect the rotor. Lengthen the life for the component of the car, save the money and secure your life.

Maintain the vehicle brake rotor

The durability of the rotor can be dramatically increased if you know the proper way to maintain it. Rotor needs to be checked regularly and maintain. It is a good way to enhance the longevity of the product. By inspect carefully and remain it in the best condition.

If you often park your car in the place with the high moisture, no doubt that it will affect the brake rotor of the car. The moisture will make the metal part of the car be rusted and work less efficiently, or in the other word, it will decrease the friction.

What you need to do is to clean it carefully, as mentioned before, the contamination can “eat” and ruin the surface of the brake rotor. It will be necessary for you to check and make sure that components are in good condition. If not, you can ask the mechanic for protective coating.

Maintain the vehicle brake rotor

By protective coating, you will not have to worry too much about the rust. The coat can prevent the acid in the water to damage the rotor, or lower the physical impact on it. If you do not want to change a new brake rotor, this will be a good idea for you.

Also, do not forget the brake fluid, see if the fluid is at the appropriate level. If the fluid changes the color to milky, changing it is necessary. Leaving the contaminated fluid not only destroy the brake rotor but the brake system and the cylinders too.

The types of rotor

As with every single person, the car will have different problems. That why you should choose the correct one to suit to your driving way. If you have to drive in the wet weather, the drilled one will last longer than the other types.

The drill on the holes is a significant advantage for the heat and gas as well the water to go through. It will let the water not to be trapped, reduce the moisture. Consequently, car’s rotor will be less likely to be rusted than it is usually and last longer.

The types of rotor

If you have a problem with the consistently apply the brake do it too aggressively, the smooth brake will be most suitable for you. They are stronger than the other and hardly crack. Thus, the driver in the city with the traffic jam in the rush hour will need it.

In the case, you are finding the durable against the heat as well as physical impact. The slotted brake will not let you down because it can bear the heat, you will not concern anymore about the sunshine cause as well by the friction.


As there a lot of elements to make the brake rotor broken or worn out, it can not have a correct answer for your question. But if you still think that is so important to you to know how what is the average lifetime of brake rotors. Base on this information, you might have a clear view of it.

You can change the brake rotor periodically with the mileage. However, if you want to have the accuracy, add other factors in it. They could be the place you often head to, your driving behavior and many things else. That thing will contribute in the lasting time of a rotor.​

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