Why Car Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air When Idling?

Air conditioner is the crucial part of the car and it is very irritating when it is not blowing cold air when it is stopped or when it is idle.

In the summer days, it has been necessary to keep your air conditioner ON even when it is idle and you and your family seating inside. You have probably noticed during your stopped car, air does not blow as cold as when it is in speed.

You have ever wondered why car air conditioner not blowing cold air when idling. In this article we have explained everything about this issue and its solution.


​There are multiple reasons why car air conditioner not blowing cold air when idling. The most common reason for now blowing cold air is condenser, when it not working, your car will not blow cold air.

It is very important to know that often the cooling system is shared by the condenser and radiator, while other time they both are separate ones.

The reason for a bad cooling fan affects the air conditioner so significantly is the fact that heat coming from Freon (refrigerant) is usually cooled when it is passing from the condenser.

So even if the condenser fan is not working, it will not affect the air conditioner while the car is running on highway. When your car is in speed, air will pass through the condenser and at this time fan is not require for air cooling.​

And when your car is not moving, the condenser will totally dependent on the cooling fan to make it cool down. Sometimes cooling fan may be working but it works too slowly that is sufficiently cool the condenser.

For checking motor, you can use a test light just to verify that it is receiving power and ground to the electric plug in. if you will find that the power and ground is present and still motor is not working, the motor must have open circuit.​

When the cooling fan motor is worn, it can started many times temporarily if you will tap it on electric fan motor with a small wrench or hammer.

By doing this, if it will start, it is necessary to replace the fan motor. This is just another way to check if your fan motor getting the power sufficiently to operate.

Also you should remember that cooling fan may start at any time, sometimes even when your car’s engine is off so you should be very careful not to stick your hands while checking the power of the motor or it may chances of getting injuries from fan blades.

Sometimes the reason for not working cooling fan motor is likely the fuse has burnt also. If there is no any power to the fan and motor is also locked up, you need to replace the fuse also when you replace the fan motor.​

Above we have discussed about the main reason why AC is not cooling when your car is not moving but there are some other causes also which we have mentioned in below points.

Other several causes why car air conditioner not blowing cold air when idling:

  • ​If you car engine is overheating because of the any other reason than the cooling fan.
  • Usually, air conditioner compressor transfer heat from the radiator to the condenser, if your car has become over heated and heat transfers alter efficiency, you car air conditioner will stop blowing cold air when it is idle.
  • At slower RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) if the air conditioner compressor will not be pumping adequately.
  • Car’s expansion valve may also be the cause of this issue if it will not be regulating the refrigerant properly.
  • By the foreign debris, if the condenser fins have been obstructed or bent your cooling system will not work properly when your car is stop or not moving.


Usually, when your car is on the speed over 35 to 40 mph, there would be enough air flow from both the radiator and air condition condenser that too without fan operating.

But as soon as your car stop or car speed comes below mentioned speed, car will not get air flow to cool the engine and hence it is unable to air conditioner system to function appropriately.​

First thing you should check the air conditioner system charge. When the air conditioner are ON there are three things begin to happen.

Blower motor, compressor and vent actuators - these 3 things gets electric signal to start. If you found any issues with these three points, you should get it repaired or replaced.​

You should also check the climate control electrical system. In recent models of the car, there is a feature of climate control electrical system that ensure to keep your car cool or hot according to the climate.

If there is any defect or damage happen, your car will stop blowing cold air while idle and sometimes it will not blow cold air even when your car is in speed.​

If it will not work then the only solution of this issue to get it checked its fuse and relay which is connected to fan and if you found any damage or stuck, you should immediately get it repaired or replaced.

Technically, it is challenging to fix this issue but yes there are some points which you can try and get rid out of this issue when your car is idle and it is not blowing cold air.​


Thus these are the main reasons why car air conditioner not blowing cold air when idling, we have mentioned the key reasons and also mentioned solutions.

It is quite serious issue and it can damage your other components also so if you find that your car air conditioner not blowing cold air while idling, you should immediately get it checked and if it has any serious issues with the components, you should get it replaced also with the new parts.​

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